My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 222 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 222 Part 1 – The Castle in the Isolated Island

TL: So guys I’m a bit sick right now… Translations might be a bit late this week until I get better. Apparently getting flu shot also gives you chance at getting sick -___- For all early release chapters they will be still coming out with 9 for this week just instead of monday it will probably be pushed onto thursday or friday.

After Hei Si ran out from a haunted house, it had gotten rid of most of the zombies that was still chasing after it.

There were only five or six extremely fast zombies left, still chasing after Hei Si.

“Mutated Zombies!!!”

Ling Mo, who was waiting outside, immediately showed a smile, and his spiritual tentacles immediately rolled out.

The mutated zombies, who were still chasing after Hei Si, suddenly stopped immediately and Hei Si immediately took the opportunity to turn around and threw himself onto one of the zombies tearing it’s chest out with it’s sharp claws.

Ye Lian and the other girls also came to greet them, and separated their virus gels from their bodies in a blink of an eye.

This was already the fifth batch of mutated zombies killed by Ling Mo and his group.

Ling Mo opened his pocket and started to count the amount of virus gels he had obtained and excitedly reported a number, “Thirty pieces!”

The only unsatisfying thing so far was the fact that they hadn’t met any advanced zombies yet, Ling Mo even deliberately walked in the middle of the road in hopes to attract advanced level zombies, but utterly failed in luring any of them.

“Although there are a lot of zombies in this place, but this place is just too big and the zombies here are too scattered….”

Ling Mo shook his head with pity.

If it wasn’t like this the efficiency of his hunting could have been several times better.

“Can’t be too greedy…”

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Ling Mo quickly reminded himself in his heart. If there really were a lot of zombies and they were all concentrated in one area, even Hei Si would get hurt easily or worse, even die.

No matter how strong his zombie leaders were, in the end, Ling Mo is still just a human, if he’s surrounded by thousands of zombies at an open space area, he would still die.

Hess started running around Ling Mo, Ling Mo slightly hesitated before giving it a low quality virus gel.

The moment a big mouth opened, Hei si immediately caught the virus gel. Afterwards it’s eyes turned even more red.

It trembled a bit and sent out a fierce low roar.

The evolution of Hei Si is obviously different from the zombies. It wasn’t the type to immediately evolve after absorbing the virus gel.

Ling Mo guessed that the reason for this was because of the zombie virus and the mutant beast virus, although they both came from the same origin, both of them had gone separate paths in evolution and have already become different from each other.

This lead to a conversion and integration process, and since Ling Mo had no prior experience with this, he had no idea on whether the process would be long or short.

“Why don’t we take a break over here?”

Using this method to hunt for virus gels, Ling Mo and the three girls didn’t consume that much of their strength.

But Hei Si is really too tired. It’s tongue had been sticking out for quite some time and it was breathing really hard.

And plus they have gone deep into the amusement park already and have been walking for a long time.

This decision was immediately approved by Ye Lian and the other two girls, and Shana immediately pointed towards a small island that was in the middle of a lake not far from here and said, “Let’s go there!”


The center of the lake island was actually a large-scaled castle which probably was a performance section of the amusement park.

Ling Mo left Hei Si at the head of the bridge and told him to wait there before he went towards the castle with the three girls.

On one side of the narrow long bridge, it had collapsed, the water was black, and a strong stench came to greet their nostrils.

There were probably a lot of rotten corpses under that lake, and Ling Mo couldn’t help but wrinkle his nose. However, Ye Lian and the other two girls didn’t seem to be affected by the smell at all.

No zombies could be seen on the island so far, but there were some corpses and blood.

After walking around the castle, Ling Mo noticed a wooden door.

On the left side of the door was a ticket window, along with promotions and commentaries.

Sure enough, it was exactly like how Ling Mo predicted. It was a place dedicated for performances.

“Should we go in? This place looks like a place in a movie where there are ghosts. This place would probably be a place where strong zombies would exist.”

Just when Ling Mo turned his head a dark shadow flashed by and the wooden door got kicked open.

When he looked back by turning his head, Shana had disappeared already….

“This is the first time I found out that she was actually interested in a place like this….”

After turning on the flashlight, Ling Mo followed and walked inside.

Li Ya Ling and Ye Lian were both beside him, even if there was a sneak attack from an advanced  zombie, Ling Mo didn’t need to worry.

The interior of the castle was very large, and divided into two floors. Shana obviously rushed inside the first floor and Ling Mo with no other choice could only just follow along.

To be continued… 

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