My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 225 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 225 Part 2 – The Snake Like Beauty

Li Ya Ling stood on the side and observed the advanced zombie’s every move. Suddenly her figure disappeared and she appeared right beside the advanced zombie.

Ling Mo, who was a bit further away, could tell that Li Ya Ling didn’t teleport, but her movement speed could burst out and increase in a flash, similar to when a snake tries to bite someone.

Moreover, her body is extremely soft and flexible, even though she had landed beside the zombie, but she was able to attack from behind the zombie.

Ling Mo’s spirit tentacles immediately went to help Li Ya Ling so when the advanced zombie attempted to try and dodge her attack, it’s body shook instead.

“Ka cha!”

An arm was removed and blood sprayed out. The advanced zombie immediately rolled on to the ground, but before he was able to climb back up, another black shadow appeared above his head.

A blade of cold light flashed down, although this advanced zombie quickly rolled away, it was still cut around it’s waist, and Shana’s scythe had a touch of blood on it.


Hei Si had been tormented by this advanced zombie for a while and had finally found the opportunity to strike. The huge body jumped up, and the claws immediately held down the advanced zombie. Hei Si immediately opened his mouth and bit down and threw him away.

Blood rain started to pour, but before the advanced zombie was able to land on the ground, Ye Lian had swept past the zombie.


The advanced zombie dropped to the ground and Ye Lian’s hands was already holding onto a virus gel of high-purity.

Ling Mo who took the virus gel from her couldn’t help but compliment her, “You technique at digging was beautiful, you are getting more and more skillful at it, you didn’t even get any blood on yourself….”

Ye Lian paused for a second, then revealed a faint smile, nodded hard, “Yes.”

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Right at this moment, she was more like a cute little instead of a ice cold beauty.

It seems that Ye Lian was slowly improving herself and getting stronger, but the speed of this process was a bit slow.

Ling Mo secretly determined that he would make Ye Lian become a zombie leader once Shana had completely evolved.

However it was better if he didn’t rush it and let her stabilize a little better.

“Is this something a human should say?”

Shana wiped her scythe with the dead zombie’s body and said.

Ling Mo smiled slyly and said, “Aren’t I praising Ye Lian from a zombie’s point of view.”

Li Ya Ling turned her head back to look at Ling Mo, and then snuck her powerful fingers to hook on to Ling Mo’s waist, making him feel an electrifying feeling.

“So does this mean you have also learned to consider about us zombies?”

She suddenly appeared behind Ling Mo, her soft snake-like body attached to Ling Mo’s back, her mouth was was facing Ling Mo’s ear, she stuck out her tongue and gently licked Ling Mo’s earlobe.

“Why don’t I just bite you and then you can become like us zombies.”

Ling Mo’s whole body started to tremble, but it’s not because he was scared, but it was because Li Ya Ling was teasing him.

“What a femme fatale!”

At time went by, Li Ya Ling’s memories were being recovered faster and faster, a bit of the personality from when she was a human had begun to start showing.

For now it is still unstable, but once she completely merges with her previous self and current self, he would be able to know what his senior sister has become.

However, Ling Mo could never have imagined that the school sister who looked very beautiful and difficult to contact in the past would have such a seductive side….

“Maybe this was a side effect of being affected by the snake poison….”

Ling Mo shook his head to get rid of those naughty thoughts since he had started to feel some heat condense in his lower abdomen.

Fortunately for Ling Mo, Ye Lian and Shana didn’t notice Li Ya Ling’s actions towards Ling Mo. Both of them were looking at the Ferris wheel at this time.

Ling Mo asked, “You guys want to take a ride on it?”

Ye Lian shook her head and then pointed at the ferris wheel and said, “Pigeon.”

Ling Mo looked up and realized that there were several pigeons that stood on top of the iron frames….

“Oh….Okay, I see them, I’ll go get them.”

It was of course impossible for Ling Mo to climb the iron frames and he also couldn’t fly. So he could only use another way which was much simpler.

He stood under the iron frames and then released his spirit tentacles.

These pigeons were very sensitive with their surroundings, and although Ling Mo’s spirit tentacles were invisible, when his spirit tentacles got near, the pigeons all flew up.

However, one of them still got caught by Ling Mo’s method and it immediately fell down directly from the air and Ye Lian was able to catch it with her hands.

“Test Subject Number 2….”

Ling Mo looked at the eyes of the pigeon and became a little bit excited.

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