My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 231 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 231 Part 2 – “Two” Shana

Shana thought for a moment before giving such an example.

“For example, Brother Ling is occasionally dragged by you to do that kind of thing. His stamina is sufficient and will make you feel pretty satisfied. Now if only he could do that every day…..but obviously that’s not possible. Now let’s just say hypothetically…he suddenly broke his hip and couldn’t do that thing you wanted to do for a while, wouldn’t you be angry?”

Li Ya Ling reacted quickly and nodded and said, “Yes!”

“I would as well.” Ye Lian also said very seriously.

“Didn’t you say you hadn’t done anything yet?” Li Ya Ling asked curiously.

Ye Lian glanced below, looking at her twin peaks and correctly her seriously, “I did, I enhanced my battle power everyday with him….”

“Oh yeah you’re right!” Li Ya Ling and Shana both nodded.

“What the fuck, that’s two completely different things!”

Ling Mo tried to argue.

The things they spoke sounded as if they were taking things for granted, but what made Ling Mo annoyed the most was that they all had a serious expression on their faces.

This is what happens to zombies when they are in the process of restoring their memories, eventually they will reach a point where there is memory loss as well as cognitive bias.

“Um…the lack of stamina and a broken hip has nothing to do with memory loss…”

Ling Mo suddenly remembered something that made him wish he could drill himself a hole and hide in it.

He shook his head quickly and said, “But, I will at least go give them some advice.

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Ye Lian’s attention was immediately turned towards him, Ling Mo wanted to hug her so bad at that moment.

Sure enough, Ye Lian was the most understanding one, hopefully she can restore her memories as soon as possible.

“Are…..are you also going to tell them the secret on how to increase their fighting power as well?”

Shana looked as if she suddenly realized something, “Does this mean the little girl can also increase her fighting power as well? But from what I remember, girls her age haven’t begun to develop yet so her current battle power should be 0 right now….She immediately showed pity and turned her head towards the little girl with sympathetic look.

“….No, I’m just giving some advice on how they can survive. Also Shana, as a woman with only a fighting power level of five, do you really need to sympathize with a little girl?” said Ling Mo.

Shana raised her eyebrows and said, “I’m still developing, moveover this is just the pot calling the kettle black(TL: Another chinese idiom god I hate it lol anyways in short it means to criticize or laugh at someone that did the exact same thing as you but had much worse results.”

“That’s not a sentence that is used to compliment people….Please take some time to sort out your memories completely.” Ling Mo said as he rubbed his eyebrows.

There was a glimmer of light in Shana’s eyes, she suddenly said, “In my head, it seems that each side of the layer has a version of me but they are both arguing with each other everyday about everything. It’s so annoying and my mind is chaotic.”

No wonder….Ling Mo was sort of depressed a few moments ago, but after looking at Shana, he patted her on the shoulder.

The things she was talking about probably should be the process of fusion between both her personalities. Indeed there was two personalities in Shana’s subconscious mind.

One is a good-natured, stupid, and stubborn fool, and the other is the little witch, that was created by her family environment.

However, there were many similar things between the “two” Shanas, if it wasn’t because she became infected, the two personalities would never have split in two.

There are actually many people who have two different personalities, and those different personalities might have different opinions on one thing, but it didn’t matter since the differences would be small.

But zombies on the other hand are a bit different, for those that have just recovered their intellect and memories, this would magnify their personality traits.

Shana’s evolutionary direction was in a psychological way, which made her encounter this problem, and if she isn’t able to break through the layer, she won’t be able to reach the zombie leader level.

Ling Mo believes that if it was Ye Lian who had encountered this issue, he could have probably solved it much faster since he understood Ye Lian a lot more.

But as for Shana, Ling Mo had only started to know the real her after she got infected.

“That Lui Yu Hao should know much more about Shana, just don’t know whether if he is alive or where in X City is he.”

Ling Mo couldn’t help but start thinking about Shana’s classmate, he wasn’t powerful, but at least he was a guy who cared a lot about his companions….

At the beginning, Ling Mo had left him at Wang Rin’s team before setting off for his own journey, but what he didn’t expect was that she decided to follow him in hopes of getting revenge, but in the process couldn’t return to her original team and she was found later by the policeman Luo Hao.

Whether Liu Yu Hao was alive or dead, it was unknown at this time.

“We can only take this step by step.” Ling Mo looked at Shana and smiled, “Don’t worry, everything is going to be okay.”

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