My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 222 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 222 Part 2 – The Castle in the Isolated Island

But what surprised Ling Mo was that this place didn’t seem to have any zombies roaming around.

There were no bones to be found on the floor and very little blood stains.

“When the apocalypse happened, people here must of been waiting to line up outside right? The introduction outside says the wait time was 3 hours.”

Just as Ling Mo’s last words came out of his mouth, he suddenly heard a scream inside.

“What happened?”

Ling Mo quickly ran inward. At the same time, he turned changed his vision to Shana’s field of vision.

Shana’s eyes fell on a figure, and this person did not seem to be a zombie…

By the time Ling Mo reached the backstage, the figure had already stood up nervously.

Ling Mo shook his flashlight and found that this person was a female survivor, about 30 years old, had a pale face, with hollow cheeks, and you could tell she had a long term of malnutrition.

Her eyes showed that she was terrified, and even when she was facing Shana, she even involuntarily stuck to the wall.

Ling Mo didn’t expect that there would be survivors in this amusement park…. But then again, this island was indeed the best hiding place.

Seeing that three more people appeared, the survivor’s expression became even more shocked, it was then another person came from door that was behind the survivor.

When this person appeared, she immediately said calmly, “Don’t be afraid, they are also survivors.”

Although Shana’s scythe was extremely intimidating, this person did not panic like the woman.

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This person took a step forward and asked, “You guys shouldn’t be survivors from the park right?”

Ling Mo didn’t know if it was intentional or unintentional. This person took the initiative to stand under the light of Ling Mo’s flashlight.

A woman in her twenties, with not much of an attractive appearance or at least when she was compared to Ling Mo’s three girls, she was mediocre at best, but from her calm expression you could tell she was a tough one.

She is also very thin, but she at least looked much better than the other female survivor.

As Ling Mo was quietly sizing her up, she was also sizing up Ling Mo and the three girls.

Fully armed, everyone was well equipped, and even a gun was held on the back of Ling Mo.

The woman’s gaze immediately became hot. She stared at Ling Mo, and suddenly took a step forward and asked with excitement, “Are you a soldier?”


Seeing that this girl was excited to the point that she was trembling, Ling Mo could only shake his head with regret and said, “No.”


The girl’s expression suddenly became disappointed, but soon her expression returned back to normal. “Then how come you guys are here? There’s nothing over here?”

Indeed, the average survivor would never come here.

However Ling Mo couldn’t tell her his real purpose for being here so he could only try and change the subject, “How long have you guys been hiding here?”

“Here? About three months now.” The girl pushed the door open and said, “Come on in and sit. Being able to survive up until now and meeting us here is fate.”

Ling Mo had actually wanted to turn around and leave, but seeing that they all looked so skinny, his heart couldn’t bear to do so and he felt sorry for them.

This is the first time Ling Mo had ever seen such a skinny survivor. He used to only see this sort of skinny in movies, not in real life.

Ling Mo hesitated a little, seeing the other female survivor still looking at him with panic, he could not help but sigh.

“Let’s go in and take a look.”

The space inside is very large, and it is divided into many small rooms, which were probably all dressing rooms.

A faint moldy smell entered Ling Mo’s nose, and as soon as he entered the door, Ling Mo saw about a dozen people.

These people had all heard the screams, but didn’t have the courage to go outside and see what was going on.

And most of the people in here were women, there were only two men that were a bit old.

When they saw Ling Mo and the girls come in, they all took two steps back and looked nervous.

Ling Mo immediately frowned, he knew that based on what he saw, they wouldn’t have been able to survive until now with their ability.

The woman who told them to come in seemed to realize Ling Mo’s suspicion and said with a low voice, “There are a few other men, but they went out to find food.”

Ling Mo asked, “To where?”

The woman pointed her finger to the back, “There is a small bridge over there, which is safer than the main entrance. But you guys are really too strong, if you guys made it over here from the front, you must have lost a lot of people right?

She asked in a way where she seemed to have both pity and curiosity.

Ling Mo shook his head and said, “It was okay.”

Ling Mo didn’t know why but he always felt that there was something wrong or weird about this woman when he looked at her eyes.

It wasn’t joy from seeing another survivor, but it looked as if it was excitement with a bit of fear.

And it wasn’t just her, the other people in the room also had the same expression.

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