My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 229 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 229 Part 2 – It’s This Guy!

Yang Tian Xin started to curse the people downstairs for being so useless and letting strangers come inside as they please.

Yang Tian xin was a very arrogant man, and he did have the right to be since he had the ability to do so.

He has seen many people die in the past six months, yet he was still able to survive unlike the rest of them.

Even when he raped and abused all those woman who were strong-willed, they wouldn’t dare fight back.

This was all because he was powerful!

“Do you fucking know how to speak to people correctly?”

Ling Mo sneered and asked.

Ling Mo already had a bad impression of Yang Tian Xin after seeing what he did to the little girl and the pretty woman. He didn’t expect that the moment he opened his mouth, Yang Tian Xin would be this arrogant!

Ling Mo hated those who insulted or abused family members. His killing intent suddenly soared through the roof!

“Originally, I had only wanted to teach you a lesson before….”

Ling Mo slowly drew out the Tang sword and said.

“Teach me a lesson? Motherfucker are you joking?”

Seeing that Ling Mo was silent but had put on stance that seemed to look like he was about to attack, You Yuntian quickly rushed forward and asked, “Are you guys also survivors of the park as well? Where were you guys hiding? We are also psychics, if you are strong maybe you can also join us…”

“This Mr. Yang, I will absolutely kill him today.”

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Ling Mo faintly interrupted You Yuntian’s words. He didn’t know who this new person was but he didn’t seem to be a good guy either.

However, Ling Mo’s main target was Yang Tian Xin. If You Yuntian didn’t interfere, Ling Mo wouldn’t kill him.

You Yuntian immediately widened his eyes, Yang Tian Xin was also shocked as well.

In this past half a year, he has been so arrogant that he has never seen anyone dare talk to him like that.

“Fuck You! You still want to kill me…:”

Before he even finished talking, his head suddenly started to get heavy, and by the time he pulled himself back together, a cold blade of light slashed down from the top of his head.


Yang Tian Xin screamed in horror and quickly moved back. At the same time, Ling Mo felt as if his body became tied up and his body suddenly froze for a few seconds.

However, the tip of Ling Mo’s sword wass stil able tol cut a bit of Yang Tian Xin’s scalp as well as slice a bit of his nose.

The pain caused Yang Tian Xin to scream, he covered his bleeding face and stepped back.

The near death experience made Yang Tian Xin break into a cold sweat.

“I do want to kill you, so what are you going to do about it?”

Ling Mo didn’t have any attention of stopping, he took advantage of his light body and broke free of the binding ability and jumped towards him again.

Although Yang Tian Xin’s ability was a bit interesting, but Ling Mo didn’t really care.

If he wasn’t stronger than Ling Mo, then death was the only option for him!

Ling Mo released his spirit tentacles and made them dance around with Yang Tian Xin at the center. Yang Tian Xin was completely covered by the tentacles as if he was inside a bell. It immediately started to give him a headache.

His movements began to become unstable, and his eyes also seemed to be unable to focus.


Ling Mo’s Tang sword had slashed downwards again, but You Yuntian had already rushed over.


“Stop your mother!”

The kitchen knife that You Yuntian usually used was pulled out and he slashed towards Ling Mo, but Ling Mo had already pulled out his short knife with his other hand by that time.

The Tang sword was used to repel You Yuntians knife away and the small knife was used to directly cut Yang Tian Xin.


Although Yang Tian Xin had wanted to resist, but he didn’t expect that Ling Mo’s reaction in battle would be so fast.

Although they had slayed a lot of zombies everyday, but when compared with Ling Mo, they could never reach his level.

The short knife immediately removed one of his arms, blood started to spray and half his body was soaked with blood.

Ling Mo didn’t even back off after removing one of his arms, he instead smashed his foot right into Yang Tian Xin’s stomach and cursed, “A big man, a man with abilities actually had the audacity to hit a child? You think your strong? Does it make you feel strong when you hit people weaker than you? What happened to all that fierceness you piece of shit!


Yang Tian Xin was constantly screaming, while You Yuntian was standing at the side in cold sweat.

He didn’t expect that this young ordinary boy could actually fight one against two and come out on top!

While Ling Mo was blocking his attack, he still was able to beat up Yang Tian Xin at the same time!

In Ling Mo’s eyes, perhaps even if both of their psychic powers were added up, it was still much less of a threat than a regular zombie.

Every time Yang Tian Xin’s binding ability appeared, You Yuntian would try to take the chance to launch an attack, but every time he would feel as if his head was being smashed by a hoe.

This kind of grievance made him completely stay on the defensive, and he could only watch as Ling Mo beat the shit out of Yang Tian Xin!

And the reason why Yang Tian Xin hasn’t died yet wasn’t because of You Yuntian, but because Ling Mo didn’t want to kill him so quickly.

At this moment, Shana who was standing in a corner, suddenly looked down towards the little girl and said coldly, “Cover your eyes and turn around.”


The little girl covered her eyes and turned towards the wall.

There were three survivors who carried weapons similar to steel bats, slowly approaching towards Ling Mo, but what they didn’t expect was that they were suddenly blocked by a weird weapon.

“Hey girl, your weapon looks nice.”

The three of them suddenly looked at each other. Upon looking at Shana one of them believed she wasn’t strong at all and said, “Do you need big brother to help you hold it?”

Judging from those stupid looks, they were oblivious to how scary that weapon actually was…

Shana smiled, that innocent face of hers suddenly flashed a trace of red light.

Red with white eyes, the pupils were redder than a ruby.


A survivor immediately uttered a horrified cry, they had met many different zombies, but they had never seen one like Shana!

But his cry soon got stuck in his throat and the eyes of these people became sluggish. They even started to walk towards Shana slowly.

“Bye bye big brother.”

Shana’s mouth smirked a smile, and the crescent-shaped scythe suddenly fell!”

“Gu luu luu.”

Several heads rolled to the ground, this scene made You Yuntian’s feel as if his organs were torn to pieces!

Of course, he didn’t feel this way because his companions died but because he was worried about his own life!

Ling Mo was already strong, he didn’t expect that this woman was just as powerful.

When Shana turned her head back, her eyes had returned to normal, but the smile on the corner of her mouth made You Yuntian feel horrified!

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