My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 218 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 218 Part 2 – Give Me Your Thing

Ling Mo revealed an excited look, he deliberately pulled out a little bag and put the virus hive inside it, then used a lot of plastic wrap to wrap it up completely in many layers before finally putting it inside his backpack.

With this kind of thing, if it wasn’t placed securely on him, Ling Mo wouldn’t be at ease.

“Oh yeah! There’s Half-moon, Yu Shi Ran, and also my dog!”

Before Ling Mo moved, he shook his head a bit, and then went to the hallway.

On the way, Ling Mo felt that something wasn’t right because the place where Yu Shi Ran was previously had become empty.

“The both of them have been severely injured.”

But soon Ling Mo realized that maybe one of them wasn’t so badly hurt!

However when he arrived at another hallway, he realized that he was thinking too much.

Yu Shi Ran apparently managed to escape, but she didn’t bother to save Half-moon.

With her injury, it was probably too hard for her to take Half-moon with her..

And plus Half-moon seemed to be heavy injured, she also seemed to have passed out.

The third level mutated dog was was also lying on the floor, it’s mouth was open, panting hard, and it’s eyes looked a bit lax.

Ling Mo used his spirit tentacles to probe the dog and realized that it could now be controlled by him.

This meant that Half-moon really is severely injured, otherwise it would be impossible for her to lose control of the dog.

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It took almost two minutes for Ling Mo to take advantage of the situation and gain control of the dog.

The dog that used to always stare at Ling Mo with fierceness suddenly became very docile, the way it looked at Ling Mo even seemed as if it was begging him for something.

“Ok, you can stop acting pitiful now, if you save me in the future, I won’t kill you.”

Ling Mo was saying this to the dog as he frowned and walked over.

Although Yu Shi Ran had ran away, but she was seriously injured and would definitely find a place to hide and recover.

She wasn’t like Half-moon, who had the ability to track Ling Mo.

However, the amount of zombie leaders in this city was extremely low, as long as they stayed within X City, they would eventually meet each other again.

That silly little loli was much less of a threat than Half-moon.

“Forget it, since she ran, I probably couldn’t catch her anyways.

Although Ling Mo felt that it was a pity, but at least this time’s harvest was pretty big.

“Are you able to get up?”

Ling Mo squatted down to see the dogs condition, looks like it suffered an internal injury, but on the brightside, it wasn’t useless.

“Why is a female dog called Lucky….”

After helping it get up on its feet, Ling Mo smiled and said, “That zombie leader is all yours.”


The mutated dog immediately barked with excitement, although it was difficult to move, it still managed to run over.

After consuming the zombie leader, this dog will be able to increase its power, and also possible recover from it’s wounds.

However, just in the moment when the mutated dog passed by Ling Mo, Half-moon who seemed to be in coma, jumped up and directly rushed towards Ling Mo who was currently rubbing between his eyebrows.

Although Ling Mo was able to avoid the rush, but both of them slammed into a door and into another room.


Hiding behind that door was Yu Shi Ran, she quickly closed the door.

Ling Mo sprung to his feet the moment he landed and stared vigilantly at the two zombie leaders.

Although both of them were at leader level, but they were both so seriously injured that Ling Mo might actually win the fight against them.

He really understood these two zombies, although he was a bit shocked, but he didn’t panic.

At the same time, Ye Lian and the other two have arrived at the door, but with Yu Shi Ran blocking the door, they wouldn’t be able to get in for a while.

“Playing such tricks….”

Ling Mo revealed a sneer, “Well, originally I thought your dog was really important to you. I didn’t expect that you would abandon it so easily, but honestly you should have taken this opportunity to run.”

Half-moon picked herself off the ground, used her shirt to wipe the blood off her face and stared at Ling Mo very seriously before saying, “I don’t want to eat you.”

“Then what do you want? Let me give you Ye Lian? You can go ahead and fuck yourself…”

Ling Mo carefully stepped back two steps, his invisible spirit tentacles has wrapped around Half-moon’s spirit ball.

“That…” Half-moon suddenly pointed her finger at Ling Mo’s little friend and said, “That, how were you able to grow that?”

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