My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 237 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 237 Part 1 – Pretending To Be A Vibrating Bed


The fourth level mutated python immediately felt pain, it opened its mouth and tried to bite Hei Si.

But Hei Si had already changed her direction, she followed Ling Mo’s commands and ran towards the other road.

Seeing that the fourth level mutated python was successfully being lured away, Ling Mo quickly waved his hands, signaling Ye Lian and the other two girls to head for the visitor center.

There were two roads that were basically parallel to each other, and the distance between them wasn’t too far. As they ran towards the visitor center, all along the way Ling Mo could hear loud noises caused by the fourth level python.

The fourth level python while under a state of rage was simply a bulldozer knocking away everything in its path, and it’s snake tail constantly swaying along the way.

Fortunately, this snake wasn’t poisonous, otherwise it would have been even more troublesome.

“So, how confident are you guys in taking it down?”

Ling Mo excitedly turned around and asked.

Shana looked at the snake blood on her scythe and remained smiling, “I’ve always wanted to try tearing apart a snake skin.”

“Umm….Hi Dark Shana….”

Ling Mo’s scalp turned numb, he quickly turned to look at Ye Lian.

However, she still looked like a clueless little girl to him as usual.

It seemed like she wasn’t nervous at all, but then again, zombies didn’t know the concept of fear.

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Li Ya Ling was the most excited one, the amber color in her eyes seemed to be much brighter and also colder than usual.

“Be careful later please, safety first, hunting second.”

Ling Mo could only remind them helplessly.

“In any case…we have you brother Ling….” Ye Lian hesitated, then smiled and said.

Sure enough, if it was just the three female zombies and Hei Si fighting the fourth level python, it wouldn’t be enough, but with the addition of Ling Mo’s crowd control abilities, he would be able to provide excellent support and increase their chances of winning.

In fact, their key to success still laid in Ling Mo’s hands.

The three female zombies would definitely cooperate with Ling Mo’s super power. In other words, Ling Mo was basically the core of this team.

And the collaboration between the three female zombies would all work around towards Ling Mo’s abilities.

If you pretended that Ling Mo was like a central computer, his spiritual connections would be the connections to the other computers, and all their operations would centered around Ling Mo.

If Ling Mo makes any mistake, their rhythm would most likely be disrupted as well.

“In other words, it’s just like usual, we need to always stay calm…’s just a slightly larger snake.”

Ling Mo took a deep breath, and then speeded up and rushed into the visitor center with Ye Lian and the other two female zombies.

Inside the hall, it was too empty, there were only a few model exhibitions and several garden introductions.

On both sides of the wall, there were ten pillars on each side. It was thick and seemed pretty hard, it probably won’t be easy for the fourth level mutated python to break it.

“Go Upstairs! Get upstairs now!”

When he changed his viewpoint to Hei Si’s, Ling Mo realized that Hei Si was in great danger, she had almost gotten swiped by the python’s thick tail several times already.

And with the broken debris from the buildings flying and hitting Hei Si, she probably couldn’t hold it back for much longer.

After receiving the signal from Ling Mo using their spiritual connection, Hei Si immediately turned and ran towards the visitor center. They would probably reach the visitor center within one minute.

By the time the four of them reached the second floor, Hei Si had just rushed into the visitor center with the giant python following closely behind it.

As soon as the fourth level mutated python reached past the front door, the invisible spirit tentacles had spread around it and wrapped it up.

It then immediately started to twist and thrash about, as if it saw some kind of illusory prey. It’s mouth opened up and it bit into one of the pillars.

Seizing this opportunity, Li Ya Ling jumped straight over the railing and held on tight to one of the pillars that she landed on, stretched out the upper part of her body and used the Snake Kiss (TL: for those that remember its her weapons name apparently.) in her hands to slash right across one of the mutated python’s eyes.


The eyeball exploded, and this fourth level mutated python immediately thrashed out it’s tail while it raised its head up.


The snake tail hit a pillar, causing Ling Mo to feel ground start to shake.

However, just as the python raised it’s head high, Li Ya Ling had rolled over and grabbed onto Shana’s hand and flung her towards the python.

To be continued…

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