My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 240 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 240 Part 1 – Big Sister Is Here To Save You

“There are probably humans trapped in there….”

Shana took a look and whispered.

Right at this moment, about a dozen or so zombies decided to suddenly turn back around, stretched out their necks and sniffed twice. They immediately rushed forward towards where Ling Mo and his entourage were hiding.

“Shit! We’ve been discovered!”

Ling Mo looked back at the two zombie corpses behind him.

Hei Si’s teeth was just too strong, the two corpses were bitten apart, and naturally gave off a sharp bloody smell.

However, when Ling Mo was going to use his spirit tentacles to take control of the ten zombies that were rushing his way, a black shadow suddenly came rushing towards him from the side.


Although he was able to quickly use his powers to cause a mental disturbance on the new opponent, he still felt that his clothes seemed to have been touched.

And the sneak attacker’s reaction speed was really fast. Even though the attacker was only able to hook onto Ling Mo’s clothes, he was still able to react fast enough to pull Ling Mo up with him.

Night time was actually a huge disadvantage for Ling Mo. When he tried to control the zombies, he would need to concentrate and put his full mind into controlling the zombies so naturally he wasn’t able to share his vision with the girls.

Ling Mo could never have imagined that he would be successfully attacked by someone from out of nowhere.

However, Ling Mo didn’t panic, as long as he wasn’t touched directly by the other party, it wasn’t a serious problem yet.

When the sneak attacker tried to drag Ling Mo to the wall and pull him pull up with him, he calmly pulled out his dagger and stabbed backwards.

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When the dagger stabbed into the flesh of the backside a head, the attacker’s grip weakened and immediately loosened it’s fingers.

Ling Mo easily fell to the ground, but did not expect the flashlight that hung around his waist to also drop onto the ground as well.


A muffled sound came out immediately, and it seems that the flashlight had become completely broken.


And it was because of this muffled sound that attracted another ten zombies.

Fortunately at this time, the first batch of zombies that had come running towards Ling Mo had already been killed off by girls and Hei Si.

The second batch of zombies were immediately controlled by Ling Mo, they all turned around to block more zombies that had been attracted by the smell of blood.

“We need to hurry up and go. This will never end….”

This was why zombies were scary, when you attracted one, it might lead others to follow as well.

Before they left the area, Ye Lian had dug out the virus gel from the sneak attacker. The sneak attacker that was able to successfully launch a sneak attack was naturally also an advanced zombie.

Although it seems to have only broke through the advanced level recently…

However, Ling Mo noticed that the face of the zombie seemed to have gotten punched by what looked like a fist and one of its eyes had become bruised.

‘Could it be that it was hit only recently? Who could it be? Could it be from one of the survivors in the building?’

Ling Mo found it hard to imagine that someone could actually fight with a zombie and beat it up using only it’s fist…

Just when Ling Mo and the girls were about to turn into a small alley, a pair of eyes were staring at the corner were Ling Mo and the girls were from behind the tempered glass window on the third floor of the building.

“You guys look, more than twenty zombies are heading that way.”

Based on the sound of the voice, it was a young woman.

Another voice came from behind her with a hint of doubt, “Is it a survivor? There shouldn’t be any survivors wandering around during the night.”

The female voice responded, “It’s hard to say, maybe they saw our signals that we sent out previously and so they quickly came here? Or it could be that they are taking the advantage of this area to find food while the zombies are all gathered here.”

“Forget them. Seems like most of the zombies are here, we should get started now. If they are all still alive after we finish off the zombies, we can bring them back with us.”

One hand reached out to pull open the curtain, and under the moonlight was a man and a woman.

The woman who was talking had a ponytail and was wearing a cap. You couldn’t really see what she really looked like but her voice was quite enchanting and nice to hear, similar to reporters.

“How could ordinary survivors handle this, the zombie that had just ran away was a high leveled one. Just that one zombie was enough to kill the whole lot them. Don’t forget the main reason why we are out here. I’ll take the chance to go save them, while you get things done here.”

The tall man was obviously the other speaker. He sneered and said with an upset tone, “Fine. Wang Heng, Li Fei, you guys go with Sun Zeya. But if they are already dead, then we can only count that as they were very unlucky.”

“See this is the reason why you’re an asshole, I honestly don’t know why we would even let you come along with us.”

Sun Zeya lifted her hat and revealed a pair of very bright eyes.

To be continued…

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