My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 239 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 239 Part 2 – Hei Si or Rou Si?

Having said that, Ling Mo reached out and patted Hei Si’s head, then set out to walk at the front.

“WUuuu!” Hei Si let out a low growl and raised it’s head to look at Shana.

At this time, Shana’s eyes flashed with a glimpse of red light, with a smile on her face.

“The average lifespan of a dog is ten year, and I had just turned 18, yet I had already raised so many different dogs. What do you think this tells you about me?”

Shana reached out and rubbed Hei Si’s head and said, “Well…anyways your male master didn’t think about this part, so I technically didn’t lie to him. I really do have a lot of experience….”

Just as Ling Mo’s group left the zoo, the tail of the snake inside the dark visitor center moved a bit.

After a while, the skin on the mutated python started to stretch and a gel like object was extruded from the inside.

After the gel like thing squirmed for a bit, a flat head burst out from it…

After a half an hour on a gloomy street, there were a group of dark figures that had finally shown up.

“Over there is the business street.” Ling Mo happily said.

Under the darkness of the night, the business street seemed to be very dead. The only sounds they could hear were from a advertisement billboard that made “creaking” sounds.

From time to time there were some random noises, which could have been a wandering zombie stepping on something or even some glass falling from the sky.

For the sake of safety, Ling Mo turned off his flashlight and switched to Ye Lian’s vision in order to see.

Their eyes were slightly shiney in the night, but it would be hard to detect without looking carefully.

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Zombies had wonderful night vision, even Hei Si had it as well, but her strongest asset was still her nose.

With her walking at the front to lure the zombies away, Ling Mo and the three girls didn’t need to spend much of their energy to fight them.

The beginning of the business street had multiple car wreckages scatted everywhere, there were even some traces of explosions.

A large building had been burnt down, you could still see a stove within the wreckage.

Most of the buildings on the other side were most likely restaurants since there were multiple traces of fires.

A half burnt corpse had fallen into a flower bed next to the road, it was so burnt that you couldn’t even tell if it was a human or a zombie.

“Seems like we need to go deeper.”

Ling Mo looked further down the street and whispered.

The buildings nearby were impossible to spend the night in.

However, he suddenly realized that the amount of zombies roaming around seemed to be quite small, and Hei Si had only been able to lure away about a dozen or so zombies.

“That’s weird, even if there weren’t thousands of zombies around this area, there should of been at least a couple hundred….”

As they went deeper into the business area, the more heavier the doubts became in Ling Mo’s heart.


Hei Si, who was running at the front of the group, suddenly stopped. It turned back and bit the two zombies it couldn’t shake off to death, then quickly leaned itself to a corner of a wall carefully.

Through Hei Si’s spirit connection Ling Mo could tell that something wasn’t right. He waved his hand and the walking speed of the four people immediately accelerated.

At this time, the distance between him and Hei Si was about a thousand meters if he walked directly in a straight line, with more than a dozen buildings in between them.

It was with these buildings that Hei Si was able to lure then into the alleys and find a chance to get away from them, resulting in the zombies to keep wandering in the alleys after losing their target.

And Ling Mo could then walk behind with the three girls in the big street, avoiding useless battles.

After speeding up, they didn’t need to be careful about any obstacles in the way and were able to directly reach Hei Si’s location.

At this time, Hei Si was at the corner of the street, poking his head out with a vigilant look.

“What wrong….?”

Ling Mo also peeked out his head and was suddenly stunned.

No wonder the streets didn’t have a lot of zombies, they were all gathered over here….

Hundreds of zombies had surrounded a tall building. The zombies were all trying to squeeze in frantically through the front door, some had even jumped on top of the heads of the zombies stuck in front of them, in order to try and directly enter the second floor.

However with the lack of a good pivot point and the fact that the building was completely built with tempered glass, they ended up failing.

“Guess there are probably survivors in there….”

Ling Mo frowned and looked upstairs using Ye Lian’s vision, but because it was a one-way glass, it was impossible for him to see what was going on inside from the outside.

“What idoit would bring all these zombies to gather all in one place, isn’t that the same as looking for death?”

With hundreds of zombies, it was possible for the zombies to completely dismantle this building. Based on the current situation, these people weren’t surrounded for that long.

With so many zombies, it was no longer possible to use Hei Si in order to lure the zombies away.

Although Hei Si was quite powerful, she still had her limits. If she got surrounded by hundreds of zombies, she would instantly be ripped apart leaving nothing behind.

The same thing applies to the four of them as well. The biggest advantage of the zombies were it’s numbers, and the number of zombies here has clearly reached a point were it poses a threat.

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