My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 224 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 224 Part 2 –  Slowly Growing

When she spoke out her words, everyone became silent.

The little girl broke the silence and said, “But that big brother….”

“He already said it, he would only help bring us out of here. Anything else that happens afterwards would depend on us.”

As Bai Yu finished speaking, everyone became silent again.

Only the girl who looked somewhat pretty, lowered her head and looked down at her hands.

A lid of a food can was hidden in her hands….

At this moment, Ling Mo and his group has already left the middle of the lake and proceeded to penatrate deep into another section of the amusement park.

Hei Si seems to have gotten enough rest and it seemed that the zombie leader’s virus and the gel he ate before had started to take effect.

Ling Mo wasn’t sure if he was imagining it or not but he felt that Hei Si’s body seemed to have expanded even more.

“Would it be possible for it to become some kind of huge monster in the future?” Ling Mo thought about it, and then looked back at Li Ya Ling.

Ever since Li Ya Ling consumed the snake’s gel, she started to show some snake traits every now and then. Maybe feeding Hei Si some zombie gels would allow him to have some human traits.

“What are you thinking about?”

Li Ya Ling noticed Ling Mo staring at her eyes and asked immediately.

Ling Mo coughed and said, “Since your memory has pretty much come back, what else do you remember about me besides the fact on how you knew me?”

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The moment he asked, Ye Lian and Shana also became curious and turned their heads after hearing his question.

The two girls could relax since Hei Si was at the front and would be luring the zombies away so it didn’t matter if they weren’t paying any attention to their surroundings.

Li Ya Ling thought and said, “I remember there was a flag raising ceremony before and I was suppose to give a speech on behalf of the student council at a school meeting. You were on the stage getting punished by the teachers, I remember it was because of a fight with students outside the school.”

It was hard to forget this incident since it contained Ye Lian in it, Ling Mo remembered that there was a guy at Ye Lian’s school who kept bothering her, so Ling Mo decided to kick his ass for harassing her.

Later the kid found a few people and went to find Ling Mo to look for trouble, but Ling Mo never mentioned this to Ye Lian.

At this time, while listening to Li Ya Ling talk about the past, Ling Mo sort of started to reminisce.

Everything was different now….

Ling Mo frowned, “How do you remember this kind of thing so clearly? Don’t you remember anything else?”

Li Ya Ling thought about it for a while and said, “You were late before and had to stand still outside as punishment and I passed by.”

“Ehhh…..How come it’s all these things….”

Ling Mo suddenly realized that this seemingly out of reach senior sister actually had an impression of him…..

Li Ya Ling’s eyes suddenly became a bit evil, “Probably it’s because we did that thing together and anything related about you I suddenly remember. I don’t usually remember things like this, only have a bit an impression…”

‘That’….Ling Mo paused for a second and then understand what she meant by that.

Li Ya Ling broke through the final step and completely upgraded to the leader level, which was completed when she combined with him.

Could this really also make a difference in her memories of him?!

However, this brief talk had deepened the relationship between Ling Mo and Li Ya Ling.

As her memories were being restored, the impression Ling Mo had for Li Ya Ling was becoming fuller and fuller.

Although she was still a zombie, but due to having her memories almost restored and her own personal characteristics showing up, Ling Mo started to think of her as a woman with self character.

This made Ling Mo excited and also made him look forward towards restoring Ye Lian and Shana’s memories.

“I….” Ye Lian grabbed Ling Mo’s sleeves and said excitedly, “I remember…Brother Ling, you used to show me how far you could shoot your pee…WUWUUUUUUU.”

Ling Mo’s forehead tightened, and he quickly covered Ye Lian’s mouth, “For this type of things that happened when we were little you don’t need to talk about…..”

But unfortunately, both Shana and Li Ya Ling heard it.

Shana’s eyes immediately flashed a look of interest, and the smile on her lips seemed similar to the little devil that came out to cause trouble, “Brother Ling, are you not going to pee now and let us see how far you can shoot?”

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