My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 228 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 228 Part 1 – Fighting for Loli’s

“Brother Ling, there’s an aura inside…”

Shana suddenly said while they were waiting.

After evolving into an advanced zombie, they could sense stronger existences within a certain area.

For example, high level zombies or even psychics.

Ling Mo feels that this was probably some sort of sharp instinct that was built in zombies, just like how animals could feel when a disaster was about to come.

However if someone deliberately hides their aura, then they wouldn’t be able to sense it.

“It should be a psychic in there.” Ling Mo looked into the door gap and said, “This group of people should be the last survivors in the amusement park, obviously they are being led by a psychic.”

Li Ya Ling smiled and said, “You actually came back for them, I’m really surprised.”

Ling Mo could not help but roll his eyes and said, “What’s so surprising about this, I’m just nice once in a while, why is it weird to you?”

Shana interrupted with a serious expression, “Well, isn’t your mindset already biased towards us?”

“No…I am biased towards you guys only because you guys are my girlfriends…”

Li Ya Ling suggested again, “Why don’t we just bite him?”

“What benefit would I get from becoming a normal zombie….”

“It doesn’t benefit you at all, but it benefits me greatly.” Li Ya Ling said while staring at a certain special area on Ling Mo. (TL: For those who have no idea what part, it’s his dong)

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Ye Lian thought about it for a while and said, “I think I know….Brother Ling it….It’s because of that little girl…”

“Lolicon?” Li Ya Ling immediately captured that word from her memories.

Ling Mo reluctantly facepalmed himself and said, “Why is that everytime you guys speak about me, I somehow turn into a pervert?”

Shana frowned and corrected them by saying, “She should be considered a young girl…”

“Isn’t that even more perverted? I would rather be called a lolicon than a pedobear.”

At this moment, a massive amount of stepping sounds suddenly approached towards them, when the door opened, more than a dozen survivors snuck out.

“Let’s go quickly.”

“Yes, let’s quickly hurry while it still hasn’t turned dark yet.”

“Big Brother, please quickly take us out of here.”

Some survivors said eagerly.

They looked both anxious and excited while looking at Ling Mo and his party. They would have to rely on Ling Mo in order to get out of this place alive.

“Let’s wait a bit more, there’s still a bit more people left…” Bai Yu said.

“There is no point in waiting for her, she most definitely won’t catch up to us. The longer we wait here, the more likely something will go wrong!”

Another survivor said anxiously.

At this time, Ling Mo’s gaze stopped at the face of the middle aged woman. Just looking at her forehead Ling Mo could tell she was hit by a blunt object due. Not only was there a big bruise, but she was also bleeding, the blood had flowed down to her neckline and her collar had been stained with blood.

The little girl clutched on to the middle-aged woman’s arm with tears on her face and a redness on one side of her cheek.

“What the hell is going on?” Ling Mo’s brow immediately furrowed.

Ling Mo actually could vaguely guess what had happened since he understood the situation of these people.

Since they were relying on those that were strong to survive, obviously they had to endure a lot of humiliation that the strong dished out towards them, especially since they were all stuck there.

In such a chaotic environment where strength was power and there were no rules, a person’s personality would eventually become twisted once they realize they had the power to become the masters of life and death over other people yet at the same time feel a sense of hopelessness since they weren’t able to determine whether or not they could survive themselves.

The little girl sniffled and was about to say something when Bai Yu interrupted her by speaking first.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s already been handled.” She looked back with a bit of hesitation and then calmed her mind and displayed a look of determination, “Let’s go, we need to go now. Otherwise we might bring you some trouble.”

All the survivors showed a tense look. All the survivors in this room understood how crucial the situation was right now.

“Come here, tell big brother, who was it that hit you and your mother?”

Ling Mo’s eyes had turned cold after he crouched down and touched the red spot on the little girl’s cheek while he asked.

She immediately took a step back and looked extremely upset. Those big eyes of hers immediately turned red as if she was about to cry again and said, “Yang..Uncle Yang…He often bullies us….”

This guy with the last name Yang should probably be the psychic in their group.

Originally, Ling Mo wasn’t interested enough to bother with these matters between the survivors, but when a superior person like a psychic actually starts to use violence on a child…..

What made it more infuriating was that the psychic had actually beaten her mother right in front of her!

Ling Mo’s fist immediately tightened.

To be continued…

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