My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 232 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 232 Part 2 – Even A Lamb Can Defeat A Cheetah

“Really? It sounds like a great place for us. Most of the time us women and children get looked down upon, but if there’s a place that only requires us working the fields, we shouldn’t have any problems.”

Zhang Jie seemed to be extremely interested in the survivor base, after the experience she had in the amusement park, she wasn’t willing to rely on other again.

It may be difficult to rely on yourself, but it’s much better than being humiliated and abused.

“If it’s possible, I hope you could give us a simple map. In this lifetime I don’t think we can ever repay you but, we will always remember your kindness in our hearts.”

After thinking for a while, Bai Yu said very seriously.

Her words were very sincere, and after listening to it, Ling Mo couldn’t help but reveal a smile.

“No problem.”

It was just a simple map, this could easily be done in a matter of minutes.

During their conversation, everyone has already entered the deep into a building complex and soon discovered their first supermarket.

“There’s food!”

“We should also be able to find some water maybe?”

“Are there any warmer clothes…?”

“We should be able to find warmer clothes in the residential buildings, let’s find food as a priority right now.”

The size of the supermarket wasn’t large. At first glance, it doesn’t seem that there were any zombies around. They were probably all lured away by Hei Si.

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The survivors paced back and forth in front of the supermarket for a while until they could no longer wait and rushed in.

Ling Mo wasn’t interested in food that lacked nutrition, but when he saw the little girl try her best to open a drink and pass it to Ling Mo, he couldn’t bear to refuse it and still took it.

Watching these survivors search carefully in the dirty supermarket, and constantly cheering when finding food, Ling Mo couldn’t help but sigh and feel a bit emotional.

Those two survivors immediately showed some expertise in this area and searched with much more efficiency.


A scream suddenly came out, and then the sound of a shelf falling came next.

Ling Mo’s pupils shrank and just when he was about to make a move, he saw the two survivors quickly drop their things and pull out the iron rods before rushing over.

A female survivor crawled and ran over from the back, as she was running she kept knocking down the shelves around her in order to buy some time for herself.

Right behind her was an ordinary zombie with red eyes and a terrible expression.

It’s movements were much faster than the female survivor’s, but with the selves blocking it, it was still a step behind.

Seeing that there were no more shelves for her to knock down in front of her, the female survivor started to show a look of despair.

The zombie crawled on top of a shelf like a monkey and jumped into the air and plunged directly into the survivor in midair.

The red lips, sharp fingers, and tyrannical power, it was just like a cheetah jumping on a lamb.


One of the survivors with the iron bar rushed over and shouted.

The female survivor immediately rushed forward in a reflexive manner. Just as she fell to the ground, the survivor had already rushed to her, clenching the iron bar with both hands and slamming it straight into the zombie’s belly.

However, after becoming a zombie, they all go through an overall improvement and their physical fitness is much stronger than before they became a zombie.

It was able to grab the iron bar at a critical moment, not only avoiding the attack, but also directly pulling the survivor over as well.


At this time, Bai Yu has also arrived. She decisively picked up a few things from the ground and smashed it on the floor while while shouting.

The zombies were extremely sensitive towards sound, it immediately turned to look at Bai Yu after hearing the noise.

At this moment, the survivor who had been pulled over took this chance to let go of the iron bar and ran away to hide. The other survivor dashed over and stabbed the zombie in the wait with the iron bar and twisted it.

The zombie’s body started to twitch, the other survivor who had ran away came back and grabbed his weapon that was on the floor and quickly stabbed the zombie on the neck from the back.

“Pu Tong!”

The zombie fell down immediately, but the woman on the ground had already rolled away and avoided it in time.

“Are you alright?”

Bai Yu quickly helped up the unsettled female survivor.

“I’m fine.” The female survivor seemed to feel apologetic, “I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have opened the back door…I thought it was a warehouse.”

“Next time, let us open the doors.”

The survivor pulled out the iron rod and said.

The other survivor pulled out his weapon as well from the corpse and said to Bai Yu, “Thank you.”

If it wasn’t for Bai Yu, he might have seriously gotten hurt.

“It’s what I should be doing.”

Ling Mo’s spirit tentacles shrank back quietly, in his opinion, the team in front of him seemed pretty weak from his perspective.

But it wasn’t because of their ability to adapt to the situation, it was just that their bodies were just too weak from malnutrition.

Once they recovered their strength, even a lamb can defeat a cheetah (TL:Literally a Chinese slang meaning, if they lost in a battle or are weak now, once they recovered their strength, they will someday win.)

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