My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 228 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 228 Part 2 – Fighting for Loli’s

Even when he was little, when his parents got into little arguments with others, as long as he felt that the other side was bullying his parents he would immediately rush to hit them.

Obviously in the eyes others, this type of behavior was unpleasant, even his parents would try and scold him afterwards.

But even after growing up, Ling Mo did not regret it.

He knows how irritating it feels when parents are humiliated in front of their children.

“Um…” Bai Yu was about to say something, but when her eyes made contact with Ling Mo’s, she suddenly felt a chill down her back.

Although Ling Mo’s expression seemed calm, she felt that he was much scarier than You Yuntian or Yang Tian Xin!

“Come here, big brother will give you a hug.”

Ling Mo reached out and took the little girl into his arms, and picked her up while giving her a hug.

She wiped her tears and covered his neck with her thin arms.

The middle-aged woman had wanted to stop her daughter, but she didn’t dare look at Ling Mo.

The little girl asked, “Big brother, where are you taking Tong Tong to?”

Ling Mo replied, “Whoever bullies your mommy and you, big brother will go find them and kick their ass.”

He wasn’t willing to fight for the survivor’s sake, but for the little girl he would.

Adults who don’t resist could be called cowards, but she was a child and couldn’t do anything to fight back.

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The little girl looked at Ling Mo and nodded.

Bai Yu finally pulled herself together and quickly tried to dissuade Ling Mo from taking action, “They are extremely powerful, even if you have a gun….”

“Don’t worry, since I already promised to help you leave, I won’t renege on my promises.

Ling Mo gave the submachine gun to Li Ya Ling, the gun had already ran out of bullets, it was no different from a stick now, he just didn’t want to throw it away.

“You…” Bai Yu looked at Ling Mo in surprise, but Ling Mo had already entered the door with the little girl.

Li Ya Ling and the two other girls all looked at each other, and then Shana shouted, “I’m going!”


Ye Lian had shown an eager look, but who told her not to speak fast enough….

To them, fighting was sort of an entertainment for them, they all wanted to go.

“Forget it, let her go.” Li Ya Ling grabbed Ye Lian and her eyes flashed a glint, “Moreover, don’t you think this is a good opportunity? There are so many humans being left in our care…..”

At this time, Ling Mo had already returned to the dark room with the little girl. Through their spiritual connection, Ling Mo naturally knew Shana had followed them.

“Where are they?” Ling Mo asked.

Shana’s gaze turned upstairs and said, “Upstairs the aura’s are bit confusing, there might actually be two psychics.”

Her words sounded as if she was speculating, apparently Shana wasn’t sure.

This was the flaw in a high level zombie’s sensing ability, they could sense something strong, but they couldn’t get any specific details.

“Maybe two?”

Ling Mo glanced down at the little girl and then thought to himself, “never mind, no point in asking her, she wouldn’t know this….”

On the way up, Shana suddenly sniffed and said, “There’s a smell of blood.”

“Blood?” Ling Mo frowned and was a bit confused, his footsteps slowed down.

Ling Mo restrained his aura and Shana’s movements became a lot slower.

The second floor consisted a row of rooms, which looked a lot cleaner than downstairs and much brighter.

Ling Mo made a gesture that meant to be quiet towards the little girl. She immediately nodded hard and raised her hand to cover her mouth.

Not far away, Ling Mo saw an unlatched door. Upon peeking inside, Ling Mo immediately found a man’s corpse.

The appearance of the corpse looked untidy, the neck was full of fresh blood, and the eyes were still wide open.

The smell of blood wasn’t strong because it was smothered with clothes blocking the smell for now.

The clothes also seemed to have been used to wipe off the blood stains as well.

Unless it was Shana, who was a zombie, or a mutant beast, it was impossible for a regular human to smell blood from afar.

Ling Mo only glanced inside for a second before immediately turning around, he didn’t want the little girl to see such a scene.

“They has said that someone was still here…..Seems that it’s a girl thats still here.”

Choosing to kill at this time, seems like this girl wanted them all to die together.

These people must of done so many bad things in order to make such a person go through such lengths to hate them.

Ling Mo had wanted to ask the little girl where person with the surname Yang slept, but not far away, a door suddenly burst open.

A woman flew out and slammed into the railing.

She was covered in blood, and she had a sharp can lid in her hand, which was also covered with blood.

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