My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 225 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 225 Part 1 – The Snake Like Beauty

Just as Ling Mo and his group increased their speed at hunting zombies, another group of people were moving in another region of the amusement park.

“Hurry up, I don’t think I can hold much longer!”

A survivor struggled to stop the door from opening, while outside the door were a few zombies that were desperately trying to smash it open.

The lock on the door was constantly making “Jingle” sounds, as if it could break at any moment.

And inside the door, several survivors are looking around in search of something.

“Fuck, the amount of food that’s in here is too little!”

A bald man who looked like he was about thirty years old, kicked the shelf in front of him and threw a bag of candy on the ground angrily.

Another survivor quickly picked it up and put it in a backpack.

The backpack was only half full and stuffed with a mixture of both food and drinks.

“We can’t help it, the things we are able to find are becoming lesser and lesser.”

Another younger man with long hair, who was leaning on the wall with his hand, said in a calm voice.

Although he didn’t look like he was helping much, but the others didn’t seem to be angry at all.

Even the man who was blocking the door didn’t bother to ask him for help.

“Let’s hurry up, there’s going to be even more zombies here soon.”

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The bald man waved his hand irritably and said.

He then turned his head and looked at the long-haired young man and asked, “You Yuntian, how much longer are you going to keep raising those bunch of useless things? Just keep the pretty ones, as for the others, let’s just abandon them, especially those two undying old people!

After hearing the bald man talking, some of the survivors who were still searching the shelves for food, stopped what they were doing.

One of them looked up and seemed to want to say something, but another person stopped him with a look from his eyes.

The bald headed man continued to say slyly, “Especially the Bai Yu! Can’t touch this, can’t touch that, and yet you still listen to her. Don’t tell me you really like her? She’s not even that pretty!”

“Quit your bitching.” You Yuntian glared at the bald headed man and spat out a leaf that was in his mouth, then said, “It’s not because I like Bai Yu, understand? And plus Yang Tien Xin, didn’t you already fuck two of them? So hurry the fuck up. Today I keep hearing the roars of zombies and I get this feeling that something is wrong.

“What could possibly be wrong….” The bald headed guy had just finished speaking, and then heard a muffled sound from far away.

He immediately felt his heart skip a beat, and suddenly he was in complete shock, “What the hell was that?”

You Yuntian hesitated, and ran towards the door reaching it in two or three steps, pushing the survivor that was currently still blocking the door from opening.

The door was immediately smashed open, but in the face of the zombies that swarmed in, You Yuntian waved a kitchen knife and greeted them directly.

His movements were not fast, but his strength was strong, and the kitchen knife was used skillfully in his hands.

At the same time, the bald guy also reacted and headed towards You Yuntian.

Several zombies were immediately disposed of and You Yuntian had quickly dashed outside already.

He looked in the direction of the muffled sound. His eyes showed a hint of worry and said, “What’s going on over there? Could it be from a high level zombie? Hurry, let’s go back quickly, we’re dead if we meet any high level zombies.”

Right at this moment, at the place where the muffled sound occurred, under a huge Ferris wheel, Ling Mo’s back was against a ticket booth, his eyes fixated at the empty area in front of him.

Hei Si was currently going head to head against a zombie while Ye Lian and the other two girls were killing several other zombies.

With their strength, they quickly defeated the mutated zombies in front of them, but the zombie Hei Si was fighting wasn’t easy to get rid of.

It was an advanced zombie that seems to have just broken through, the wildness in it’s eyes hadn’t disappeared yet.

But it seems that the advanced zombie was very agile and knew how to dodge.

The advanced zombie had hid in the middle of the merry go round and the muffled sound that rang out afterwards was because Hei Si had directly smashed into the merry go round trying to reach it.

They only met one advanced zombie after a whole day of hunting, which made Ling Mo slightly disappointed.

But at least he killed a lot of mutated zombies. For the past two days, the amount of virus gels he collected was not less than a hundred.

Based on Ye Lian’s gel intake, they would need to eat a lot of these gels since they have been fighting the whole time, otherwise they would only need to eat one gel every two or three days.

If we take calculated everything, this supply of gels could probably last for about a month.

To be continued…

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