My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 226 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 226 Part 1 – The Qualified Zombie Attractor

When it became close to evening, Ling Mo could no longer find any more mutated zombies, and decided to stop hunting and return back from the same path.

Originally he had wanted to see how the zoo was like, but found out that there was an artificial lake that separated the zoo and the amusement park.

The distance was too far, Ling Mo could only see the corner of the zoo. He had no choice but to give up.

He was thinking to himself why the hell didn’t the map mark this detail down.

But on the other hand, this was also a good thing.

If the zoo was in a semi-isolated state, that meant the mutant beasts inside wouldn’t have been able to run too far.

“Let’s head back and help take those people away from this dead place, whatever happens outside afterwards will depend on their luck. The chances of survival outside was much higher than inside the amusement park for them.”

Ling Mo still let Hei Si run at the front, while he slowly followed after the dog with the three girls.

Between Ye Lian’s twin peaks was the pigeon, Ling Mohad given the little bird a drop of the medicine that contained the virus.

If this bird still couldn’t tolerate this small amount of medicine, Ling Mo would have no choice but to find a bigger bird.

In the beginning Hei Si would still miss some zombies causing Ling Mo some unnecessary trouble, but as of now, he was qualified to be a zombie attractor.

An ordinary zombie’s flaw was that they weren’t too smart and had low intelligence. As long as Hei Si got their attention, it wasn’t hard for Hei Si to lure them away.

However, due to their insane speed and their undying energy, it made things a little bit difficult.

But no matter how fast they were, they couldn’t compare to a giant mutant dog that was equivalent to an advanced level zombie in strength…

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While Ling Mo’s group headed back to the island, You Yuntian and his group had already returned to the castle.

You Yuntain and his group had come out from a little forest and followed the path along the lake which led towards the island.

This path was a bit shaky, and there was little car in the way which made it hard to climb over.

But this path was a much safer path since zombies wouldn’t really use this path and climb over the car.

In the room, Bai Yu was quietly looking out the window. When she saw the figure of You Yuntian and the others, she immediately said.

“They are back. Since everyone has reached an agreement, don’t make any mistakes later.”

The other survivors immediately showed a nervous look, and the middle-aged woman couldn’t help but ask, “Could we really be able to hide it from them?”

Bai Yu frowned and said, “There’s no other way, since everyone has already come to an agreement, we can only do it this way. There no chance of turning back now. After today, we can only rely on our own strength.”

After a whole afternoon of discussion, the result was that the survivors had agreed to keep quiet about meeting Ling Mo when they saw You Yuntian, and quietly sneak off and follow Ling Mo’s group.

This plan didn’t have a high chance of success, but Bai Yu thinks that as long as they were unaware of what was going to happen, there was still some hope.

It wasn’t easy to make this kind of choice because all the survivors knew that if they chose to leave You Yuntian and his group, they would have to face danger directly by themselves.

But if they chose to stay with them, it meant that they would need to live under their intimidation and humiliation.

Finally, an old man took the lead in making the decision, “I would rather die outside than in here….”

Bai Yu actually knew that some people were still hesitating, but that’s ok.

Because after tonight, everything will have been concluded.

The biggest problem now was how they were going to hide the truth as well as leave them.

Just when some people had wanted to ask a few more questions, a knocking sound on a door from behind them interrupted their questions.

Bai Yu deeply looked at the group of uneasy survivors and walked into a small room in the back and opened the back door.

You Yuntian and his entourage immediately snuck in. They were all more or less stained with blood, and they all seemed to look extremely tired.

The moment the bald guy Yang Tien Xin walked in, he started to curse, “Fucking Shit, what the hell is wrong with these zombies today! And there also seems to be a high-level zombie around, the last time we fought a high-level zombie it took a lot of effort to kill that one. Five or six people died!”

A survivor put the backpack down and said, “The food is getting less and less.”

Yang Tien Xin glanced at the survivors and said with a sneer, “There’s no food for you guys today!”

To be continued…

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