My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 221 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 221 Part 2 – Place Where Zombies Gather

Ye Lian immediately looked at Ling Mo and asked, “What’s wrong brother Ling?”

Li Ya Ling and Shana, who were both waling at the front of the group turned back and looked at him suspiciously.

Ling Mo hesitated for a moment, and finally revealed a smile, “Nothing’s wrong.”

If he couldn’t even figure out what was going on, why bother saying it…..

The surrounding buildings began to gradually decrease, and after turning into an alley, there was a long aluminum alloy fence next to it.

Through the fence, they could see some cartoonish sculptures and a large flower bed.

It was obvious that this was part of the amusement park.

Ye Lian and the three girls were very curious of this place, and Shana is especially excited.

Li Ya Ling frowned and revealed a look as if she was in deep thinking. Her memory was gradually coming back to her, and she seems to have a certain impression on the amusement park.

Shana looked at the fence and said with excitement, “It seems to be pretty big inside.”

Suddenly, a zombie burst out of a bush and slammed into the fence, staring right at Ling Mo with it’s violent eyes.

Immediately afterwards, several zombies also followed behind the zombie that was at the fence, and they quickly began to climb over the fence.

Being more agile and faster than humans, it was much easier for them to climb over the fence.

However, Hei Si rushed forward while Shana’s scythe waved, and after one or two seconds, there were dead zombies on the fence.

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“Seems like inside, there are a lot of zombies.”

Ling Mo became vigilant after suddenly thinking that this is just the periphery of the amusement park, there would be even more zombies as they went deeper into the amusement park.

But the more zombies there were also meant that there would be more chances in finding virus gels here.

“The zoo is also next door, today is going to be a busy day.”

Ling Mo opened the map and glanced at it, revealing a smile.

When she heard Ling Mo say the word zoo, her eyes lit up and she even started to lick her lips.

After walking for more than ten minutes along the fence, they finally reached a big square.

The beautifully shaped flower beds have long withered, while the fountain in the square had turned into a complete cesspool, and a dirty banner hung down from the door of the castle entrance.

“It seems that the day the apocalypse happened, it was their grand opening. There should of been a lot of people here on that day.”

The tickets for going to an amusement park was usually very expensive, even if you didn’t wish to play and only wished to come and look, you would still need to pay around 50 bucks just to enter. Since it was their grand opening, the tickets to enter were free so naturally the number of people that went was several times higher than usual.

However the number of zombies at the front entrance wasn’t a lot, Ling Mo used his dagger tip to poke on some leftover blood plasma and took a deeper look at it. He felt that the time of blood turning into plasma should not have exceeded three days.

It may be that there recently was a civil war between zombies, or it could also mean that a mutated beast had appeared.

As for humans……no ordinary survivor would wish to come here.

“Be careful everyone.”

Ling Mo slowly pulled out his Tang sword from its sheath, the blade flashed with glowing light under the shine of the sun.

With Shana’s help of maintenance, although this sword was used frequently, it showed no signs of breaking, or had any cracks, but instead, it had gotten even more sharper.

Cold weapons could only truly show their power after drinking some blood.

Under the orders of Ling Mo, Hei Si dashed towards the door, and the ordinary zombies all became attracted to it. They chased after Hei Si and vanished from the door.

With Hei Si’s speed and agility, it could easily get rid of the zombies while at the same time, stay close to Ling Mo within a range of 2000 meters.

Ling Mo has always felt that his combat efficiency was extremely poor. His opponents usually consisted of mutated zombies or advanced level zombies, but he often spent most of his time fighting ordinary zombies.

With the existence of Hei Si, this issue was suddenly solved.

Other than for a few slow zombies that were still outside the door, the entire square had suddenly become empty.

After easily disposing of these zombies, Ling Mo and his group went through the front entrance and entered the amusement park.

The bustling amusement park in the past had now turned into a place to shoot horror movies in. Not only has the environment become desolate, but there was also zombies everywhere.

Ling Mo’s heart secretly estimated that the number of zombies in the entire amusement park could probably be over ten thousand….

“This place is basically a large gathering place for zombies…..”

Ling Mo suddenly showed a smile of excitement. This semi-closed place would definitely have some advance zombies hiding in a place like this.

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