My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 232 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 232 Part 1 – Even A Lamb Can Defeat A Cheetah

“We made it out…”

“We finally made it out alive…”

Nearly everyone cried as they walked out of the entrance gate of the amusement park.

Some people were crying so hard that they were shaking, unable to control their emotions.

When they first excitedly went inside the amusement park with their friends and family, they never expected that they would be coming out of it after a half year later.

After going in and coming out, the world has completely changed.

On the empty, uninhabited streets, they could see car wrecks and broken down buildings everywhere….

If it wasn’t for the fact that there were still people around them, they would probably be thinking…..

This world…is it dead….?

The nearby zombies have long be lured away by Hei Si, they have all followed Hei Si towards some buildings far away.

Although the distance has exceeded 1,500 meters, it was still within the control range of Ling Mo, but it consumed more psychic power.

“Thank you all!”

“Yes, if it weren’t for you people….”

After their excitement ended the survivors surrounded Ling Mo and started to thank him with gratitude.

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Ling Mo immediately showed an awkward smile, while Ye Lian and the other two girls silently retreated to the side.

They weren’t used to being surrounded by human beings. After all, no matter how much intelligence and memories they recovered, it would still never be able to change their natural zombie instinct.

“Well, this isn’t a suitable place for staying too long. Let’s find a suitable place to stay first.” Ling Mo said.

“Yes, we can talk later, the sky is starting to turn dark.

“And everyone is very tired. It’s important for us to settle down first.”

After hearing what Ling Mo said, Zhang Jie and Bai Yu quickly stopped everyone. After all the real test of survival had just begun.

While Ling Mo was bringing the people on a deserted road leading to a building on the opposite side, he kept switching between him and Hei Si’s viewpoints.

From Hei Si’s perspective, he could clearly see what was ahead of him, so introducing the area to the survivors wouldn’t be much of a problem.

“We have passed by this area before going to the amusement park. There is a residential area and several small supermarkets. I believe this area can help support you guys for while. There might be a shortage of water, but it shouldn’t be a big problem if you guys just put in a bit more effort in looking for some.

They only had around a dozen people in this team. A residential area with several buildings and supermarkets should be good enough for them.

Whether it was food or weapons, as long as you had the courage to go out and look for it, you could definitely find it.

And plus, it’s much better to fight zombies in an area with a lot of complex buildings than a large open area.

“Do you guys have any plans for the future?”

Ling Mo stopped and asked Bai Yu.

Bai Yu’s eyes flashed with determination, “We spent so much effort just to come out alive…Obviously our plan is to survive! No matter what we have to do, we must try to live on!

Although Zhang Jie couldn’t walk on her own, at least she seems to be much better.

Sure enough, the mutant zombie medicine is incredibly powerful, it’s recovery abilities was so perverted.

It seems that as long as it is not a mortal injury, it could achieve great recovery results. It’s just that no one knows what effects will happen after long term use.

“Me too, I will try my best to live on as well.” Zhang Jie smiled and said.

“Good, it seems like you guys are mentally prepared.” Ling Mo nodded and said, “I have a suggestion here, but it takes a long time to implement it and maybe might also be a bit risky.”

Bai Yu immediately revealed a look of interest, “What is it?”

“I know a place that has already established a survivor base there, if you walk from here, it might take a little bit over one day to get there. If you want to circumvent those places where zombies may be, it might take even longer. And I can’t guarantee you that you won’t encounter any danger.”

Ling Mo’s heart estimated and said.

The place that Ling Mo was talking about was where Meng Jia Yu was staying at.

After careful consideration, he thought that this idea was most feasible.

Most of the zombies have been attracted to the street, if they slowly approached the survivor base along the remote areas, the possibility of success was pretty high.

As for a little risk, there’s nothing in this world that was risk free.

Of course, this was just a suggestion. In the end it was all down to Bai Yu’s decision.

“Survivor base?” Bai Yu and Zhang Jie both glanced at each other and then asked curiously.

Ling Mo smiled and said.

“Yes. It was originally a food production plant. They currently short on people who can help maintain it. Once you reach over there, the plants that they planted should be ready and everything should allow you guys to be self-sufficient. Of course, it’s not a completely safe place. There mutant animals nearby.”

To be continued…

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