My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 224 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 224 Part 1 –  Slowly Growing

A dozen canned food didn’t mean much to Ling Mo, but for these group of people it was a great significance.

Seeing that these people were staring at him with grateful eyes, Ling Mo felt sorry for them.

Although he never regarded saving other people as his responsibility, he even hated those who took other people’s help for granted, but at least it was still possible for him to help those that were weak and old.

The people he hated most were those parasites who could take care of themselves but leeched off others, and weren’t ashamed of taking advantage of them but instead took pride in it.

These people didn’t have the ability to help themselves and they also didn’t take Ling Mo’s help for granted.

In fact, if it wasn’t because of Bai Yu, they seemed to have wanted to come over to Ling Mo and thank him.

“Oh yes, who are the people that went out to collect food?”

After Bai Yu explained to everyone their plan, Ling Mo asked her this question tentatively.

Bai Yu hesitated for a bit before saying, “In the past, all the men in the team had to go out to collect food, but when we moved here three months ago, many people died trying to reach here. The people you see now is less than a third of the amount of people this team used to have….”

“The two people that lead this team were people who used to work in this amusement park, they are extremely familiar with the environment here. But they don’t collect much food when they go out, and we have to give priority to their rations first.”

Ling Mo nodded, this was actually quite normal.

Originally, all the food was collected by them. Plus if the ones who were contributing the most didn’t have enough food, how would they have the energy to get more food for everyone else.

“So many people died in order to move here? Where did you guys hide before? Was the migration over here necessary?”

Ling Mo frowned and asked suspiciously.

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This area wouldn’t be a better place to collect food. If it was for security issues, there should be a lot more similar places in this amusement park.

Two-thirds of the people died, just to only switch to a similar environment?

Bai Yu’s eyes suddenly became bleak and she whispered, “If we didn’t do this, how could the food be enough for everyone….”


The sound of a empty food can dropped to the floor, Ling Mo looked towards the direction of the sound and saw a woman that was pretty close to them.

She was trembling all over her body, and when she saw Ling Mo, she quickly squatted and picked up the can.

“Her younger sister died on the way here…”

Bai Yu’s voice became much lower.

Ling Mo’s heart had a sour feeling but unfortunately this became quite a common thing now.

However, it seems that these two leaders were pretty ruthless. They could even come up with an idea like this just to save food and also have less people at the same time.

Bai Yu went on to say, “You can be rest assured, I’ll tell them. I don’t think anyone wishes to be stuck here. When you come back for us, I will be here waiting for you by the door.

“Um… Okay then.”

Based on Ling Mo’s current progress, he should be able to come back in the afternoon.

When Ling Mo and his group were heading out, Bai Yu wanted to walk him out but was refused by Ling Mo.

Hei Si was still on the other side of the bridge, it’s existence might scare this ordinary survivor to her death.

The other survivors stood up and the little girl came over and asked, “Big brother and big sister. Are you really going to come back?”

Ling Mo let out a smile and said, “Yes really. If you have anything to pack up, you can start packing now.”

The little girl paused for a moment before turning around to grab the hand of the middle-aged woman, and revealed a smile before saying, “I only have mommy.”

“Then hold on tight to your mother’s hand so when the time comes you can go together.”

Ling Mo hesitated a little and reached out and touched the little girl’s cheek.

Although the other survivors didn’t say a word, but they seemed to be a lot more energized than they previously were.

Once people had hope, the look in their eyes would become different.

But what nobody noticed was that there was a pretty woman in the crowd who was clenching her fists…

After Ling Mo and his party left, Bai Yu’s smile slowly vanished.

She looked around at everyone and whispered, “Hurry and throw away the food cans.”

A survivor took the initiative and threw a can outside the window.

“Pu tong.”

Immediately outside the window came the sound of a can falling into the water.

The other survivors immediately followed in example, even the little girl got on her tippy toes and threw out the can as well.

Bai Yu stared at everyone until they had thrown away their cans and said.

“After they come back, I will tell them, everyone don’t worry about it. This is a good opportunity, they wouldn’t miss it.”

“Why…” The woman who first met Shana suddenly asked, “Why didn’t you ask them to take us with him right now?”

“He still had something to do in the amusement park and it’s impossible to take us with him since we might cause problems for him and drag him down. It was already really nice of him to share with us his food…And….”

Bai Yu showed a hint of hesitation, “I want to ask everyone, do you guys really think we can survive out there if we leave ‘them’ here?”

The ‘them’ that Bai Yu meant was obviously the men.

To be continued…

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