My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 238 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 238 Part 1 – This Is Simply Cheating


The snake’s tail thrashed and slammed into the wall breaking a huge big hole, it lifted up it’s head and finally limped weakly onto the floor.

At the same time, Ye Lian and the two girls jumped over the railings from the second floor.


Three differently shaped weapons pierced directly into the fourth level python’s body all at the same time, and using the power of their drop, they dragged their weapons down making each wound much bigger.

After becoming exhausted from raging downstairs, the snake’s muscles had become loose, making it’s defense drop a lot.

With this type of situation, Ye Lian and the two girls now had the ability to cut into the python’s body.

A strong bloody smell burst out, Ling Mo quickly ran down the stairs.

Upon seeing the giant python at such a close distance, Ling Mo actually thought it was quite frightening.

It had a speed of at least 20 meters per second when it slithered without any obstacles in it’s way. If it wasn’t because of Hei Si luring it away, it would be impossible for Ling Mo to run away from it.

For ordinary people, if they had encountered a sneak attack from this fourth level mutated python, they probably wouldn’t even have known how they died.

It was fortunate for Ling Mo and his group that he came up with a good plan, letting them defeat the snake without anyone actually getting hurt.

But if they had gone face to face, the result would definitely turn out differently.

In the face of strong opponents, Ling Mo wasn’t the type to go head to head with them.

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Going head to head sounds cool and also probably makes your blood boil in excitement, but this wasn’t a game, everyone here only had one life.

“This snake looks so cool! I wonder if it hibernates as well?”

Ling Mo stood about five to six meters away, while looking at the fourth level python and exclaiming.

“I don’t think so….”Li Ya Ling jumped excitedly from the snake and said, “It shouldn’t be affected by the outside temperature anymore. Under the influence of the virus, the temperature regulation in our bodies became different from humans, the same thing should also apply to mutated beasts.

Right at this moment, Ye Lian jumped to head of the snake, and then raised her tiger claws and quickly dug into the bulge in it’s head.


This fourth level python raised its body up fiercely and once again tried to thrash from side to side, yet Ye Lian had no intention of letting it go and dug in even deeper.

Seeing that the snake tail was sweeping towards him, Ling Mo used his spirit strangulation attack again.


As a blast of wind blew past him, Ling Mo could feel a little bit of pain from his skin.

“This big guy was just too powerful, it’s unfortunate I couldn’t control it and had to kill it, otherwise….”

Ling Mo revealed a look of disappointment, then turned his eyes towards Ye Lian, and suddenly flashed a look of excitement.

This would be the first time he actually saw a mutated beast’s virus hive…

Ling Mo believes that the mutated beasts here had a higher chance of becoming a much higher level. Based on the information Ling Mo had, the zoo was the perfect place to help the beasts in the zoo mutate and survive. There might be one or two thousand mutated beasts that have survived.

It seems that in terms of individual strength, the survival and hunting ability of the mutated beasts is indeed much stronger than zombies.

After sweeping through the zoo, Ling Mo believed that he had contributed a lot towards mankind.

If he hadn’t cleared out the zoo and let these mutated beasts get a chance to reproduce, not only would it be a huge disaster for zombies, but it would be a even greater one for humans…

After the bulge was dug up, Ye Lian’s tiger claws dug out a oval object the size of an egg.

The body of the crystal like thing was transparent with blood vessels inside making it look a bit similar to a bloodshot eye.

As soon as the virus hive was taken out, Ling Mo immediately could smell a sharp aroma.

Hei Si who was standing guard outside the visitor center was also lured inside by the smell. After coming inside she stopped, growled, and didn’t come any more closer.

No matter if it was a zombie or a mutated beast, they all knew how much of the virus their body could handle, it could be regarded as a natural born instinct.

They know very well what they could eat and what they can’t.

Just like how last time when they had gotten the zombie leader’s virus hive, Ye Lian and Shana hadn’t immediately eaten it while Li Ya Ling showed a strong rejection towards it.

So this led to Ling Mo having to carry the virus hive with him personally at all times even until now, and for some reason, Ling Mo felt that this thing was getting much “closer” to him….

Ling Mo quickly shook his head and suppressed this horrible thought.

To be continued…

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