My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 233 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 233 Part 2 – Are You The Legendary Dog-ear Mother?

“You’re welcome.”

Regarding the “girlfriend’s”, Ling Mo was not embarrassed at all.

After shaking hands with Bai Yu, he waved his hands and left with the three women.

After turning a corner, leaving Bai Yu and Zhang Jie’s line of sight, a black shadow rushed out from the grassy area.

After one night of hunting, plus the digestion of the zombie leader corpse and the zombie virus gel, the shape of Hei Si seems to have changed a little, even its coat has become much shinier.

As soon as it saw Ling Mo, it rushed towards him and started to brush up against him, and allowed Ling Mo to notice something else about Hei Si.

“Your fur got shorter?”

Ling Mo reached out and patted Hei Si’s head and measured it’s height.

Before, it’s head was able to reach Ling Mo’s waist, but now it seems to have shrunk a few centimeters slightly.

If it wasn’t because Hei Si was so close to Ling Mo and if Ling Mo wasn’t so observant, he would never have noticed the difference.

“This can’t be muscle contraction could it?” Ling Mo looked extremely puzzled.

When it was following Half-moon, it’s direction was aiming to become bigger and bigger. It’s reasonable to say that its food source at that time was also zombies. What it consumed before and what it consumed currently wasn’t much different.

The only thing that was different was that it consumed a high level zombie’s corpse with a huge quantity of the virus and also a virus gel.

It’s zombie virus intake probably exceeded more than it previously used to take.

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In fact, based on Li Ya Ling and Half-moon’s situations, Ling Mo could already judge the relationship between the zombie virus and the mutated beast virus or even the mutant virus.

It would either fuse together or it would be rejected out, it was as simple as that.

Half-moon’s situation was rejection, while Li Ya Ling’s was fusion.

And on the topic of fusion, if the mutant beast virus was dominant, then it’s body would mutate with beastly features, and vice versa.

The situation with Hei Si was that it was obviously also a fusion.

Could it be that the mutated beast virus in Hei Si was actually at a disadvantage?

There was also no way of telling how it would look after consuming more of the zombie virus, but it at least revealed some clues.

Since Li Ya Ling was becoming more and more like a snake, did that mean Hei Si would become more and more human like?

If it was previously, Ling Mo would have thought this idea was stupid and said, “This isn’t scientific.”, but since meeting that spider queen and even some mutant zombies….

Who knows what the result would be after different viruses fused together!

Perhaps the legendary dog-eared mother (TL: So I just figured out what this meant – means those cute anime girls with dog ears. From now just gonna change it to dog-eared girls instead of mother but for this chapter ill write mother since in chinese it literally says mother.) will be born!

Ling Mo immediately started to think back about some of the images of he had seen before and suddenly smiled.


Hei Si opened it’s bloody mouth, let out a growl. Then he jumped, probably wanted to get closer to Ling Mo…


As Ling Mo was thrown down by an oppressive force, he immediately gave a repressed scream.

After pushing Hei Si away and struggling to get off the grass, Ling Mo’s face had become dark.

Looking at the huge size of the body with red eyes revealing a violent aura, it was no different from a horrible monster, and Ling Mo’s fantasy of the dog-eared girl immediately shattered.

“Go and scout ahead of us.”

Ling Mo stared at it with a bit of anger and said.


Hei Si barked with a bit of sadness, then jumped forward and quickly disappeared into the building in front of them.

As Ling Mo was tapping off the morning dew that was on the grass from his clothes, he suddenly heard Ye Lian scream with surprise.

“Ahh, quick look at bird (TL: So funny story, in chinese, bird also can mean penis).”

Ling Mo’s first reaction was to look down…but then quickly pulled his mind out of the gutter.

At this time, Shana and Li Ya Ling went over to take a look at the white pigeon that was on Ye Lian’s hands.

“Could Test Subject Number 2 have survived the mutation?” Ling Mo also hurried over.

Although Hei Si could be used to explore the road and uncover hidden dangers, a mutated bird would be able to uncover more dangers further away and much better.

The pigeon in Ye Lian’s palms had red eyes, Ling Mo only took a glance at it before becoming a bit disappointed.

This unfortunate bird had only opened its wings and began to lose some feathers.

The reason why Ye Lian and the other two girls were excited was because it had a weird phenomenon of shedding its feathers.

If a bird lost all it’s feathers, could it still be able to fly?

It seems that as long as the body size is small, no matter how much the virus is diluted, the body still can’t tolerate the virus.

“Ah forget it, who knows, maybe going into the zoo we might be able to find a eagle or a even bigger bird!”

Ling Mo excitedly thought.

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