My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 234 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 234 Part 1 – Human Beings are no Joke

The X City zoo and the amusement park were located across the lake. It covered about 17.3 hectares, with 40 different animal group sections, and a total of 300 different types of species consisting of 4,000 animals being displayed, making it the largest zoo in the region.

“This tourist map is quite detailed in explaining the area, but it doesn’t have any detailed layouts on the internal structure of the zoo.”

Ling Mo frowned and rolled up the map in his hand and carefully put it in his pocket.

Although it wasn’t a detailed layout of the zoo, but at least now Ling Mo understood the general situation of the X City Zoo.

There were a lot of big animals in the zoo, in addition there would also be a lot of mutated staff members and tourists…

Could the iron gates and railings at the zoo really block the zombies and mutated beasts from escaping?

Ling Mo believes that it wasn’t possible, otherwise there wouldn’t have been a mutated snake running around in the Hundred Flower District.

What’s more, even if the animals weren’t able to break out of the zoo, there were countless zombies outside who would try to break open the gates in order to consume flesh.

Ling Mo didn’t think that it was possible for the zoo to have any survivors, this wasn’t the amusement park. Even if they could find shelter and hide, there wasn’t a lot places with food in the zoo for them to scavenge.

And in the face of mutated beasts, ordinary humans without strong weapons would get slaughtered in front of them.

“We have to be careful inside.”

Ling Mo’s eyes became very serious.

In terms of individual strength, mutated beasts were generally strong, and different species meant having different types of attacks, which was the most annoying part.

In Ling Mo’s opinion, a zombie leader was actually at the beginning of the zombie evolution, it wasn’t strong enough to disregard all kinds of threats yet.

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There were so many things that could threaten zombie leaders for example, advanced zombies like Ye Lian.

Ling Mo had a belief that the more strength you gained, the more careful one should be, otherwise if you died, all your efforts would be in vain.

“Indeed, inside doesn’t seem to have a wonderful appearance.”

Shana had been peeking at the notes on the map.

Ling Mo looked at her with surprise, “You can read now?”

“I’ve been able to for a long time already.” Shana showed a obvious and prideful look and said, “If we were going to say it in the human language, I was a straight A student.”

Ling Mo snorted and said, “That’s bullshit, senior sister is a real straight A Student, how come she can’t read yet.

Shana reached out and played with her hair and said, “That’s normal, all my memories have come back to me, it’s just that it seems to have split into two parts. And unlike humans, human don’t usually remember everything in their memories, they only remember those that are important to them, they either forget the rest or don’t think about it right?”

“Holyshit, I couldn’t imagine that you actually had an explanation for this.” Ling Mo helplessly tapped his head.

Ye Lian nodded and said, “Well… anyway… very messy… like… mess…”

“First organize it, then say it.” Li Ya Ling reached out and pinched Ye Lian’s ear and then also put her head on her shoulder while she looked at Ling Mo and Shana, “But Shana is right in this aspect, it’s really messy when we try to think. Even some things that I forgot as a human for some reason I remember now. For example, memories of you. Although it is important now, but when I was a human it was completely useless…”

Shana frowned and said, “According to you humans, this might be some kind of deep memory in your subconscious mind.”

Ling Mo was immediately stunned, and after a moment he said with amazement, “Then doesn’t that mean your memories are like a fortress….”

“How could it be that simple? Let’s say this, for example, like ten years ago I accidentally passed a street, I looked up and saw a random billboard advertisement…This memory was long forgotten, but for some reason I can recall that memory right now, but what is the use of having such a useless memory? Shana spread her hands and said, “So, I don’t know when I will remember something, but that’s just me. Both Senior Sister and Ye Lian didn’t restore a complete memory.

Li Ya Ling smiled and said, “I’m only choosing useful memories to fuse and remember.”

Ling Mo curiously asked, “What are the useful ones?”

Li Ya Ling’s eyes turned red and the amber color in her eyes turned brighter, “Currently the two things that are being merged into my memories are physiological knowledge and some places I haven’t thought of in a while, I also asked those people last night….”

“…..” Just when Ling Mo was about to say something, Li Ya Ling sniffed her nose very hard and said, “Over there…something smells delicious….”

Ling Mo rolled his eyes and thought to himself, “It’s only delicious to you if your able to eat it while it’s alive.

To be continued…

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