My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 227 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 227 Part 1 – Venting Out

“Rest? Yes I should, today was quite a day. But I didn’t expect for to care about me….”

You Yuntian looked at Bai Yu with a smile, he seemed to have wanted to reach out and pull her to him, but she wisely dodged it.

“Since you’re tired, then you should go and get some rest….”

Bai Yu squeezed out a smile, although her face seemed calm, but her heart was actually very nervous.

It wasn’t just her though, all the other survivors seemed anxious as well.

After all, this was a matter that concerned their lives, so they had to do their best to stay calm.

Even the little girl bit her lip and didn’t dare say a word, but she kept extending her head out to see the reactions of Yang Tian Xin and his followers.

“What the fuck you looking at! Useless piece of shit! Only know how to eat!”

At this time, Yang Tian Xin glanced at the little girl hiding behind the middle-aged woman and shouted.

The little girl quickly moved back her head and looked at Yang Tian Xin with fear.

Her eyes were brimmed with tears and had turned slightly red, but she held it and didn’t cry.

She was just a child, how could she not be scared of Yang Tian Xin’s fierce shout.

“Are you going to cry? Besides crying, what else can you do?”

Yang Tian Xin had just suppressed his anger, but upon seeing that the little girl was about to cry, he became even more infuriated.

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He walked over towards her in two or three steps and reached out to drag the little girl.

The middle-aged woman quickly got in front of him and said, “Brother Yang, I am sorry…”

“Get the fuck out of my face, you’re also a useless thing, not only are you ugly but you are also so bad at fucking serving people!”

Yang Tian Xin pushed away the middle-aged woman with despise.

The middle-aged woman fell to the ground and her face became very pale.

The survivors around her, didn’t look at her with disdain but with sympathy.

If she didn’t sell herself, how else was she able to protect her daughter.

“Brother Yang, please I’m begging you, not in front of Tong Tong….”

The middle-aged woman quickly climbed over and tried to block the little girl.

“What the fuck are you afraid of! Eventually she will be doing what you’re doing, but at least she looks much better than your ugly ass, maybe in a few years you can count your blessings and rely on her instead.”

Yang Tian Xin grinned fiendishly at the two, and just when he was about to reach out and grab the little girl, the middle aged woman still jumped in front of her.

“You’re not allowed to touch Tong Tong…”

“You’re so fucking annoying!”

Yang Tian Xin kicked her away and started to trample all over her, the middle aged woman suddenly screamed and tried to protect her head with her hands and arched her body into the fetal position.

And Yang Tian Xin took advantage of this opportunity to grab the little girl and slap her in the face.

“Fucking little shit! Don’t you ever cry in front of me again! All this crying is so fucking annoying! You stupid crybaby!”

“Stop it!”

Bai Yu quickly dashed over and grabbed Yang Tian Xin’s arm to stop him, but it was because of this, that she was slammed to the ground by his tyrannical strength.

The little girl finally became scared and cried out, her face had started to swell and her cheeks had turned red.

However, she did not have time to take care of herself, and quickly squatted down to see the injuries of middle-aged women.

The middle-aged woman’s forehead was bleeding after being kicked in the head, and her eyes seemed somewhat distracted, similar to a concussion.

“Mommy….Mommy are you okay?”

The cry of the little girl triggered the emotions of all the survivors present, and Bai Yu slowly climbed up from the ground and started at Yang Tian Xin with anger.

“Yang Tian Xin, why are you picking on that little kid? Just because your in a bad mood, you don’t need to vent your anger like this.”

You Yuntian originally didn’t want to step in on this issue, but the moment he saw Bai Yu involve herself, he quickly stopped it.

Yang Tian Xin watched these survivors look at him with hate and fear, but were unable to do anything about it, he felt extremely satisfied immediately.

This was power….even in this damn place, he could still have a better life than others.

However, the only reason why he had the power to treat others like this was because they were trapped in this place!

“Fuck! So annoying….”

Yang Tian Xin sighed uncomfortably, cursed, then turned and walked upstairs.

Obviously they wouldn’t live in such a dark place, they had special dry room in which the survivors usually cleaned.

You Yuntian walked over to Bai Yu and had wanted to comfort her with a few words, but Bai Yu had already turned around and wiped the dust off her body.

“You have to understand, the things that we can collect out there is getting less and less, yet we take great risk in going out to get it….”

He said a few sentences before he noticed that Bai Yu seemed stiff and unwilling to talk no more and became very annoyed.

It was already rare that Bai Yu’s attitude had finally changed towards him, and unexpectedly it was all ruined by Yang Tian Xin!

Staring at Bai Yu’s face, You Yuntian could not help himself from thinking about forcing himself on her, but quickly got rid of this idea.

That Yang Tian Xin liked the feeling of raping and overpowering people, but that sort of feeling was meaningless. It was more fulfilling to have a woman who was so proud, to be completely obedient towards you!

He believes that with his own skills, Bai Yu will one day ask him for it.

To be continued…

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