My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 236 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 236 Part 2 – The Scary Snake Kiss

A large black shadow appeared immediately before his eyes, it was so fast yet for some reason it stopped when it was in front of him.

It was right at this moment when a hand sneaked from the side and grabbed Ling Mo, pulling him and then leaping twice away from the large black shadow, creating an extra distance of 10 meters between the attacker and them.

It was Li Ya Ling who pulled him away. If it wasn’t for her fast reaction and instantaneous movements, Ling Mo might have already been caught and wrapped up.

Because the thing that had attacked him was a huge python as thick as a bucket…

The sneak attack had failed. The huge python straightened itself up and raised its head high. A pair of cold eyes stared at Ling Mo while it’s tongue constantly flickered out of it’s mouth.

“This mother fucker…is a god damn leader level….which also a fourth level mutated beast….”

Ling Mo looked at the huge python and broke out in cold sweat.

His reaction could already be considered super fast, if it was any other mutated beast, they would have been sliced in half already.

But with a short glimpse, he noticed that he had only left a shallow mark on it.

At the moment when he was about to be wrapped up by the huge python, Ling Mo quickly used spirit strangulation attack, and with Li Ya Ling’s help, he eventually was able to escape.

A mutated beast that has reached the third level would have the ability to compete with zombies at zombie leader level, due to their innate difference within their body.

And in front of this giant python was a pair of red eyes with amber colored pupils.

This was similar to Li Ya Ling’s eyes, it’s obvious that these are the characteristics of a leader level….


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Ling Mo moved his wrist and clenched the Tang sword with both hands while nervously staring at fourth level mutated snake.

In face of a giant python with the thickness of bucket, it would be a complete lie if he said he wasn’t afraid.

But for some reason he also felt excited at the same time. He was more excited than he was afraid.

Since he was able escape from the sneak attack, naturally he would be able to escape from a fight. But if he escaped without fighting, it would be really hard to meet such a suitable mutated python again next time.

This was god damn X City, not some place in the wilderness!

Li Ya Ling had already let go of Ling Mo by now and turned to face the giant mutated python.

The cold look in her strange eyes were exactly the same as the python!

Ye Lian and Shana had also both attacked and injured the python at the same time, but were only able to leave light injuries on it.

The pain seemed to have pissed off the fourth level mutated python, it kept constantly flinging its tail around.


A huge gust of wind blew over, Ling Mo and his group quickly retreated back. A second level mutated tiger who had been thrown over by Hei Si was immediately swept away by the giant python’s tail.


Ling Mo watched as the mutated tiger made contact with the giant python’s tail, it flew away like a ragged doll and landed on the ground. After rolling over a few times, it twitched and died in it’s own pool of blood.

“So powerful….”

Even the king of the jungle was completely killed in the face of a fourth level mutated beast….

The snake tail had also broken two small trees and splashed the surface of the pond.

The stinking pool of water immediately splashed out, fortunately Ling Mo and girls had already retreated quite a distance.

“That shit is too fierce.”

Ling Mo was amazed at the destructive power of this fourth level mutated beast.

Actually if it wasn’t because of the pond’s rancid smell, Hei Si might of been able to find the scent of this python.

Unfortunately, the environment was on the python’s side…

“We can’t fight it over here, it would be better to lead it to front where the visitor center is!”

Ling Mo immediately realized that this place was totally the python’s home court, he and girls couldn’t perform their best under this type of environment.

The interior of the visitor center was full of various columns, which were divided into upper and lower floors, they could totally fight in that place and kill it!

And even if they couldn’t defeat it, at least they could rely on the environment in the visitor center to escape.

“Hei Si, lure the snake away! If you can lead it for one lap around the building, I will give you a gel to eat tonight!”

Ling Mo quickly yelled.

Even though Ling Mo was considered fast, there was no way he was faster than this fourth level snake, and out of the girls, Li Ya Ling was considered the fastest among all of them, but she had to conserve her strength for the fight later.

Although the bodies of the zombies were pretty durable, but the mutated beasts were even more superior in this aspect, so conserving their physical strength would be the key to winning this fight.

Hei Si had no fear, and after growling, she immediately rushed over, agilely leaping up high, her claws directly ripping at the scales of the python.

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