My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 235 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 235 Part 1 – The Other Mouth Can Bite As Well

Ling Mo thought he was quite lucky since he hadn’t even reached the front entrance of the zoo and he had already received a third level mutated beast gel.

Third Level is the name that Ling Mo came up with, which refers to the total amount of times the mutated beast upgraded and whose strength was similar to an advanced zombie.

So by analogy, a first level mutant beast was equivalent to a ordinary zombie, and a second level mutant beast was equivalent to a mutated zombie.

For most people, they aren’t able to distinguish the rank of a mutated beast unlike zombies.

However, for Ling Mo was pretty simple since he can detect their overall strength with his psychic power, so the difference in power was totally clear for him.

“Originally I still wanted to use this as bait to catch more mutated beasts….”

Ling Mo glanced at Hei Si who was currently chewing on the third level leopard corpse, and suddenly showed a depressed look.

This female dog’s original goal was to eat the gel, but unfortunately it was three against one, and she was defeated instantly into making another choice.

Ling Mo had thought the mutated leopard corpse would have last for a while, but who would have thought that when Ling Mo had just glanced down to collect the gel and looked up again, there was only half of the corpse left.

Hei Si’s speed at which she ate the corpse was too shocking.

The bait was consumed, so naturally they could only continue by entering the zoo.

“Stop eating and quickly lead the way.” Ling Mo glared at Hei Si and said.

It let out a whine, and after tearing off another piece of meat with it’s big mouth, it quickly tucked its tail between it’s legs and ran into the zoo.

“What the fuck, did you really have to do that? If you stick with me, I wouldn’t let you starve….”

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Ling Mo was quite dissatisfied with Hei Si’s cheap behavior, and secretly thought that Half-moon must have mistreated this dog previously and somehow turned her into this way.

But then again, although Hei Si was usually stupid and gluttonous, she at least put in a lot of effort when she was told to do something.

It’s performance in fighting was quite good, it was only when it faced a speed type mutant beast when it became restrained.

“Ah forget it, there’s no such thing as a perfect beast. Anyways it’s largest role in our group is the clear the way.”

Ling Mo sighed a little pitifully at first, then shook his head and said.

“Well, if the weather gets cold, at least she can help warm the bed for you.” Li Ya Ling said.

“….Senior Sister, you have been to rampant recently, I have decided educate you tonight since you seem to have forgotten your lesson already.”

Ling Mo frowned and said.

However, it was actually getting much colder lately, maybe this year will usher in the first snow that X city hasn’t had in decades.

And when that time comes, the test on mankind will be even more severe.

Ling Mo could not help but reach out and touch his backpack. Last night, he had tried his radio, but unfortunately he still didn’t receive any signals.

If some organizations are still alive and haven’t been completely destroyed, they should at least make some kind of movement before winter comes, right?

It didn’t matter whether it was for collecting food or looking for survivors, it would be necessary for them to finish this objective before the weather becomes much colder.

Of course, this was all Ling Mo’s speculation. Now that the weather was changing, no one knows what may happen in the future.

At this time, Shana sniffed and said, “There should be a lot of living things inside…”

“It’s fine as long as there are living things inside, the more the better!”

As soon as Ling Mo heard this, his depression in his heart suddenly disappeared.

To get enough food for Senior Sister and hopefully on the way find a suitable mutated bird. That was Ling Mo’s purpose for today.

Ye Lian and Shana could easily find their own food, since the number one thing that was abundant in X City were zombies.

But in Li Ya Ling’s case, it was essential for her to find mutated beast gels since a large number of beast virus gels were required for her next promotion in rank.

But after all, this was a city, the only place with the most mutated beasts would probably be here at the zoo.

Especially the most important mutated snake gel….

Ling Mo secretly prayed for the mutated snakes in here to be much stronger than the previous two he had ran into outside since this would be beneficial to Li Ya Ling if they were.

Li Ya Ling’s eyes also revealed some excitement. Her strange eyes had some kind of darkness similar to poisonous snakes.

Upon entering the zoo, Ling Mo only thought of one word. “Dirty.”

Everywhere, you could see corpses that were either bitten or ripped apart. Traces of the destruction on buildings and structures could been seen everywhere as well.

It seems that the destructive power of the mutated beasts were indeed much more stronger than zombies.

The railing on one side had been knocked down. Ling Mo guessed that some mutated beast must have escaped from that way and hunted the streets along the way.

But most of mutated beasts should still be in zoo.

To be continued…

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