My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 220 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 220 Part 1 – Some Things Has Nothing to do With Race

“Pa pa pa!”

The fierce collision sounds between bodies, mixed with Half-moon’s screams, and adding the continuous knocking sounds made the atmosphere in the room become extremely hot.

And all these sounds met Yu Shi Ran’s ear.

She stared with big eyes towards the direction of the inside room. She felt that the screams that Half-moon was making seemed to full of pleasure!

Yu Shi Ran involuntarily felt a strange feeling, her mature loli body seemed to have a small kind of response to these sounds.

“Could it be that…Could it be that….”

She showed a look of surprise, and then she smiled excitedly, “Could it be that Half-moon is currently growing that thing in her body?”

“Perhaps maybe it will grow once she eats that humans….”

Yu Shi Ran immediately started to think of Ling Mo’s little brother. At that time, she had a pretty good look at it from a close distance.

However, it seems that from Yu Shi Ran’s perspective, this thing that was highly valued by Half-moon, didn’t seem to be so special to her other than looking delicious.

If we had this thing, we can successfully mate? Yu Shi Ran didn’t seem to be convinced.

However in her brain, it seems that the memory of such knowledge was there but it only flashed by so she didn’t really capture the knowledge in her head.

The headache made Yu Shi Ran consciously avoid the “insignificant memories from the past. For her, she only needed to remember who she was.


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Another sound came out from the door, Yu Shi Ran’s body shook and her pupils turned even more red, making it hard for her to resist from moving towards those sounds.

Half-moon’s scream really made her motivated!

“Come on! You can do it! A thing that even a human can grow. As a high level zombie, how could you not be able to grow that thing!”

At this point, the door that Yu Shi Ran was blocking was basically smashed, even Yu Shi Ran’s shoulders you could see a few holes that had been stabbed through by a blade.

If it wasn’t because Yu Shi Ran was using her body to block the door, the security door would have already been blasted away.

However, right at this moment, a sound came from the other side of the wall that was next to this security door.

Under the violent impact, the ground seemed to be shaking!

It seems that in just two or three minutes, this entire room would completely break down.

At this time another sound came out from the inside room, which once again attracted the attention of Yu Shi Ran.

Listening to the screams coming from Half-moon, Yu Shi Ran’s heart was full of curiosity, yet no matter what she did, she couldn’t see anything at all.

Inside the room now, it had become a complete mess, Half-moon was so exhausted and powerless that she couldn’t even scratch Ling Mo’s overcoat.

Ling Mo dragged her from the ground and threw her on a office desk.

The crazy stimulation made Half-moon feel more and more strange, and her spirit power had started slowly recover.

“Could it be that I am almost growing it?”

Half-moon thought about it, she really did start to feel that something seemed to want to come out from her body.

Ling Mo seemed to have lost all sense of reasoning at this time, both of them moved from the desk and crashed on to the window.

As the office cabinet was knocked down, a bang transmits immediately.

And in this loud noise, Ling Mo’s run had also reached the finish line!


When the scream was let out, at the same time, the wall had been completely smashed and was left with a big hole!

A large ball of dust shrouded the entire room. Ye Lian rushed in first, and Shana immediately slashed right behind the door when she squeezed in.


Under the strength of the scythe, the door blasted away and smashed on to the wall across the hall.

But Shana suddenly frowned, from her point of view, she did not find anyone behind the door.

Yu Shi Ran escaped….

Although zombies had great vision, they would still get affected by the dust, Ye Lian had to use her spirit connection with Ling Mo to directly the find the doorway under the dust cloud.

But upon entering inside, Ye Lian only saw Ling Mo with red cruel eyes paired with tears coming from those eyes.

“Fuck you….”

Ling Mo was lying in a corner, his hand was holding onto a ripped shirt, you could tell that it was Half-moon’s.

The Tang sword was in his hands in front of him, and blood was dripping from the tip of the blade.

There were also two bloody footprints on the window sill. It seems that these footprints were left by Half-moon and Yu Shi Ran.

“I was this close from being bitten by that little bitch…”

Ling Mo had suddenly sobered up due to the life-and-death situation.

If he hadn’t sobered up, the probability of Ling Mo losing his little buddy was very high.

To be continued…

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