My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 219 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 219 Part 1 – You Want Dick? I’ll Give You!


In his life, Ling Mo has heard a lot of different questions, but it was definitely his first time hearing this kind of question.

He originally thought that Half-moon and Yu Shi Ran deliberately wanted revenge, but he did not expect that this was actually what they wanted.

If Ling Mo heard this under a whole different situation, he would have laughed his ass off.

But the current atmosphere was too serious.

With two zombie leaders blocking the exit, no matter how he looked at, he was in a very dangerous situation.

She won’t bite him? There was no way Ling Mo would believe that.

Right at this moment, the door was being hit and slammed, but the iron security door wasn’t that easy to open.

Apparently, Ye Lian and the other two girls were using their weapons to attack the door since they constantly saw weapon marks appearing from inside the door.

Even a tip of a weapon penetrated the door and created an irritating sound as it was being pulled out.

Yu Shi Ran was behind the door trying to hold it, the lime from the ceiling get dropping all over her.

With the strength as a zombie leader, although she was seriously injured, it wasn’t difficult for her to stop a door from opening.

Half-moon took one step forward and asked, “That thing, can you let me look at it again?”

She had just pretended to be seriously injured, she even gave up the dog in order to lure Ling Mo, obviously she must of bet everything she on this.

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After betting everything she had, she most definitely won’t leave this alone unless she got something out of this.

Luckily there was another door in this room that led to another room, he slowly backed a bit towards the other doorway and secretly peeked inside.

Sure enough, there was a window in the middle, if he jumped out from it, he would arrive in the office area.

However, the window was being blocked by a office cabinet. If it wasn’t because he was in this room, he would never had found out that there was a window in the office area.

The top floor structure of the Clothes City building was quite complex, There were two places, one place consisted of offices only while the other place was a work area. Both places were separated from each other but connected by a U shaped hallway.

“Why should I show you…..Don’t you have the book already?”

Ling Mo sneered and answered, but as he talked, he also backed away towards the room.

Half-moon was stunned for a moment before she replied, “Those pictures only showed the internal physiological structure.”

Oh yeah that’s right, it was a textbook, not some hentai pictures, where could she actually see the real thing.

It was no wonder she thought she could also grow that thing, she probably felt that her internal structure was the same as a man’s.

Other than lunatics, probably only zombies could make sure assumptions without any common sense.

At first, zombies would have lost all their capabilities to reason in the beginning, but as they evolved, their most profound aspect of personality would be the first to awaken.

Shana’s personality change was the most obvious example.

And Half-moon was another rather extreme example…

“You mustn’t have done well in biology in your previous life.”

Ling Mo did the math and estimated that he was only one meter away from the door, he only needed to take two more steps and he would be inside.

But Half-moon was also moving closer, “And also, you are different than other people…”

No shit mine is different, I fucking used the wrong perfume!

Do you think I set up a tent every time I have a fight?!

In this type of situation, Ling Mo couldn’t help but fear for his little friend!

Ling Mo felt depressed, but he didn’t show it, “I already showed it to you before, either way, this isn’t something you can grow!”

He took another step back while he was talking to Half-moon.

“THEN GIVE ME YOURS!” Half-moons eyes suddenly flashed with desperateness, and rushed over to Ling Mo.

Sure enough, the speed at which zombies switched attitudes was terrifyingly fast…

However Ling Mo was only one step away from the door, the moment Half-moon moved forward, he stepped back, turned around and ran to the window.

Ling Mo’s speed at this moment was quite fast, and after upgrading his agility twice, he felt that his body was a lot lighter.

But it was just at the moment when Ling Mo was about to leap through the window and bust down the office cabinet, when one of his legs was suddenly grabbed.

Ling Mo’s heart skipped a fucking beat, and the next second he and Half-moon were rolling on the floor.

When they stopped rolling, Ling Mo’s first reaction was turn and wave his Tang sword, but a pair of hands had already reached his neck.

Time suddenly seemed to have stopped.

The Tang sword was pointing at Half-moon’s neck while Half-moon’s hands where pointed at Ling Mo’s throat. Neither of them dared to move any further.

A drop of blood slipped down from the blade and landed on Ling Mo’s face.

The sharp Tang sword had already cut into Half-moon a little, and Ling Mo only needed to make a slight twist and he would be able to cut her carotid artery.

“Don’t move.”

Ling Mo’s mouth suddenly revealed a sneer.

It was he who had the upper hand in this situation now.

To be continued… 

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