My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 233 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 233 Part 1 – Are You The Legendary Dog-ear Mother?

“Chirp Chirp…”

Just as morning sun became bright, Ling Mo has already finished packing up his backup and opened the door in preparation to leave.

While passing through the living room, he and the three girls didn’t make any noises.

Last night they helped these survivors clean up a house and gave a simple road map of the survivor base to Bai Yu and Zhang Jie. Ling Mo felt that he had done enough for them.

One night has already passed, it’s about time for them to leave.

However, Ling Mo had just opened the entrance door when the little girl, who was sleeping on the sofa not far away, opened her eyes.

She stared at the backs of Ling Mo and his group, then slowly climbed down the sofa softly.

“Let’s go.”

Ling Mo whispered.

Ye Lian and the other two girls squeezed out from the crack in the door, just when Ling Mo was also about to do the same, he suddenly felt a small body rushing up and hugged his left leg.

“Tong Tong. Ling Mo felt a bit emotional, he turned around, grabbed her and squatted down in front of her.

After cleaning up her body, the little girl seemed a lot more delicate.

Her and Ou Yang Lien seemed similar in age, but their personalities were completely different.

Ou Yang Lien was tough and very smart.

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While Tong Tong was more like a little girl, kind and timid, but also quite well-behaved.

“Big brother…..”

“Shhhh.” Ling Mo held out a finger and made a shushing action.

Tong Tong hesitated and asked in a low voice, “Big brother, are you guys leaving now?”

“Yes.” Ling Mo nodded and said.

“But big brother helped me beat up the bad people, and I still haven’t gotten the chance to thank you.”

Tong Tong stared at Ling Mo for a while and then reached out to hug Ling Mo’s head. “How about this. Big brother you must stay alive until Tong Tong grows up….”

Ling Mo didn’t expect that this little girl was quite sensible. He proudly looked back at the three woman standing behind him, especially at Shana and Li Ya Ling who had both accused him of being a lolicon.

‘Do you guys see this? I’ve done all of this due to the kindness of my heart!’

Tong Tong paused and said very seriously, “And then I can marry big brother!”

“Pui!” (TL: I’m guessing he spat out since that is a spit sound.)

This little girl and her ideas……but it does sound pretty nice!

Ling Mo reached out and pinched Tong Tong’s cheek and said, “Then you also have to promise me that you will take care of yourself as well as protect your mother. Do you understand?”

When Ling Mo closed the door and came out, he found out that Li Ya Ling and the other two girls were staring at him with a teasing smile.

“Those were only words from a little girl, don’t act like they count okay?”

Ling Mo helplessly rolled his eyes.

Originally, Ling Mo had thought he kept a pretty low profile on his departure, but who would have thought he would see Bai Yu and Zhang Jia waiting for him as he headed downstairs.

After cleaning and changing their clothes, Bai Yu and Zhang Jie looked very different compared to yesterday.

One looked very intellectual and elegant, while the other looked very eye-catching

They seemed to have already guessed that Ling Mo and the girls would try to quietly sneak out and leave them, so early in the morning they had already secured the door incase they left.

“You guys have helped us so much, yet were you guys planning on leaving without even saying a word?”

Bai Yu asked with a rebuke tone.

Although she wasn’t as pretty as Zhang Jie, but her demeanor was charismatic and didn’t give people a frivolous feeling.

In short, this woman was someone that could make people feel comfortable around her.

“Eh..” Ling Mo scratched his head and said, “I’m not very good at saying goodbye.”

Zhang Jie looked at Ling Mo with surprise, she seemed to have fully recovered right now and seemed a lot more energetic.

However, yesterday she had just seen Ling Mo fight like a god of death, yet today he seemed to act no different from an ordinary person, this contrast made Zhang Jie unable to stop herself from staring at Ling Mo.

“If we successfully reach the survivor base, there should be a chance to see you again right?” Zhang Jie asked.

Ling Mo hesitated a little, then nodded, “Yes.”

“Then let’s not waste time saying goodbye, I believe we will see each other again in the future. Maybe at that time we would have the qualifications to pay you back somehow.”

Zhang Jie’s tone was very determined, making people who heard her understand that she wasn’t just saying it.

Bai Yu agreed and nodded then reached out her hands to Ling Mo, “But we still need to thank you and your um….girlfriend….s..”

To be continued…

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