My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 24


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 24 – Shana’s Resolve

While Ling Mo and Ye Lian is carefully searching for more mutated zombies inside the dormitory of the school, Shana and the rest are also fighting one mutated zombie.

And this mutated zombie is very tall, plus its face is not distorted like ordinary zombies, therefore even though its face is bloody and mauled but one still could see that it was a good-looking young woman.

But as it gave a muted muffled roar, its sense of beauty was completely lost as it forced Shana and the rest back.

Shana somewhat resisted the female mutated zombie’s madness attack, from her movements, her arm was apparently strained and right now completely relying on her own willpower struggling to fight back. And not far behind her, there lies another mutated zombie’s corpse.

As for Liu Yu Hao, he is looking dispirited, although he is still besides Shana, and from time to time helping her with some pressure, but it’s obvious that he is almost at his limit. And among the three of them, there are only two people left. One of them is Wang Cheng, the other one is the boy who almost killed Wang Cheng. But from their expression, they all seemed to be in great shock.

In fact, they really did encounter a huge psychological impact……after they part ways with Ling Mo, they went straight to this dormitory building. Before they left, the rest of the teachers and students stayed in this dormitory, and before Shana and Liu Yu Hao left, they moved all the food from the school’s supermarket to here. These rations will not last very long, but a large group of people staying here is not a long-term plan either, so a portion of people leaving to find other ways is necessary.

The best results would of course be finding rescue personnel, such as military, the worst result would be finding a safe house, avoiding starving themselves to death.

However, those willing to follow Shana all did not have true heart in contributing to this group, but simply thought that it would be much safer by following Shana. To put it more bluntly, they didn’t believe that Shana will come back.

In fact, Shana actually did not fully comply with the agreement; last time she returned a few days later than the promised time.

This is although without choice, in order to break out, many students who could fight were all dead, the rest are cumbersome. To rely on Shana and Liu Yu Hao alone to hold off the zombie is impossible to immediately rush back, let alone safely pick up the rest of those people.

Even so, Shana did not give up, so when she did find out that Ling Mo is indeed very powerful, and took her home’s “good”, she could not help but ask for help.

But as Ling Mo expected, from the moment when they stepped into the school, Shana had been well prepared. Maybe those people are already dead…

The things that she never even thought of appeared right before her is that kind of horrible scene!

Originally a dorm with twenty people, besides seven or eight living people, the rest of them all been grazed into bone shelves…

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Shana did not a see much more bloody scene than this, but this scene of cannibalism really let her feel disgusting deep from her heart, and also with deep coldness, along with deep chill! And Liu Yu Hao and the rest of them, all were completely shocked! The two of them even threw  up on the scene.

Zombies eat people, we can still call them monsters, but the people right before all are ordinary conscious thinking humans! They would rather kill their comrades, eat their flesh instead to venture out in search of food!

The most disgusting thing is that, when seeing the appearance of Shana and her people, they even happily rushed up!

When the closest middle-aged teacher rushed up to Shana with a smile, she almost unconsciously swung the long knife in her hand.

“Cuckoo….”blood splattered from the middle-aged teacher’s neck, and he covered his neck, eyes revealing the unbelievable look, stared at Shana’s pale face and slowly fell down.

The others went dull for a moment, and Shana did not hesitate to turn back and leave here. The moment when she turned her head back, she suddenly remembered the word said by Ling Mo: moth.

Before she had figured Ling Mo as somewhat a cold-blooded ruthless person, but right at this moment, she suddenly also emerged a strong sense of revulsion to these “moths”.

Strength of the weak, the need for protection, this is not a sin. But complacency, and even adapting this kind of behavior as a matter of course, these kind of people is not less harmful compared to those zombies…. The only way to deal with these scum is to let them fend for themselves.

The moment when Shana left, Liu Yu Hao and the rest of the people although were still in the moment of shock, also emerged deep sense of disgust and fear to these cannibalistic madman, they all turned around at the same time to keep up with Shana.

But Shana only wanted to put down the cannibals, but did not know that after killing one, the rest went mad!

“That b***!”

“We waited so long for her, she actually…..”

“Kill her, kill her!”

Strong resentment swept through the mind of these people, and impulse is contagious like the virus and made them completely lose their last vestiges of reasons. They frantically rushed out, rushed on Shana…

What happened next in the dormitory corridor is a brutal massacre. From the moment when they rushed over, Shana’s psychological defense also completely collapsed, she is almost unconsciously engaged in resistance and slashing. Even she did not notice herself that when she showed off unmatched strength, a number of people who woke up immediately turned around to run away, but she did not let them escape, but rushed forward with a strange smile on her face, and surgically one by one cut them down by the sword.

At that time in Shana’s mind, there is only one thought and that is these people deserve to die, these kinds of people do not deserve to live in this world.

Until the sudden appearance of two mutated zombies, drawn to the chaos, finally pulled Shana back from this tranquil fury. Obviously, these two mutated zombies were attracted over by the strong smell of blood, and with Shana’s dwindling strength, it is impossible to deal with two mutated zombies at once.

Shana finally managed to cut down one of the mutated zombie using the environmental hazards, yet the other mutated zombie rushed over.

And right now within this dormitory building, in addition to the seven or eight fresh corpses, only Shana and her group remained alive. That female student zombie already was torn to pieces when the mutated zombies appeared. Right now its corpse is not even complete.

If Shana had not promptly regained her senses, it is most likely that Liu Yu Hao and the rest of them will also suffer. With Liu Yu Hao’s battle strengths, he could only protect these people to not be harmed by those crazy people, but to fight against mutated zombies is still impossible.

Killing the first mutated zombie has already consumed too much of Shana’s physical strength, plus having encountered that turn of events, result in making Shana’s mind very tired, therefore while she is battling this female mutated zombie, she is completely at a disadvantage.

This female mutated zombie is also not biting its teeth on Shana entirely, once the opportunity arise, she will also attack others. And within this process, Wang Cheng and the other boy will fall into danger from time to time. But they just not dared to leave too far, fear of been attacked by other zombies.

Looking at that mutated female zombie, Wang Cheng’s eyes shimmering, finally at the moment when Shana was driven back, he quietly lift up his leg, and gave a quick kick on a dead cannibal boy’s body!


At the same time when the scream came, the corpse was also pushed between Shana and that mutated female zombie.


The female mutated zombie’s hand poke directly through the boy’s abdomen, and Shana also seized this gap, used her knife and dug into the heart of the mutated zombie.

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