My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 235 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 235 Part 2 – The Other Mouth Can Bite As Well

Ling Mo had just turned and looked towards the direction of the railing when a black shadow suddenly rushed out from a dwelling.

This black shadow was huge and it’s movements were amazingly fast, Ling Mo could only see two slender legs.

“Holy shit, what the fuck is this!”

It wasn’t just this one black shadow that popped up, but another two also rushed out from the dwelling as well.

“Ostrich.” Shana showed a smile, then wielded her scythe forward to meet the enemy.

Ye Lian and Li Ya Ling also rushed over as well, and Hei Si let a low growl, rushed two steps forward before jumping really high.

But the movements of these mutated ostrich were very agile, even though they were all just in the first level, they apparently still came out to hunt in groups.

If it was just the first level, then Ling Mo’s psychic powers could be considered a nightmare for them.

Instant control and instantly cutting off the spirit connection allowed the three girls the chance to finish them all off.

It was unfortunate that only one of the three ostriches had a virus gel which was also of poor quality.

However, this was at least better than nothing. Ling Mo put the mutated beast virus gel into his pocket with a smile.

The more deeper they walked inside the zoo, the more mutated beasts they would encounter, and that would also mean more different types of beasts they would meet.

In the beginning, he was still a little bit worried, but he quickly realized that no matter what kind of mutated beast they met, it was still no match against absolute power.

The beasts that were a bit stronger only needed a bit of teamwork to defeat it, but for those weaker ones, Hei Si was able get rid of them by herself.

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Sure enough, as the strength of Ye Lian and the other two girls grew, the difficulty in hunting became lower and lower.

“But….this doesn’t seem right….”

After hunting for more than two hours, Ling Mo looked at all the mutated beast gels he had collected in his backpack, frowned and said.

With so many mutated beasts in the zoo, other than the third level mutated leopard they met earlier, they haven’t seen any other third level mutated beast at all.

“They probably got scared away from our aura.” Shana played with her hair and said.

“Zombie Leader aura?” Ling Mo paused for a second before shaking his head, “No, the mutated beasts have no fear towards high level zombies.”

Li Ya Ling took a guess, “Or could it be that this area has some kind of extremely powerful mutated beast?”

Ling Mo’s heart stirred a bit, he believes that this could actually be highly possible, otherwise why else would a third level leopard hide near the entrance of the zoo?

On the other hand, the center area which was a well located area seemed to only have first level mutated beasts.

It seems that the first level mutated beasts weren’t as sensitive as the third level beasts since they didn’t hide away from them.

Which also meant that the stronger ones were either hiding at the outskirts of the zoo or they simply left the area and ran towards the city.

However, Ling Mo not only did not feel disappointed, but instead he actually started to feel excited!

A high quality mutated beast gel was way better than a bag full of mediocre beast gels!

“If there really is a powerful mutated beast, then I’m guessing it’s probably nearby.”

Ling Mo looked around and said.

A mutated crocodile crawled out of the pond here, which the water in the pond had already turned green and produced a rancid smell.

On one side of the pond was a patch of tall grass, all the railings around the grass had long been knocked off.

And on the other side, which gave off a scary vibe, was now an empty snake hall.

The environment here was quite complicated, but it was also big enough.

All the beasts that Ling Mo has hunted so far were all first level mutated beasts, he didn’t even get the chance to see any second level ones.

But this powerful beast obviously know how to hide it’s aura….

Ling Mo warned with vigilance, “Shhh, it might pop out from the bushes at anytime.”

But upon hearing this, Ye Lian and the other two girls still looked very relaxed.

“We don’t need to worry, if it does come out, it’s main target would be you for sure.”

Shana showed a smile and said.

Ling Mo choked a bit on his saliva, but he really couldn’t refute her answer because technically it was true since he was a human.

It didn’t matter whether it was a zombie or a mutated beast, they both had a strange liking to human flesh.

Li Ya Ling licked her lips and said, “So why not let me bite you instead.”

Ling Mo smiled indifferently, “Sure, you can bite me if you use your other mouth.”

Li Ya Ling’s eyes lit up and her gaze moved down, “Really??? I forgot to tell you that my other mouth can also bite as well.”

“…..” Ling Mo was speechless for a while. After a while, he only opened his mouth and spat out three words, “WHAT THE FUCK???”

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