My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 227 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 227 Part 2 – Venting Out

“Okay, I’m going up as well then.”

You Yuntian finally turned around and went upstairs.

Bai Yu’s cold expression suddenly vanished, and her nervous face was replaced with a scared expression.

Based on You Yuntian’s personality, he wouldn’t be so thick skinned to keep bothering her, which was why Bai Yu showed a temporary display of coldness.

In order to maintain his pride and allow himself a way out, he would choose to leave.

However, Bai Yu has also felt the feeling that You Yuntian was losing his patience.

But she has always been a smart woman, knowing how not to be taken advantage of but at the same time making You Yuntain have patience with her from just her words.

However, this time she had to be purposely cold towards him, otherwise he would never leave.

Ling Mo and his group could arrive at anytime. The supposed time they were suppose to meet has already passed. Bai Yu is feeling extremely anxious right now.

Every time Yang Tian Xin came back he would look for someone to vent his frustration and anger, but no one thought today’s target would have been Tong Tong this time.

If it was anyone else, they would just keep quiet and everything would end sooner.

It was because of Tong Tong that they were delayed. Even if other people could hold back everything, how could the middle aged woman just sit and watch as her daughter was being beaten?

“It’s all over, everything is fine now.” Bai Yu helped lift up the middle aged woman and quietly looked behind her.

At this time, all the survivors in You Yuntian’s group had all gone to sleep except one.

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He didn’t seem like he wanted to leave yet after his companions had left. He just stared at the woman that looked pretty decent.

He hesitated for a while, but in the end couldn’t help it and walked over and quietly whispered to her in a low voice.

“Hey you, come with me upstairs.”

She looked up with an indifferent expression, seems like this has happened to her several times already.

With her appearance, of course she would be the primary target for people to vent their sexual desires.

The girl sneered and said, “Aren’t you afraid that Yang Tian Xin will beat the shit out of you if he finds out?”

The man suddenly stopped. Then he whispered aloud, “Fuck you! Brother Yang didn’t want you today!”

The woman looked back at Bai Yu and then suddenly smiled and said, “Then let’s go.”

“Really?” The man’s eyes immediately revealed a hint of surprise. This woman has always been so difficult to engage, even when Yang Tian Xin tried, she would struggle a lot.

But the more difficult the woman was, the more satisfying it was, not to mention those with good appearances.

He couldn’t wait any longer and quickly grabbed the woman’s arm. Although there were a lot of bruises on her skin, it didn’t really matter.

Watching the both of them head upstairs, Bai Yu became surprised, but she quickly pulled herself back together.

“Did everyone finish packing their stuff up?”

Bai Yu asked in a low voice. She wiped the tears off the little girl and said, “Don’t cry Tong Tong, Your mother is fine.”


Tong Tong was currently hugging the middle aged woman. Although her wound wasn’t that bad, but the blood that dripped out from her head really scared her.

“Okay, I will go out and wait first for them, you guys don’t panic. I will come take you guys to leave this wretched place when I come back. During this time, make sure there are no problems. If all of you guys went with me right now and a guy comes downstairs, we are all going to die. But if I’m the only one who went, it wouldn’t be that obvious. So please everyone, stay calm.”

After Bai Yu quickly said this, she immediately ran out.

Her head suddenly flashed with the image of the look that pretty girl gave her.

That woman….She probably won’t be coming with us…

Bai Yu anxiously waited for a few minutes at front entrance until Ling Mo’s group appeared.

They could have arrived a bit sooner, but on the way back they met two mutated zombies which took some of their time.

Ling Mo ordered Hei Si to move further away from them, the environment was complicated here and with Hei Si a few thousand kilometers away how could anyone possibly see him.

The appearance of Ling Mo made Bai Yu suddenly show an extremely excited look, and she waved at him hard.

The structure of the castle was still pretty good. The place that You Yuntian and his followers slept at had no way of seeing the front door.

In general, the main entrance was never used, only “outsiders” like Ling Mo would be walking from the front door.

“You guys….”

As soon as Ling Mo opened his mouth, Bai Yu nervously reached out and grabbed Ling Mo.

“Ummm….Could you wait for us right here?”

Ling Mo suddenly looked suspicious and asked, “What’s going on?”

“Things … are a bit complicated….”

Bai Yu did not know what to say or how to explain it, she was extremely convinced of Ling Mo’s strength and ability, but her fear of You Yuntian was even more.

She also previously tried to measure which of them was stronger in her heart, Ling Mo or Yang Tian Xin?

But it didn’t matter anymore, because even though Ling Mo was nice, but under great danger, everyone would just give up on being nice and run away.

Maybe….Ling Mo would renegade on his promise after hearing everything or maybe You Yuntian and his followers will fight Ling Mo and his group after finding out they left with him.

But no matter what the result was, to Bai Yu and the other survivors both results had bad endings.

But since they have already reached this point, there was no looking back anymore.

So after thinking about it, she said: “Please wait for us here, we won’t bring you any other troubles.”

Although she said this, Ling Mo actually had no clue what she meant, but it didn’t matter to him since all he was doing was bringing them out.

He vaguely felt that something was going on inside that castle, but that was their business, so Ling Mo wasn’t interested at all in it.

“Well okay then, you go ahead first.”

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