My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 219 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 219 Part 2 – You Want Dick? I’ll Give You!

Half-moon frowned, it seems that she really wanted to fight Ling Mo to the death, but she is desperately suppressing her violent instincts.

Due to her being seriously injured, Ling Mo had released a spirit strangulation attack on her while he was turning making her moves slow down a bit.

If she was in top condition, the situation now might of been very different.

“You actually wanted to take the most important thing other than my life?”

At this time, Half-moon is sitting on Ling Mo with her legs wide open, Ling Mo’s little brother was caught right between her hip joints.

Zombie’s had a very low body temperature, and Half-moon being on top of Ling Mo, felt as if she was sitting on burning coal.

Although it was not uncomfortable, but it made her show a very strange look.

Ling Mo’s eyes also flashed a look of surprise, all this time he had been trying to suppress the potency of the aphrodisiac, but for some reason all of sudden it seemed to have erupted out instantly all at the same time.

The persistent dryness and heat, combined with a rising berserk feeling, Ling Mo’s eyes started to turn slightly red.

His reaction, Half-moon naturally also felt it.

And for some reason, she felt that there seemed to be a wonderful reaction coming from inside her body.

“Could it be….I am starting to grow mine? As long as I touch yours, will mine grow?”

After muttering to herself, Half-moon’s eyes suddenly became excited.

She suddenly leaned back, Ling Mo’s Tang sword was no longer pointing at her neck, and was immediately held down by one hand from Half-moon.

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And just as Ling Mo’s other hand was about to grab the dagger, Half-moon quickly snatched it away as well.

Ling Mo suddenly felt awkward and confused, his body was hot and hard at this time, this wild feeling was exploding inside his brain ruining his train of thoughts and actions.

His eyes were getting more and more red, even the white part of his eyes had become bloodshot just like zombies!

Just when Half-moon decided to lower her head to look down, Ling Mo suddenly made a beast like roar and slammed his head upwards.


Both of their heads collided with each other, Ling Mo felt a hard ringing sound coming from his brain.

Fuck, why the hell are the bones inside high level zombies so fucking hard….

However, this wasn’t just a simple impact with a collison from his head. Ling Mo had also combined his head slam with his psychic powers.

Because he had already consumed too much of his spirit power, he couldn’t use his spirit strangulation attack again, but he was still able use the spirit power that helped increase his bodies constitution.

For example, let’s say that previously all his attacks were like using a high pressured water gun that was connected to a pond. But right now he was basically using his pond to directly smash into her pond!

The result is self-evident!

Half-moon’s eyes became lax, she wasn’t just stunned, she nearly blacked out!

Ling Mo on the hand was fine, he quickly turned Half-moon’s body and pressed her down to the ground.

Right now Ling Mo’s eyes had already turned completely red, all Ling Mo could hear right now were the beating sounds coming from his heart.


“Ba-Bump! Ba-Bump!”

He even seemed to be able to hear the sound of his blood flowing.

This long suppressed wildness completely broke out from Ling Mo, even Yu Shi Ran who was currently still holding the door became surprised at the wildness Ling Mo was releasing.

She tried to take a look inside the door, but couldn’t see anything from her angle.

“This….this doesn’t seem to be Half-moon’s aura. Could it be that the human started to mutate?”


Half-moon’s clothes was directly torn off, Ling Mo was like a zombie attacking wildly, violently tearing off all the clothes Half-moon was wearing.

Her white skin was immediately exposed, just like before, she was very clean.

The laxed eyes started to become a bit focused again, but an attack that hurt the spirit wasn’t that easy to recover from.

She was obviously a lot more stronger than Ling Mo, but for some reason she wasn’t even able to muster 1 percent of her power.

“You want my dick so much? OKAY! I’ll give it to you! You wanted to steal my wife and because of that reason you fucking wanted to kill me?! OKAY! Right now we will let you find out if you are a man or a woman!”

Ling Mo’s fingers had just squeezed in before Half-moon started to struggle, making it difficult for Ling Mo to continue exploring and forcing him to switch to another tactic.

As the blood flowed out, Half-moon’s struggles suddenly stopped, and she showed a eager look.

“As long as I’m making contact with it, it will definitely grow…It will definitely grow!

After about ten seconds later, something hot went inside.

Half-moon’s body immediately tightened and she started to frown.

“Ah…it can go inside my body….could it be that this is the way to make it grow?”

Although she was very worried for moment, she then heard Ling Mo low voice, “I’ll give it to you!”

At first, she was still looking forward to seeing her very own little friend just like Ling Mo, but afterwards, she couldn’t help but make pleasured scream.

“You’re too weak!”

Ling Mo started to move faster and harder, making Half-moon’s pretty white face start to blush and turn red.

At this time, she clearly looked like a innocent girl making it unbearable for someone not to do bad things to her.

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