My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 221 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 221 Part 1 – Place Where Zombies Gather

In the corner of an underground parking lot, two figures were huddled close together.

“Half-moon, you said…you remembered something…what was it?”

The wounds on Yu Shi Ran’s body have started to slowly recover, and at this time she was reaching out to touch her teeth.

She lost one of her front teeth when she had tried to bite Ling Mo….

Half-moon was hugging her knees and answered in a whisper, “I can’t say, but….”

“I think, we are not spouses.” Half-moon looked up at Yu Shi Ran and said slowly, “I can’t grow that thing.”

She looked very puzzled, as if she suddenly started to realize a lot of things and some of the thoughts were taking some time to digest.

Yu Shi Ran who was about to take out her finger from her mouth, suddenly paused.

“That… But…”

These words seemed to be too profound for her and she obviously didn’t understand.

“When our injuries finish healing, let’s leave X City and go to places where there are more zombies.”

After speaking, Half-moon lowered her head and looked down.

“I need to stay away from this human being as far as possible, the further the better! I’m not a girl, not mention I’m not his wife! Based on what I remember, if you were caught doing this with someone, they would need to marry you after doing this!”

Right at this moment in the Clothes City Building, Ling Mo was trying to find a tooth in his pocket to play with.

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It is as white as jade, but it is very hard. If she hadn’t bitten so hard, she wouldn’t have lost her tooth.

“This is quite the souvenir.”

Ling Mo threw the incisors into his backpack and reached inside to grab the virus hive of the zombie leader.

Although this was basically the best thing he’s gotten today, but this wasn’t something that Li Ya Ling needed, and this thing also wasn’t something that Ye Lian and Shana could use right now.

Sticking it close to his chest, Ling Mo could feel that this thing was alive. He could feel a beat that was coming from the virus hive that synchronized with the beat of his heart.

“What a weird thing…”

Ling Mo shook his head and took out a radio.


After so many times, the sounds were the same no matter how many times he changed the FM frequencies.

Ling Mo could not help but sigh, although he was followed by three female zombies, and even a mutant dog, he still did not wish for the human race to go extinct.

“Half a year has passed, it should be enough now right?”

After staring at the radio for a while, Ling Mo turned it off and then leaned back, lying besides Ye Lian and the other two girls.

The next day after they walked out of the Clothes City building, it was already noon.

Although the sun was shining, but for some reason you couldn’t feel the warmth of the sun.

Ling Mo’s eyes had turned towards the direction of the amusement park and said, “Hei Si, go to the front.”

The huge mutant dog immediately gave a low roar and swiftly moved forward.

With it leading the way, it was so much more convenient.

After one night, it seems that Hei Si had recovered a lot during the night, so naturally it was time for it to put in work.

No effects have shown so far for Hei Si after consuming the zombie leaders body, probably needed some more time to fully digest it.

The only pity was that the pigeon didn’t make it, it had woken up the next day but after moving a bit, it died.

Although the initial test failed, it gave Ling Mo some insights so the success rate on his future repeated tests would increase.

Although Ye Lian wasn’t unhappy about the death of her pigeon, Ling Mo still immediately assured her that he would get another one today for her.

Most of the pigeons found previously at the love hotel should also be available at the amusement park.

Even though they had rested for a whole night, Ling Mo still didn’t seem to have fully recovered yet.

After going crossing a few streets, a large group of zombies appeared in front of them.

With the mutant dog leading the way, Ling Mo and his party quickly found a route with a smaller amount of zombies and quietly passed through them.

While they were moving, Ling Mo seemed to be on a rest mode, he didn’t bothering fighting as much.

He had already consumed too much of his spiritual force and physical strength. If it wasn’t because he had rested last night and also took some saliva from the girls, he probably wouldn’t have been able to move right now.

The consequences of that violent aura was extremely severe….

As they were moving forward, Ling Mo was also thinking about this issue.

At that time, he felt that all the blood in his body flooded towards his brain and he as a person had lost all sense of normal reasoning, just like ordinary zombies…..

“No, if it could infect me, then I should have already been infected.”

Ling Mo could not help but shiver and shook his head.

To be continued… 

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