My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 237 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 237 Part 2 – Pretending To Be A Vibrating Bed

The moment Shana landed on top of fourth level mutated python, Ling Mo used his spirit strangulation attack on it again.

The color of Shana’s eyes suddenly changed, even though her eye ability wouldn’t be very effective, at least it would still have some effect, even if it was very little.

The giant snake head was right in front of Shana flickering it’s tongue right below her, yet she still continued to smile regardless. The scythe in her hands slashed downwards!


When Shana landed back on the ground, at the same time, half of a snake tongue also fell to the ground.

“Shana, back off!”


Ye Lian jumped down, grabbed Shana, and leaped high into the air at the same time the snake tail swiped over.

While she was in the air, the tiger claws in her hands immediately smashed into the other eye of the mutated python and blood sprayed out landing all over the pillars.

Li Ya Ling immediately reached out and grabbed the both of them pulling them up to the second floor..

At this time, Ling Mo’s forehead was full of sweat, he had consumed a lot of power in order to constantly use his spirit tentacles to interfere with the battle, not to mention the opponent he was facing was a giant mutated python.

However, with the loss of one of its five senses, the fourth level mutated python was no longer a huge threat.

“Don’t go down yet, let it consume its energy thinking we are down there as well.”

Ling Mo leaned back and said.

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The entire visitor center was just like a seismic belt, constantly shaking, giving the impression that it would collapse at any time.

Fortunately the structure of this place was very stable. Although there was lime falling down from the ceiling, glass shattering, and even a huge chandelier falling, but it was still able to hold on from collapsing.

When the four of them cooperated with each other, their teamwork was impeccable and all of them were very decisive, they didn’t give the snake a chance to rest or climb up.

“This was too exhilarating.”

Ling Mo took a deep breath and watched as the fourth level mutated python went apeshit below.

Hei Si had already jumped out of the visitor center through a window and was currently outside gasping for breath after running for so long.

If they had made a mistake in this plan of theirs, probably the ones that were on the defense wouldn’t be the snake, but them instead.

The reason why they succeeded was due to their good teamwork and also because of their spirit connection with Ling Mo, where no talking was required and everyone had a tacit understanding of each other.

This was the true power of the puppet ability.

Even if Ling Mo did not directly control them, the result would still be the same.

“Wow, even I want say something to cheer it up now.”

Shana was kneeling behind the railing and staring at the fourth level mutated python with amazement.

Having lost its ability to perceive and being trapped in this place, it could only go crazy in vain and consume its own strength.

“Fortunately, this thing isn’t very smart, otherwise we would probably be in great danger.” Ling Mo gratefully said, “Although fourth level mutated beasts are at the same level of zombie leaders, but they are much stronger physically, yet on the other hand they aren’t as intelligent….however, they might be different individually, like the snake we saw last time which was much smarter. Is the one down there a bit silly?”

“The intelligence of snakes were always relatively low, why are you comparing them with us?”

Shana turned back and looked at Ling Mo and asked with a faint smile.

“…Tell me, where did you hide silly Shana (TL: He was trying to make fun of her since the letters sound the same for Sha in Shana and Silly)….”

Ling Mo suddenly felt a chill down his back. He had originally thought it was pretty funny for Shana naming the devil version of herself “Dark Shana”, but right now he felt that it fit her perfectly.

And it seems that when they faced a fierce battle, Dark Shana would easily occupy the dominant position.

But then again, it seems to also give her a boost in her combat strength.

Not everyone could put a smile on their face while facing a giant mutated snake with it’s mouth open, even a fearless zombie wouldn’t be too happy about it.

“Hmph.” Shana snorted and didn’t talk anymore.

Li Ya Ling also grabbed onto the railing with excitement and her eyes fixed on the fourth level mutated python’s head.

There was huge bulge over there, there seems to be a virus hive hidden within the bulge….

At this moment, Ye Lian suddenly asked curiously, “For it consume all it’s strength, how long will we have to wait?”

Ling Mo was immediately stunned.

He seems to have actually never considered this question….

However, when several hours passed by and the sky had turned dark, within the visitor center, there were constant sounds of  “Bang!… Bang!”. With each sound of a “Bang” the ground shook. Ling Mo now finally had a complete understanding on how strong a fourth level mutated python really was.

After taking a sip of water and taking a bite of beef jerky, Ling Mo finally smiled with embarrassment under the watchful eyes of the three girls.

“Well…If we pretended this was a vibrating bed wouldn’t that be great…?

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