My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 239 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 239 Part 1 – Hei Si or Rou Si?

The strong unpleasant smell of blood in the visitor center made it feel as if they were at a garbage disposal plant instead.

“If it was still early in the day, we could have gone looking to see if there were any snake eggs. I can’t really tell if this is a male or a female snake.”

Ling Mo frowned and said.

Shana smiled and said, “There are also snakes that can reproduce asexually, there are many types of them.”

“Unfortunately, I can’t tell what this snake was previously, it’s entire body shape had totally changed after mutating.

“Why don’t we dissect it and take a look inside….”

“Let’s just forget it, just the current smell now already makes me feel like fainting, I can’t imagine what it would be like if we were to cut it open. Let’s leave, there’s no reason in staying here.”

Ling Mo covered his nose and took the lead and walked out. The moment he left the visitor center, he quickly took a deep breath.

A cold breeze of air entered his nostrils giving him a cool and refreshing feeling.

There were no longer any big dangers in the vicinity, Ling Mo turned on his flashlight.

“According to this map there should be a business area over there. Let’s spend the night there. It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t find any birds. They were all probably scared away from that fight.”

Ling Mo took out the map and looked at it, confirming the direction.

He could only postpone the bird thing for now. If he wanted to obtain a “sky radar” it wasn’t going to be that simple..

Ling Mo already had an idea in his mind for obtaining a bird, but he would have to wait until tomorrow in order to set those plans into motion.

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He threw a piece of virus gel to Hei Si, but when Hei Si jumped up and closed it’s mouth after catching the gel, Ling Mo discovered that something in Hei Si changed again.

“The hair on your body seems to be falling off…”

Ling Mo grabbed her fur, and sure enough, a bunch of hair was clenched between his fingers.

The hair on Hei Si seemed to have naturally fallen off, sort of like dandruff.

Ling Mo immediately thought of “Test subject number 2”. That unfortunate pigeon did not show any signs of regrowing back it’s feathers after losing it all, so Ling Mo could only helplessly release it back to the wild.

Watching as the bald pigeon vanished into a thick patch of grass, Ling Mo’s mood at the time was very complicated.

It’s hard to try and cultivate a new type of species, even when using the virus, the success rate of creating a new species was very low…

Upon seeing his hands full of dog hair, Ling Mo immediately thought of the pigeon.

Would Hei Si turn into Rou Si (TL:Chinese Pun, meaning shredded meat)?!

Shana also reached out and pulled down some of Hei Si’s fur and said, “No, it’s probably molting, look, these have just started to grow out.”

Under the light of the flashlight, these little small hairs looked extremely soft and there was a little curl in each one of them, and most importantly, it had a special color.

“I think it looks silver….”

Ling Mo pinched a few more baby furs in order to take a closer look, then flashed the light onto Hei Si. She was groaning because Shana had pulled too hard when she was showing Ling Mo and it had hurt her.

“Maybe it really is evolving, because I’m pretty sure normally molting doesn’t result in a change of color does it? Unfortunately I never raised a dog so I have no clue in this area. Oh yeah, Shana, didn’t your family raise a dog before?”

Ling Mo kept thinking and suddenly remembered that he had seen a dog house previously at where Shana used to live.

Shana reached out and started to scratch Hei Si’s ear while saying, “I have raised dogs before. In fact I actually raised a lot of dogs.

“Then you must be very experienced in this area.” Ling Mo said with a look of anticipation.

Although Hei Si could no longer be counted as a normal dog…but at least it still contained some characteristics of a dog.

Instead of figuring it out as he goes, why not ask Shana for help? Even though it may not reach Ling Mo’s expectations but at least he won’t do something that will disable the dog.

Shana frowned and thought about it, and then she showed a smile, “Yes, I do have a lot of experience.”

“Okay, then I’ll leave everything to you. From now on, it will be your responsibility for whatever Hei Si eats.” Ling Mo immediately revealed a smile.

“Hei Si, you did a great job tonight, keep it up. Also, she will be your new master and be responsible for feeding you food in the future. If you don’t want to become Rou Si(TL: Chinese Pun = means shredded meat or pork) then you should probably obey her.”

To be continued…

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