My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 226 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 226 Part 2 – The Qualified Zombie Attractor

The survivors didn’t dare look at him in the eyes and bowed their heads. Even the little girl was afraid and moved back to hide from his view.

Bai Yu opened her mouth and argued, “How could you do this….”

Yang Tien Xin argued back, “How can I not!” and You Yuntian said, “Share it with them.”

“YOU YUNTIAN!” Yang Tien Xin roared with anger.

You Yuntian glanced at Bai Yu and then said to a survivor, “A bit less than the usual amount…”

This result didn’t seem to surprise any of the survivors since it happens about everyday.

Fortunately, the survivors had already eaten a meal today, so even if they received less today it didn’t really matter.

And when they went outside the amusement park, there would definitely be more food out there to collect.

It didn’t matter if it was a supermarket, a commissary, or an ordinary person’s home, they could find food in all those places.

As long as some places that stored food were properly sealed, half a year wasn’t too long for the food to expire.

Those who were hesitant still before, changed their minds after hearing what Yang Tien Xin said, and they all felt determined to leave.

If they stayed here, they would definitely die, but if they went out, there was a slight chance that they could survive.

The survivor’s accepting attitudes made Yang Yien Xin somewhat surprised, but then he showed a smug look.

But what he didn’t notice was that the somewhat decent looking woman kept locking her eyes on to him every now and then….

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Bai Yu took the initiative to walk towards You Yuntian. This move made You Yuntian somewhat surprised.

His eyes flashed immediately with a hint of surprise, and he put down his kitchen knife that he was wiping and asked, “Is something wrong?”

Bai Yu was thinking furiously on how she could lead him away but ended up making small talk, “Well.. I just wanted to know how the situation outside was?”

You Yuntian became stunned for a moment, then revealed a bitter smile, “It’s very bad. There are fewer and fewer things to find, and it seems that another high level zombie has appeared.

“Really? That doesn’t sound so good…..” Bai Yu sighed.

You Yuntian glanced back at the survivors then looked at Bai Yu again and snuck a thin piece of bread to her, “Here, eat it, it’s not expired yet. But don’t give it to that little girl again.”

Normally, Bai Yu would certainly refuse, but this time she hesitated for a bit before taking it.

Once she went outside, there was no guarantee that she would find food immediately and also she didn’t want to make You Yuntain unhappy right now.

Bai Yu accepted the bread and said, “Thank you”. You Yuntian took this chance to pinch her hand.

This made Bai Yu immediately frown, and there was a trace of disgust in her eyes. She couldn’t help but curse in her head, “BASTARD!”

Looking Bai Yu’s submissive appearance, You Yuntian was extremely pleased in his heart.

However, he had to think about the current problem and figure a way to solve this dilemma.

Even though they didn’t have worry about starving to death right now, but the issue will soon emerge eventually.

It wouldn’t help much even if he discarded the useless survivors, because the food that those people ate was only a very small portion of what they collected.

There were only two reasons why You Yuntian kept giving food to the survivors. One was obviously of course because of Bai Yu and the other was because he wasn’t a cruel person.

Letting them starve and starving them directly were two completely different feelings. You Yuntian wasn’t ruthless enough to do this yet.

Just like the previous food crisis, he hadn’t chosen to follow Yang Tien Xin’s advice and directly kill half of them, he had come up with a more indirect way by using migration as a way to thin the herd.

In this way, those who were eliminated were killed directly by the zombies and not by his own hands…

“Unfortunately, with our current strength, there is no way to leave here. The road is full of zombies and many of them are powerful lower level zombies. Not to mention it seems that a high level zombie has also appeared. If there is no other way….”

You Yuntian looked at the group of people and his eyes flashed with cruelness.

However he shivered afterwards and said, “No, if i did that then I’m no different than those zombies.”

“Do you guys want to go rest a bit earlier today?”

Bai Yu asked tentatively.

Although it was very simple and common question, but asking this question already made her heart pound so fast.

This was related to whether or not they could smoothly sneak out while under the watchful eyes of You Yuntian and his group.

As for You Yuntian and his group, let them have a taste of how it feels like to be abandoned.

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