My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 238 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 238 Part 2 – This Is Simply Cheating

The virus hive was just a thing he picked out from a zombie leader, how could it be possible for it to become “closer” to him, and when Shana is completely upgraded, he would immediately give her half of it…

However, as for this beast virus hive, Li Ya Ling’s eyes shined with great interest!

After Ling Mo received the beast virus hive, he only took a glance at it before giving it to Li Ya Ling.

“You should know how much you should be able to eat each time.” Ling Mo said.

Li Ya Ling stared at the beast virus hive and nodded, “But…if you eat more at one time, the effect would be much better.”

“Really?” Ling Mo looked at the virus hive and thought about it, “Then let’s put it away first, we can’t eat it here.”


After reluctantly putting away the virus hive, Li Ya Ling stared at Ling Mo’s eyes and suddenly reached out with her hands. The two slender yet powerful fingers pinched Ling Mo’s chin.

“Hey, what was that for?”

Ling Mo frowned with a dissatisfied look, he then saw Li Ya Ling’s clear cut sexy face with a ever so fascinating smile slowly approach his face.

Then a pair of wet lips touched his with a touch of tenderness, and then a flexible little tongue dug into his mouth.

Five minutes later…..

“Air…Need air…”

As soon as Li Ya Ling let go, Ling Mo immediately gasped for air, and instinctively reached out and grabbed onto something for support.

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He almost missed his first attempt in grabbing something for support, but lucky he tightened his grip and was able to barely get some support.

“Almost…Almost suffocated…”

Li Ya Ling licked her lips and showed a smile of satisfaction, “You know if you couldn’t be breath, you could have told me. As your Senior Sister, I’ll take real good care of you.”

“Don’t get cocky, don’t forget who’s the one who isn’t able to get up after doing a certain something. Having said that, why does it seem like you guys don’t need to breath, this is simply cheating…”

The zombie saliva had started to take effect in Ling Mo’s body, restoring his physical strength and mental strength.

“Brother Ling….I…I don’t understand.” Ye Lian looked at Ling Mo cluelessly and said.

Li Ya Ling reached out her hand and touched Ye Lian’s hair saying, “Well..when you have fully awakened you will understand.”

After gasping for air for a few seconds, Ling Mo had finally caught up with his breathing. He then looked up and realized his hand was grabbing onto Shana’s small breast.

“No wonder, I was about to say, how could I possibly miss it…”

As soon as Ling Mo finished talking, he noticed Shana’s mouth had a evil smile on her face.

“Sorry, my hands are just too big, and you are still developing so please forget about what I just said and don’t take it to heart.”

Ling Mo’s scalp turned numb and he quickly tried to change the subject, “Senior Sister, why did you take advantage of me?”

He started to think back on that moment and tried to remember the feeling. Although he had almost suffocated, but he had to admit that Li Ya Ling’s tongue was just too freaking awesome and flexible!

It moved just like …a snake!

At some point during that kiss, Ling Mo even thought that her tongue was forked like a snakes, otherwise how was it possible for her tongue to do so many things at the same time….

He couldn’t think of another explanation for this feeling.

“According to human customs, when you obtain a gift from your boyfriend, shouldn’t he be rewarded with something in return? Li Ya Ling blinked and said, “But I have nothing to give you, so I could only just…”

Ling Mo rubbed his hands and said, “You already have memories related to this kind of thing? Very good, but in fact you could have given me something even better.”

Li Ya Ling widened her eyes and said, “Really? If there is, I would definitely give it to you.”

“There is…Do you know what a “Good morning Bite(TL: Literally had to google this up, apparently means a blowjob in chinese slang)” is?”

Ling Mo’s eyes lit up, looking at Li Ya Ling with great expectations.

“Ling Mo….”

Li Ya Ling slowly stood up straight, staring at Ling Mo, and then asked seriously, “Are you serious?”

“No….I was just kidding.”

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