My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 230 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 230 Part 2 – Aren’t You the Baddest Guy?

“I still have some food hidden in my stash and I also know a few spots that still may have some food. If you want it, I can give it all to you….”

You Yuntian had wanted to say a bit more, but Ling Mo didn’t give him a chance and had rushed over.

The spirit tentacles came forward and then a flash of cold light slashed downwards.


Blood sprayed out as You Yuntian was staring at Ling Mo, and then “Bang” he fell to the floor.

He didn’t expect for Ling Mo to be so ruthless….

When Ling Mo looked back up, the other two survivors were trembling in fear.

Ling Mo asked Zhang Jie, “Are they also bad people?”

She glanced at the two survivors, then shook her head, “No they were also forced by Yang Tian Xin, but they never did anything evil or bad to other people….Cough…Cough…..”

Seeing that Zhang Jie began to vomit blood again, Ling Mo thought about it and took out a bottle of the mutant zombie medicine.

Just a tiny bit of this could help people recover faster.

Ling Mo used the cap of the bottle to hold a few tiny drops of the medicine and said, “Drink it, you should be able to keep your life after drinking this.”

Zhang Jie’s eyes brightened, but just when she was about to reach for the medicine, she shook her head and said, “I’m already grateful that you could let me personally take revenge….”

Medicine was a very scarce and precious item now, not to mention those that could be used to save a life.

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“Don’t worry it’s nothing too special, go ahead and use it.” Ling Mo smiled and said.

Something in his heart made Ling Mo admire this woman, because although she was very weak, but her personality was very strong-willed.

A few drops of the medicine really wasn’t that much for Ling Mo, he still had another bottle of mutant blood, once he diluted that he could probably have another ten bottles of medicine.

Zhang Jie gratefully took the lid with the few drops of medicine and drank it.

Ling Mo thought that she might need help getting up, he turned towards the two male survivors and said, “Hey, you two.”

The two survivors suddenly trembled with fear.

“I’m taking Bai Yu and the other survivors to leave this amusement park, you guys can choose on whether to stay here or to follow along.”

Ling Mo frowned and said.

It wasn’t because Ling Mo liked these two survivors or anything, but because he thought that the survivors in Bai Yu’s group wouldn’t be able to stand on their own two feet if he left them afterwards.

Their chances of survival would increase if these two survivors helped, although they weren’t psychics, but at least they should be quite experienced in scavenging for supplies or food.

Moreover, even when they were under the influence of Yang Tian Xin, they still didn’t do anything that was considered bad or evil, this meant that they shouldn’t be bad people in general.

The two survivors were stunned, and then revealed a surprised look.

Originally, they were still a bit suspicious of what Ling Mo was saying, but after looking at the corpses on the floor, they pulled that thought right out of their minds.

This young man was probably not joking!

“I’ll go get the food.” A survivor immediately responded and said excitedly.

The other survivor quickly found several iron bars to use as a weapon.

Seeing the way they reacted and how they responded made Ling Mo reveal a satisfied look.

It’s a completely different world out there, everyone needed to know what they had to do and also have great teamwork in order to survive.

These two were just ordinary survivors, they wouldn’t just leave the group for no reason. This was also a temporary guarantee for Bai Yu and the rest of the survivors.

With Bai Yu and Zhang Jie as the leaders of the new group, they would have a much better life than they had in here.

In addition, the number of zombies in the vicinity wasn’t too much, most of them were gathered in the amusement park.

However, before they were about to leave, Ling Mo realized that the little girl was still staring at the wall.

He smiled and reached out and touched the little girl’s head and said, “Okay, we can go now.”

Just when the little girl wanted to turn around and take a look, her view was blocked by Ling Mo’s hands.

She whispered in a scared voice, “Uncle Yang, I mean, where are the bad people?”

“All the bad people have been defeated by big brother.”

Ling Mo who held Zhang Jie with one hand, squatted down to pick up the little girl, laughed and said.



Shana who was following behind them suddenly said in a quiet yet not so quiet voice, “In regards to who the baddest person is, isn’t it the person who is holding the Loli in his hands?”

“She’s a Loli!?” Ling Mo’s hearing was pretty sharp.

“Well, you did say previously you were a lolicon….” Shana blinked her eyes.

When the group walked out of the door, Bai Yu and the others were extremely nervous.

But upon seeing that both Ling Mo and Shana walking out unscathed but with blood on their weapons, Bai Yu’s eyes turned wide with surprise.

And what surprised them even more was that even Zhang Jie came out alive as well.

Her relaxed expression seemed to show that she had changed into a completely different person.

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