My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 223 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 223 Part 2 – Benefiting Others Would Help You as Well

Bai Yu asked, “Are their no blockades or rescue teams?”

Seeing Ling Mo shaking his head, she looked a bit disappointed, “Oh really…Well I guess it would still be better than staying here. Could you…..”

“I can draw out a map for you guys.” After saying this, he hesitated before adding, “If you guys can wait, after I’m done with some of my things, I can take you guys with me on the way out.”


Bai Yu immediately covered her mouth with her hands, and her eyes brimmed with tears.

“However, I will only be helping you guys leave this place. There is a lot of food out there for you guys to collect, however you will need to rely on yourselves for that.”

Ling Mo said. He couldn’t always protect these people.

Bai Yu desperately nodded, “Of course! As long as we can leave here. Instead of waiting here to die, I would rather die outside. But promise me that you will remember to come back for us after you are done with your tasks! Please remember!”

Upon seeing her excitement, the hesitation in Ling Mo’s heart suddenly disappeared.

This matter was only a trivial matter for Ling Mo, but when it came to these people, it was equivalent to saving lives.

Seeing that Bai Yu was busy rushing to inform the other survivors, Ling Mo could not help but turn his head and look at Shana.

“Did you already know there was going to be people inside here?”

After listening to Ling Mo’s question, Shana showed a mischievous smile but didn’t reply.

After a while, she looked at the survivors and whispered, “I just feel that they are very similar to some of the people I used to know, but they are much weaker. However, I don’t have the feeling I used to have anymore.”

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Shana’s words were a bit confusing, but Ling Mo knew what she wanted to say.

These group of survivors were just like the group of classmates she used to protect before.

The reason why Shana ran inside here was because she wanted to see if she would still have the self-sacrificing spirit that she used to have when she came across these helpless survivors.

This sort of thing was basically a collision of a human’s memories and a zombie’s instincts.

If Shana was in her little devil mode, she wouldn’t even bother to put this into consideration. This was actually the first time her split personality collided with each other.

Sure enough, she was apparently trying to find a way to fuse both personalities, but obviously this time she also failed.

“Don’t worry, you don’t need to force yourself to become like your previous self, you are who you are, you will always be the same to me.”

Ling Mo reached out and grabbed Shana’s wrist and said.

Perhaps the current state that Shana was in, Ye Lian might also enter, so when Ling Mo was telling this to Shana, he was also actually saying it to Ye Lian as well.

As for Li Ya Ling, when Ling Mo really knew her, she was in fact already an advanced zombie, so he only knew her as a zombie and not as her previous self.

Shana glanced at Ling Mo sideways, and then looked up at him and silently pinched his hand on the back, “You are too mushy.”

“What? You’re calling me mushy! Watch how I teach you a lesson….”

Ling Mo was stunned and then looked angry.

It was already pretty rare for Ling Mo to be sentimental, the least she could have done was go along with it.

Towards Ling Mo’s empty threats, Shana didn’t really care, she even took the initiative to pull Ye Lian over and said.

“If you dare try and teach me a lesson, I will let Ye Lian and senior sister teach you a lesson.”

“What the fuck? They would both definitely listen to me, right Ye Lian?”

Ye Lian had no clue what was going on but she still nodded, but when Ling Mo looked over at Li Ya Ling, he saw her slowly walk towards Shana.

Ling Mo’s eyes widened and he asked, “What the hell is this?!”

Li Ya Ling slowly replied, “You are my spouse, Shana is my sister, you guys both get a point meaning same score. You are a human, she is zombie, Shana is same as me so she gets a point. Zero to one…..”

Ling Mo’s eyes twitched and asked, “Senior sister…did you completely merge with your memories?”

Li Ya Ling blinked at Ling Mo and said, “No, but I just remembered that I used to know you.”


This was way out of Ling Mo’s expectation, he had always thought that the only reason Li Ya Ling had an impression of him was because of him being accidentally being in the background of that photo.

“Well, I remember that during the freshman school ceremony for new student, you were standing in front of me, you had accidentally stepped on a woman’s pants and she tripped and broke her nose….”

Li Ya Ling smiled faintly and said, “That was also our classes devil advisor.”

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