My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 234 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 234 Part 2 – Human Beings are no Joke

As they moved closer and closer to the zoo, the more anxious Hei Si became.

The zombies on the road were all bitten to death by him, leaving a trail of corpse and blood along the way.

When they were less than a kilometer away, Hei Si stopped moving and lowered it’s big body, as if it was afraid of something.

“Is is afraid?”

The scythe in the hands of Shana twirled flexibly in her hands. It seems that the moment Shana felt danger, a “dark” Shana would come out to play.

This is the name she gave to herself for the devil version of herself. When Ling Mo had learned what she called herself, he almost burst out laughing.

“No, but I believe we are about to meet our first mutated beast.”

Ling Mo pulled out his Tang Sword and said with a frown.

He had already discarded the submachine gun since a gun without any bullets was completely useless.

The strong smell of corpses and blood along the road were being blown into the direction of the zoo.

Very soon, Hei Si turned it’s head to grass on the left side, and just when Hei Si turned his head, a black shadow burst out of the tall grass and pounced directly on to Hei Si with extremely sharp movements.

“It’s a mutated leopard!”

Ling Mo was in a state of high concentration, although the actions of the leopard were outrageously fast, Ling Mo was still able to capture it’s movements.

Hei Si was immediately knocked away, but before it could get up, the black shadow swapped targets and immediately rushed in the direction of Ling Mo.

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“Fuck Me!”

The mutated leopard seemed to be very intelligent, it knew that it wasn’t able to go head to head against Hei Si, so instead it chose to attack Ling Mo, who deemed him as a weaker target.

However, it doesn’t know that Ling Mo was actually the hardest one to defeat out of the whole group.

Ling Mo has put a large amount of effort in increasing his power to improve his survival rate.

The speed at which the mutated leopard ran was just like a sports car, driving at the speed of 100km/hr.

The instantaneous acceleration of the mutated leopard was insane!

Ling Mo had only less than a second to react!


Ling Mo stood still and unmoving, while the leopard seemed to have ran into an invisible wall and slammed back onto the ground.

In fact, this ability that Ling Mo used wasn’t something that materialized, but instead had a misconception effect.

Only Ling Mo could see the numerous amount of spirit tentacles that was densely packed in front of him.

It was an enhanced version of his misdirect ability where the leopard saw an illusion and thought there really was a wall in front of it and imagines itself being knocked away after slamming into it.

The stronger the misdirect ability was, the stronger the illusion became and the more real it would actually feel.

If Ling Mo’s mental strength was much stronger, he could make the opponent think that it had run into a wall that was stacked with knife pointing out, making the opponent believe that it killed itself.

This could actually be counted as a “hypnosis” effect, and it can be considered as quite effective.

In the past, humans have actually tried and done similar tests where the target was created several kinds of illusions under hypnosis and then killed while the person was hypnotized.

Ling Mo really wanted to use his puppet ability to control the leopard, however he met a lot of resistance.

“Third level, this is strength is similar to an advanced zombie.”


Hei Si rushed over in anger, but this third level mutated leopard was just too agile.

Li Ya Ling turned her wrist and immediately rushed up.

She was also experienced in making explosive movements and also very agile. The moment she reached the leopard, she immediately left a wound on the third level mutated leopard.

Ye Lian and Shana also joined the fight as well. Although they weren’t fast enough, but they had their own strengths.

When the third level mutated leopard moved into Ye Lian’s range of attack, Ye Lian immediately injured it and when it wanted to counter attack, Ye Lian had already leaped back.

And Shana’s white and red eyes were enough to make it hallucinate and run into Li Ya Ling and Hei Si by itself.

With the interception of Ye Lian and Shana, and the constant interference from Ling Mo, the third level mutated leopard quickly fell in a disadvantage while fighting against them.

Seeing more and more wounds appearing on its body, the third level mutated leopard made another painful roar and then slammed past through Li Ya Ling’s side and rushed towards Ling Mo again.

“You must really think I’m a joke….”

Ling Mo’s eyes became concentrated, and he spread out his tentacles and made a invisible net in front of him.


This time Ling Mo didn’t repel it, instead he made the leopard slip.

This was quite similar to how he used to distract his opponents and made them mess up on their attacks, only this time the effect was much stronger!

A large portion of Ling Mo’s psychic power(TL: mental strength) was immediately consumed!

“Pu chi!”

Under the slash of the Tang Sword, the third level mutated leopard fell to the ground immediately, and blood started to flow out of it’s body.


Ling Mo straightened his body and took a deep breath.

Although Ling Mo defeated the leopard pretty fast, if it wasn’t for Ye Lian and the other two female zombies with Hei Si weakening it, Ling Mo might have needed to consume all his strength just to defeat this leopard!

Everyone was able to save their strength and remain unharmed while at the same time defeat it. This was what was called teamwork.

Ye Lian leaped over to the leopard’s corpse and used her tiger claws to take out a crystal clear mutant animal gel.

Hei Si rushed over excitedly, but before he even able to get past Ling Mo, Li Ya Ling grabbed it’s tail and threw it backwards.

“After doing such a bad job, there’s no way you can have this.” Shana sneered and said.

The heavy Hei Si immediately uttered a cry. Although Li Ya Ling actually took action, she handled her power pretty well, making sure she didn’t injure Hei Si.

“Come on guys, let’s get along please….” Ling Mo said helplessly.

It seems that Hei Si hasn’t been in this group long enough, just like how Li Ya Ling used to be isolated in the beginning but now the three of them were willing to share a bed to roll around naked with each other.

Of course, in this case, Ling Mo was generally the object that was hugged and rolled around with….

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