My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 230 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 230 Part 1 – Aren’t You the Baddest Guy?

Ling Mo grabbed Yang Tian Xin up from the ground and threw Yang Tian Xin forcefully behind him.

Like the woman, he also slammed into the railing and suddenly made a heartbreaking scream.

This sound echoed in the empty performance hall, which was very irritating.

A short knife was thrown at the woman’s side, “Don’t let others help do something you can do by yourself.”

She was stunned for a second, then with a pleasant look, she grabbed the knife and turned her eyes towards Yang Tian Xin.

At this time, Yang Tian Xin had multiple bone fractures within his body. He also lost an arm, making him unable to have any ability to fight back.

He could only watch the woman he looked down on, like a god of death, slowly crawl towards him.

He knew that even if this woman only had one last breath, she would definitely still kill him.

You Yuntian took his kitchen knife and had wanted to stop her, but Ling Mo got in front of him and didn’t move blocking him completely.

Ling Mo did not directly kill Yang Tian Xin, he had thought it would be more appropriate if he let the woman kill him instead.

As for the promise of getting revenge for the little girl and her mother… he kept his promise.

Yang Tian Xin was beaten so miserable that he could only scream in pain and was unable to move at all.

“Don’t come over, Zhang Jie, don’t come over…”

Looking at this woman who was insulted and humiliated by him in the past, with a small knife creeping ever so close, Yang Tian Xin finally started to feel deep fear!

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“When I begged you to let me go, do you remember what you said to me?”

Zhang Jie slowly stood up with a smile on her face and her hands held tightly onto the small knife.

Yang Tian Xin’s body was shaking, he couldn’t help but tremble in fear and hopelessness.

Although he knew the other party would not let him go, he still tried and said, “Please don’t kill me….”

Yang Tian Xin would never have dreamed that he would be begging for his dog life in front of the woman he had been humiliating the most.

But the instinct to survive in his head made him start to cry shamelessly.

“You once said, that a girl like me who couldn’t do a thing, was born to let you humiliate!”

“At that time, I thought to myself, one day I will kill you, I WILL KILL YOU! You fucking filthy beast! YOU BASTARD!”

She screamed with excitement and clenched her short knife in her hands. She then slammed the knife directly into Yang Tian Xin’s stomach.


Yang Tian Xin immediately screamed, and the blood immediately burst out, splashing Zhang Jie’s face.

It was only until after Yang Tian Xin screams disappeared, Zhang Jie slowly raised her head, in her eyes, it contained both excitement and a sense of loss.

Looking at the big eyes of Yang Tian Xin, who had already died, Zhang Jie suddenly let go of the short knife.

She gasped heavily, and slowly stepped over his body. She didn’t seem to believe that she had actually killed the person she hated the most in this world.

You Yuntian looked at Yang Tian Xin’s corpse with a complicated expression. There were only three survivors left including him.

But the other two have long been hiding behind them, for fear of getting involved.

Presently, it’s two against one now.

But even if it was one against one, he would still not be a match for Ling Mo.

You Yuntian started to curse inside his head, this young man was too fucking powerful!

Although I don’t know how Yang Tian Xin offended you, but since he is dead, then we shouldn’t have a reason to fight anymore right?”

Since he was already dead, obviously You Yuntian wouldn’t put his life on the line in order to avenge him.

Before he died, he was a powerful companion for him, but after his death, he was just another insignificant corpse.

Revenge for a corpse, with the opponent being so much stronger, You Yuntian could not come up with a solution that said it was worth getting revenge.

“Oh? So you just want to let it go?”

Ling Mo sneered and said.

“What more do you want? You Yuntian frowned and asked.

“It’s very simple, just now, you tried to attack me, obviously we have a score to settle.”

Ling Mo once again raised the Tang sword in his hand.

This man not only intervened in the fight with Yang Tian Xin, but he had also aimed for Ling Mo’s fatal spots in every attempt in attacking, if it wasn’t because Ling Mo was powerful and very skilled, he might have been killed.

He aimed for Ling Mo’s life and then wanted to act like nothing happened, who in the world would be so fortunate to let that actually happen.

“Who do you want? Tong Tong? Or Zhang Jie? You can take them all with you. We are all from this park, things don’t have to go this way, right?”

You Yuntian said a little nervously.

He had already begun talking incoherently, due to Ling Mo’s killing intent, giving him too much pressure.

Now he was only thinking about saving his own life, so he didn’t even bother to think if his words would offend Ling Mo.

To be continued…

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