My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 22


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 22 – Begin the hunting

But with one less person, their speed of going forward really declined.

No need to deliberately take care of these people, they will naturally learn from Wang Cheng to follow closely with Shana and Liu Yu Hao. This way, besides the increase in speed, there is also a greater increase in safety; until seeing the buildings of the Third High School, there has not been a single casualty.

“There is The Third High School in front.” Shana cut down the zombie in front of her, as she turned her head. Even though they have gone through a lot today, but as they finally reached here, she also seemed a bit excited.

But Ling Mo frowned slightly, from Ye Lian’s strong conveyed message it’s not hard to guess that this school, within his expectation really may have the potential of of mutated zombies, maybe even more than one.

In order to survive in this kind of environment, the difficulty can be imagined, most likely Shana and her people will come back empty handed.

But to Ling Mo’s surprise, the gate is not packed with zombies like he thought, but shockingly empty. In addition to a few zombies that wandered over from elsewhere, there are no other threats.

Seeing Ling Mo showing a puzzled expression, Liu Yu Hao said in a whispered voice “When the pandemic struck, a lot of people tried to flee to outside… but people like us stayed until that chaos went away, then we distributed a portion of people to go out to find a place to stay. There are quite a few zombies inside the school, but if we are careful enough, it should be no problem.”
After hearing him speak, Ling Mo immediately revealed a clear understanding look. Since a lot of people tried to flee to outside towards the zombies at the gate, they must have been attracted over. But like this boarding school, it is inevitable that there is a large internal zombie horde, which is obvious without Liu Yu Hao’s analysis.

As for why those zombies were not willing to leave the school…In reality, in the absence of prey, zombies lingered in a wandering state, trapped in the school, with only one door to the outside, and numerous buildings present therein. Unless survivors appear and aggroed these zombies, otherwise they would have wandered down there always.

But what if they are hungry? Kill each other! This is why Ling Mo is sure that there must be mutated zombies inside the school.

Maybe there aren’t any when Liu Yu Hao and his people left, but many days have passed, and coupled with Ye Lian’s reaction, it is enough for Ling Mo to confirm his guess.

“Wait.” Just as they arrived at the gate, Ling Mo stopped Shana and the others, “Our promise is getting to the front gate, so now let’s separate.”

Shana’s expression immediately became somewhat complicated, and Liu Yu Hao’s eyes also expressed some dismay. Although time did not pass much, but Ling Mo did not only save them, but also fought alongside with them, it is inevitable that right now they don’t want to part ways.

“Thank you guys very much!” Shana gently bit her lip and said.

Ling Mo looked at her, nodded his head: “ah, but maybe we will bump into each other, because I have some business to take care of in this school.”

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This made Shana and Liu Yu Hao somewhat surprised, but since Ling Mo did not seem to have the intention to elaborate, they did not really want to ask. When it came time to part ways, Liu Yu Hao took some of the remaining food from the pack and handed it to Ling Mo: “You guys take it, you guys had it tough on the way here.”

If it wasn’t for the help by Ling Mo and Ye Lian, their group might be destroyed, at least that part of road to pass the hospital would have been extremely difficult.

But Ling Mo did not take the food, but smiled and shook his head, indicating that he does not need it.

Liu Yu Hao still want to push the food into him, but Wang Cheng quietly stopped him, smiled and said “big brother Ling is this skilled, how could he need our food, right? Since he does not need it, then it will be fine.”

Seeing Ling Mo’s strong attitude, Liu Yu Hao could only give up.

After both parties separated, Ling Mo immediately took Ye Lian running forward to the educational building not far from the gate.

With Shana’s skill, she should be fine to protect themselves in this familiar surrounding, therefore Ling Mo is not worried, not to mention from their personalities, it is impossible for them to survive together. It’s not difficult to hide Ye Lian’s identity in a short time, but over time it will be exposed for sure.

As soon as they entered the educational building, they see the closed elevator doors, making Ling Mo immediately feel great joy. If it’s this kind of closed state, there must be mutated zombies upstairs!

Staircases, which are safe pathways is not difficult to find, all it takes is to open that door not far away. But just as they arrived by the door, Ling Mo could felt Ye Lian’s violent instincts, and at the same time, a dull sound also passed out from behind the door.

Ling Mo’s eyes immediately lit up, it seems that behind the door, there is a mutated zombie!

Although mutated zombies have rapid attacks, they don’t have intelligence after all, and do not know how to unscrew the door handle, and although this door and the wall that’s connected together appeared to have many gaps, but to instantly break it open still poses some difficulties.

Ling Mo looked inside through the gaps, vaguely spotting that the mutated zombie is a middle-aged man, and besides him, there are no other mutated zombies.

Only one is fine…Ling Mo’s mouth revealed a hint of nasty grinning, grabbed the door handle at once, at the same time also raised the short knife in his hand, and Ye Lian also stood sideways to the door.

“Click” sound, the door has just been opened, a super strong strength immediately hit up; fortunately Ling Mo is well prepared to directly dodge to the side.

That mutated zombie rushed out instantly, but just as it showed its head, Ling Mo slashed down with his dagger.

But this mutated zombie’s reaction speed is amazingly fast, it actually grabbed Ling Mo’s blade and thrust it towards itself. Ling Mo instantly lost his balance, and just as his steps are imbalanced, the mutated zombie’s other hand also went to grab his chest.

But at this critical moment, Ling Mo will not go down without a fight, he almost instantly controlled this mutated zombie, although he soon reached the limit, he used this brief moment to snatch back his knife, and also used his powerful strength to poke the mutated zombie. At the same time, Ye Lian also extended her hand towards the arm of the mutated zombie, used using to wring it down.

However, this mutated zombie is indeed different, not only being faster at reaction but resistant against control.

During this  life and death battle, it’s impossible for Ling Mo to try a second attempt, but seeing the mutated zombie’s one arm is being wringed down, and his own short knife is stabbing him, presumably the fighting will be over……

However, to Ling Mo’s complete surprise, the moment while this mutated zombie’s arm was wringed down, he still shows resistance. He did not have the intention to dodge, but directly rushed over towards Ling Mo.

At a distance this close, just hearing the sound of the knife cut into the flesh, while the mutated zombie was wounded by the critical point, he also approached Ling Mo, that hand which is sharp like knife, hard as iron also went to grasp Ling Mo’s neck…

At this critical moment, Ling Mo’s expression still did not show panic, and Ye Lian acted instantly, grabbed this hand, then once again the sound of “click”.

Fortunately while the blood splattered out, Ling Mo has already pulled out the short knife and dodged to the side, or else he would have been sprayed to his entire face.

“Almost….” Ling Mo now felt somewhat strength loosening, this mutated zombie like the one previous in the supermarket all have a higher combat ability. This is not hard to understand either, there are a lot more people within the urban district, presumably more zombies trapped with them.

The more brain gel they get to eat, the higher the evolution process mutated zombies will experience, and also the stronger combat ability.

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