My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 229 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 229 Part 1 – It’s This Guy!

The moment the woman landed on the ground, she spat out a large amount of blood and then coughed fiercely.

She grabbed the railing in one hand and struggled to stand up slowly.

Although her whole body was still shaking, she still held tightly onto the can lid.

“Fuck! You fucking wanted to kill me?”

A roar of anger came out from inside the room, “I knew something was wrong when you took the initiative and delivered yourself to me today. I never expected that a fucking cunt would try to pull a fast one on me.”

Hearing this voice, the little girl immediately started to tremble and said in a low voice, “Big brother, this is the guy….”

“Be a good girl Tong Tong and go stand next to big sister over there.”

Ling Mo’s pupils shrunk and he put the little girl down.

She immediately stood by Shana and then grabbed onto Shana’s cold hands.

This action caused Shana’s eyes to flash red, but then she calmed down.

But she didn’t seem to be very comfortable. Other than Ling Mo, she had never really been this close to another human being.

At this time, a man in his thirties also came out from the door. He was naked and had a line of blood on his neck.

Looking at his expression, he was obviously extremely angry.

However he didn’t seem to notice Ling Mo and the other two, instead his full attention was on the girl in front of him.

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“Where the hell did you get this?! Is someone else also helping you!?”

The man stretched his neck and twisted it before making a evil smile.

“Pei!”(TL: Spitting sounds in chinese) The woman spat a big blob of blood and shouted, “Yang Tian Xin, You are a fucking beast! GO TO HELL!”

She stumbled while trying to rush at him and then jumped over aiming for his neck.

“Your Father, I, thought highly of you and it was a honor for you to let me fuck you! You really don’t know who your fucking with!”

Yang Tian Xin didn’t seem to look like he cared about his actions when he lifted his leg up and smashed it towards the woman’s belly.

If this strike really connected with the woman, she would definitely die from such a kick, in fact, she was already at the brink of death.

Yang Tian Xin’s face showed a brief expression of pity.

Among all the female survivors, she was the most beautiful.

He could accept her struggling all the time and resisting which brought a different kind of enjoyment.

But this woman had actually tried to kill him, and had actually hurt him in the process, making Yang Tian Xin really pissed off.

“You Fucking Bitch! Go Die!”

However, at this moment, Yang Tian Xin felt his head start to hurt and he immediately missed his attack.

His toes brushed against the woman and her body tilted.

However, she did not fall to the ground, but was caught by a pair of hands.


The woman’s first reaction was to wave the can lid in her hand, but Ling Mo avoided it and removed it from her hand.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s me.”

The woman suddenly felt a shock and looked up quickly.

Although she had only seen Ling Mo once, she had a deep impression of Ling Mo.

If it wasn’t for Ling Mo, she probably would never have gotten a weapon like the can lid, or the courage to try and assassinate Yang Tian Xin.


The woman bit her lips and she suddenly grabbed Ling Mo’s hand, and cried, “I’m begging you, please! Please help me kill him!”

Her eyes were filled with humiliation and unwillingness.

After using up all her strength, she only managed to leave a scratch on Yang Tian Xin.

The huge gap in power made the woman feel extremely depressed and desperate!

“Please…I..beg you…”

Ling Mo said in a low voice, “Stay here.”

As Ling Mo whispered to the woman, he pulled her up from the ground and let her lean on the wall on one side.

Then he turned his gaze towards Yang Tian Xin, the latter was now staring at him with his eyes wide open in complete shock.

It wasn’t just Yang Tian Xin now, some other people have also come out of the room.

A long haired youth gave Ling Mo a special feeling, Ling Mo believed that he might be a psychic.

“Fuck your mother, who the fuck are you?”

Yang Tian Xin’s eyes were round, and not only him but all the other survivors were also shocked.

How is it possible that other people were here? All the survivors from the amusement park should have all gone to this castle!

Could it be that these people were from the outside?

But the moment this idea came to mind, it was immediately thrown out and denied by Yang Tian Xin.

He and You Yuntian were already very strong, but they tried many times already but still hadn’t managed to find a way out of this death trap.

Even if the man in front of him was a psychic, it was impossible for him to do something that even he couldn’t do.

He’s probably a survivor that was hiding and found this place by luck.

To be continued…

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