My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 236 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 236 Part 1 – The Scary Snake Kiss

“You don’t have to be so nervous, it’s not like it has teeth or anything. But you should know that it’s ability to contract is pretty strong though, right?”

Li Ya Ling’s pair of evil looking eyes stared at Ling Mo, those eyes moved up and down and she then said, “If I really wanted to break it, it wouldn’t be very difficult. That thin layer you love breaking into could also contract really hard and hurt you….”

Ling Mo swallowed his saliva and had a sudden thought – he was so fucking lucky that his little Ling hadn’t been taken away by Half-moon!

But what he didn’t realize was that the reason why she didn’t resist was because she had been deceived by her own misperception and physical reaction.

“Senior Sister, what’s your intention in trying to scare me?”

Ling Mo took a deep breath and pretended to be calm.

No one in their right mind could actually still remain calm after realizing their little buddy had entered dangerous waters numerous times….

Fortunately, although Li Ya Ling had said this in a terrible way, she would never actually take the initiative to harm Ling Mo.

This was because of their spiritual connection as well as their “special” relationship between each other.

After all, to Li Ya Ling, Ling Mo was her spouse.

And this was also the same for Ye Lian and Shana.

Li Ya Ling smiled and turned towards Ye Lian and Shana and said, “Oh nothing, I was actually saying it for them to hear.”

Shana was stunned for a moment, then she showed a strange smile, “Oh, I understand now…”

She moved close Ye Lian’s ears and whispered into them, Ye Lian then looked at Ling Mo’s eyes and said, “Oh so it turns out….I understand now….”

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“What do you guys mean?”

Ling Mo could instinctively feel that something was not right.

As the three female zombies gradually restored their memories and intelligence, their attitude towards Ling Mo became more and more consistent.

To Ling Mo this was definitely not good news!

But after thinking about, when Shana’s personality has completely integrated and Ye Lian’s memory has perfectly recovered, both their personalities would probably undergo some kind of change as well.

When that time comes, they won’t have bad influences anymore…Probably….

“You’ll know in the future, but for now let’s find that big guy.” Shana smiled at Ling Mo and said.

Ling Mo had no choice but to turn his attention to the surroundings.

At this time, Hei Si was sniffing all over the place trying to find the powerful mutated beast that was hidden nearby.

But it didn’t dare rush into those weeds or bushes that were already waist deep, nor did it directly enter any of the dwellings.

This kind of reaction confirms Ling Mo’s speculation previously.

Even Hei Si could feel that something was not right around here…

The more it felt that something was wrong, the more quieter it became.

There was not even a little bit of wind here…

Ling Mo hesitated a bit before asking, “Should we split up?”

In terms of bodily strength, Ling Mo was naturally the weakest. Yet when it came to the attraction from a mutated beast, Ling Mo had the strongest.

If they split up, it obviously wasn’t something good for Ling Mo.

“Fuck your mother, why don’t you come out and fucking eat me!”

Ling Mo was somewhat depressed. He thought for a while and decided to simply pick up a few stones and planned to throw them at a window of a building in order to break the windows.

In fact, this was quite difficult since the windows were actually quite thick….

“Here….I…I’ll do it.”

Ye Lian took the initiative to pick up the stone, yet she didn’t bother to aim at all. She suddenly jumped up from the same spot, drew back her arm and threw it.


A loud noise came immediately from the building in front of them. The thick glass had completely been smashed by the stone that Ye Lian threw.


A continuous loud noise continued to come, and the accuracy and power from Ye Lian’s throw had really surprised Ling Mo.

This sound should be loud enough to grab the mutated beast’s attention.

In fact, several second level mutated beasts that were hiding on the outskirts of the zoo actually showed up in Ling Mo’s sight. This loud noise was too awesome.

“Good job! Let Hei Si handle those low level beasts, you guys don’t move. I’m guessing if the big guy is still here, he should be showing up pretty soon.”

Ling Mo clenched the Tang sword and looked around with vigilance.

Just as he finished speaking, a strong gust of wind blew from behind.

Ling Mo’s first reaction was to twist his body and slash the Tang sword behind him, but he didn’t expect to hit a hard object which issued a “Ding” sound.

At the same time, Ling Mo’s wrist also suffered a lot of pain resulting in him almost letting his sword slip out of his hands.

To be continued…

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