My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 220 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 220 Part 2 – Some Things Has Nothing to do With Race

After coming inside the room, the moment Yu Shi Ran saw Ling Mo, she immediately rushed towards him.

Thinking back and remembering that little loli’s huge desire to bite off his little buddy, Ling Mo suddenly felt a chill down his back.

After being blocked by Ling Mo’s sword, Yu Shi Ran decisively dragged the exhausted Half-moon and left from the window.

Thinking of the expression that Half-moon showed at the last moment, Ling Mo heart couldn’t help but feel extremely satisfied.

Ling Mo thought to himself, “I hope you remember this feeling!”

Ye Lian eagerly ran over and picked up Ling Mo, and asked: “Brother Ling… You… are you okay?”

“I’m fine….”

Ling Mo felt awkward and embarrassed for being controlled by his wild temptations.

But what was even more embarrassing was the fact that his legs had gone soft and his waist was extremely sore…..

It seems that if it wasn’t for the drugs and the wildness that came with it, Ling Mo wouldn’t have been able to help Half-moon reach her climax, not to mention make her unable to stand up.

“Are you really okay?” Shana also walked up to Ling Mo and suspiciously looked at him and asked.

Ling Mo slowly tried to support his body to stand up, and then fell on towards Shana telling her, “There…There is something you can help me with…”

Shana quickly grabbed Ling Mo, but when Ling Mo landed onto her chest, the first thing he said was, “It’s still not soft enough, you still need some improvement.”


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A weird look flashed across Shana’s eyes and then she stepped back.

Losing the support that Shana was giving him, Ling Mo continued to fall forward, but fortunately Ye Lian immediately caught him.

Looking at Shana, who was holding her scythe as she walked outside the door, Ling Mo’s heart moved.

This backside view of Shana gave a very familiar feeling to Ling Mo…Is it possible that her personalities were merging together?

Li Ya Ling had wanted to chase after Half-moon and Yu Shi Ran, but hesitated after looking at Ling Mo’s condition.

Ling Mo shook the pieces of clothes in his hand and said.

“Ah forget it, I have already have this in my hands.”

Walking out of the room, Ling Mo couldn’t help but feel shocked after seeing a big hole in the wall and the metal door that had been ripped off from the doorway.

He couldn’t think straight before, so he didn’t realize what kind of chaos had happened over here.

But just by looking at this scene, you could tell how powerful the three of them were.

Just depending on their own bodily strength, they nearly broke an entire wall down.

You have to remember that they were using weapons to attack the walls and not sledge hammers.

In addition, Shana’s scythe was only bigger and longer, while Ye Lian and Li Ya Ling’s weapons did not have the conditions to break down the wall at all.

Ling Mo could not help but reach out and rubbed Ye Lian’s earlobes and said, “Thank you guys for your effort…”

She immediately lowered her head and licked her lips, it seems that she liked the way Ling Mo was caressing her right now.

As soon as they reached the hallway, a huge black shadow rushed over and stopped in front of Ling Mo.

Although he had already established a spiritual connection with it and it could already be considered his zombie puppet now, but having a fierce beast show up in front of you all of sudden, Ling Mo’s heart could not help but skip a beat.

The wounds on the third level beast were still there, but it seems it’s condition was fine now, and it could at least walk.

The eyes were still a blood red color and the it’s breathing still wasn’t smooth, but this might all be because it had just finished eating and evolved a bit.

It lingered in front of Ling Mo and tried to roll over and look cute, but when it rolled over, it’s head hit the other side of the wall.


Ling Mo felt speechless when he saw the dog slowly get back up and start shaking its head.

Why is it that when this dog isn’t fighting, it’s stupidity decides to come out and play…..

“This” Ling Mo brought Half-moon’s clothes towards the dogs nose to let it smell it. “This smell. Remember it for me. If this person dares appear again, just directly bite her OK?”

This was only a precautionary measure. In fact, Ling Mo felt that based from Half-moon’s last expression, she wouldn’t take the initiative to appear in front of Ling Mo herself.

The third level mutant dog immediately gave a low pitched bark and sniffed hard twice.

“Sure enough, you were really trained well….”

This scene made Ling Mo extremely satisfied, he patted the dog’s head to give it some encouragement and said, “The name Lucky is such an ugly name, how about I give you another one?”

Shana, holding her scythe suddenly said, “Hei Si.” (TL: In chinese if converted it means black silk but I’m just gonna name it Hei Si since black silk sounds too weird to keep writing)

“Uhhh..okay. Then you will be called Hei Si from now on.” Ling Mo was stunned and nodded.

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