My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 223 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 223 Part 1 – Benefiting Others Would Help You as Well

“Excuse me….”

A female survivor asked with a quivering voice, “Can you….Can you give us something to eat?”

As soon as she spoke, the other people in the room also started to plead as well.

However, they did not dare get any closer to Ling Mo and his group, especially when there was a submachine gun being carried by Ling Mo on his back, which was quite intimidating for ordinary people.

Lacking in nutrition for such a long time and confined in a dark place, these people were not any better than the refugees that were seen on TV in the past.

And in addition, they all emitted a horrible smell, probably due to them not showering for a very long time.

Most of them had chapped lips, probably because they didn’t have water for quite some time as well.

“Please help us…..”

“Give us some food please!”

“I am starving to death…..”

A middle-aged woman suddenly separated from the crowd. She took a little girl with her. Although the eyes of the little girl were big, her eyes were very dark and seemed to have no life in them.

“I don’t need any food, but I’m begging you to at least give some food to my daughter!”

As she spoke, she bent down and tried to kneel, but Ling Mo quickly tried to stop her.


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All the survivors shut their mouths and quieted down, staring at Ling Mo with their desperate eyes.

Under the silence, the little girl timidly emerged out from her mother’s hands and used a very thin voice to whisper, “Big brother, I don’t want food, please give it to my mother…”

Ling Mo felt his heart ache after hearing this.

“Senior Sister, take out some canned food.”

If it was just normal survivors, Ling Mo would never offer to do this, but the environment in the amusement park is really bad.

There are zombies everywhere, and there are not many places where food can be collected.

It wasn’t easy for these people to survive till now.

After Ling Mo spoke these words, the eyes of the survivors started to glow.

When Li Ya Ling took out the canned food from the military, Ling Mo experienced what was real desperation.

These people rushed over, but did not dare be too close to Li Ya Ling.

“Thank you all!”

“You guys really are good people!”

Some of the people who received the canned food, even cried so much that this reaction wasn’t too exaggerated because they haven’t had enough food ever since the apocalypse.

Ling Mo personally gave two cans of food to the little girl and took out a canteen of water and said, “Share it with everyone.”

The little girl nodded: “Thank you big brother…”

The middle-aged woman looked at Ling Mo with puffy red eyes and said, “Thank you so much, Thank you!!”

“Eat it first.”

Ling Mo watched as the middle-aged woman brought the little girl to sit in a corner. The two of them opened their cans with trembling hands.

The little girl unscrewed the canteen of water, took a sip, and handed it over to the middle-aged woman.

After the middle-aged woman drank, she hesitated and turned to look at Ling Mo, and then handed it to another person.

The room was filled with sounds of eating, although the people seemed to be excited, but they ate very slowly.

To them the food was extremely important for them, and plus, eating slowly could let the stomach feel a bit more full.

The woman also got a can, but she didn’t open it right away, instead she walked straight to Ling Mo.

The woman asked with excitement, “You must be a soldier, this can is also from the military.”

Ling Mo shook his head, “No, I’m really not….”

“It’s fine if you don’t want to admit it. Even so, thank you, you guys are good people.”

The woman said very gratefully.

“Stop giving me compliments….”

To be honest, Ling Mo wasn’t used to this feeling.

The amount of good things he’s done in his life was not a lot, but when he heard what the little girl said to him, somewhere inside his heart felt touched.

“Oh yeah, my name is Bai Yu.” The girl smiled and then lowered her voice, “Since you guys are able to come in, I’m guessing you guys also found a safer way out?

“Sort of.”

He had nothing to hide from them, all the zombie were lead away by Hei Si. If these people wanted to leave, he could lead them out using the same path.

As long as they were careful, the possibility of leaving alive was actually pretty high.

Bai Yu suddenly showed a hint of surprise, and it seemed like she was a bit excited as well.


Ling Mo said, “It’s a little bit better outside than here, if you are brave enough, their will be food.”

To be continued…

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