My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 231 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 231 Part 1 – “Two” Shana

In the evening, when the sun started to set, the group of survivors were quietly walking through the amusement park.

The pale faced and skinny survivors who were the weakest, walked in back, were anxious in the beginning but now have started to show excited looks.

Other than a few zombies they met along the way, they didn’t encounter any large groups of zombies on the road.

This result made them very excited, and getting out of the amusement park was obviously just a matter of time.

And all of this was made possible by Ling Mo.

Although Ling Mo was helping them because it was along the way and he didn’t regard as a big deal in helping them, but the people looked at him in a different light.

When they were in a desperate situation, he rescued them from the abyss.

Giving hope to these people who were already awaiting death, which was enough to make them feel extremely grateful to Ling Mo.

Ling Mo, who is at the forefront, is holding the little girl with one hand and holding the Tang sword with the other.

This was not because he didn’t want to put the little girl down, but it was because the physical strength of the group of survivors was very poor.

The physical strength of the little girl was naturally much worse. In order for them not to slow down, he could only hold on to her in his arms.

This move was obviously very common and normal, but why is that when Ling Mo looked at Ye Lian and the other two girls, they gave him a look as if they were staring at a pervert?

Ling Mo thought he might be overthinking things….

As of now from the moment they left the castle, Ling Mo and survivors have been walking for about a half an hour.

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On one hand, the survivors were traveling pretty slow while on the other hand Hei Si was at the front luring the zombies away from them.

In order for them not to see Hei Si, Ling Mo purposely took them to walk around the buildings instead of going straight through.

At first the survivors were still feeling a bit suspicious about Ling Mo, especially the two survivors who used to go out and collect food.

But once they reached closer to the gate entrance, their suspicions quickly evaporated and instead changed to admiration.

Although they rarely saw any corpses, but they could understand that Ling Mo deliberately chose this way was because this wasn’t the way he came in from.

Usually in an area that was very bloody, the area next to it would be completely empty since the zombies would be attracted to the bloody area instead.

But this needed a lot of calculation. Ling Mo was actually so careful that they rarely met any zombies and it made them feel much more relaxed.

In the hearts of the survivors, Ling Mo’s abilities were way beyond their reach.

“Brother Ling…..These people….Where are you going to take them?” Ye Lian curiously glanced back and asked.

Ling Mo thought about it for a second and said, “Anywhere away from this amusement park should be good.”

Although he didn’t plan on helping too much, but he couldn’t just bring them to the entrance and leave them there.

Especially when their physical strength was at their weakest, it would be a best if he could help them find a place to stay first.

With Hei Si around, finding such a place would be very simple.

“Then why aren’t we helping them a little bit more?” Li Ya Ling suddenly blinked and interrupted.

She reached out and touched the little girl’s cheek while at the same time she stuck out her tongue and licked the corner of her lips.

This action made the little girl stunned, but she quickly hid her head and buried it inside Ling Mo’s chest.

“Senior sister, it’s not right to scare little girls…..”

Ling Mo sighed helplessly, and then temporarily put her down, “Be a good girl, and go take care of your mommy.”

While watching the little girl as she ran to a middle-aged woman who was still holding a wooden stick, Ling Mo also turned to look at the survivors.

Bai Yu was helping Zhang Jie walk in the front of group by holding on to her, while the two survivors were carrying the backpacks.

These two survivors were pretty busy as well, they weren’t only responsible for carrying the backpacks but they were also responsible for helping two older men move forward.

“It’s not easy to survive under a world like this…..There’s a chinese saying, “Shēng mǐ ēn, dǒumǐ chóu (TL: This basically means ‘give a starving man a bowl of rice and he will be forever thankful, but help him too much, he will start to form dependance on you. When you stop helping him he will start to hate you.)”

Ling Mo whispered.

Shana smiled and said: “I remember this saying.”

“Really? How come I can’t remember it? What does it mean? Li Ya Ling frowned and thought about it, then shook her head and asked.

To be continued…

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