My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 241 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 241 Part 1 – A Stupid Way to Hit on Someone

“You’re not going to go over and help them?” Ling Mo asked.

“They’re fine, they can handle it.”

The woman smiled, then pulled the night vision goggles around her neck, and reached out to tap Ling Mo’s arm.

Ling Mo slightly frowned, he moved his body slightly sideways, and was able to avoid it.

This made the woman stunned, and then her eyes lit up, “Wow, you are really amazing. It seems that the person who killed the high level zombie should be you, right? Isn’t it?

“Stop giving me that long face, introduce yourself a bit, my name is Sun Zeya, and the two of them are my teammates. This here is Wang Heng and the other is Li Fei.”

Sun Zeya looked at Ling Mo with brightened eyes, it seems that she was very interested in him.

This woman was too friendly… and she seems to be quite powerful since she was able to approach Ling Mo without making a noise.

Most importantly, they obviously knew there was a high level zombie running amok outside, yet they still had the balls to come out, which told Ling Mo that they had the means to get rid of the high level zombie as well.

“Ling Mo.”

Ling Mo didn’t bother introducing Ye Lian and the others to them. He still wasn’t sure of the identity of this new group so he was vigilant against them.

However, since they rushed out immediately to offer help after noticing something was wrong outside, it gave Ling Mo a pretty good impression of them, otherwise he would have already brought Ye Lian and the other girls to leave.

“Oh, what a nice name….” Sun Zeya smiled and said.

She naturally understood that Ling Mo was still a bit wary of her, but she didn’t seem to care.

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As for who Ye Lian and the other two girls were, based on how close they were standing to Ling Mo, it was pretty easy to tell…

She had deliberately tried to approach Ling Mo and the result she ended up having was making each of the three girls give her a very cold look…

However, she didn’t know that this reaction wasn’t due to because they were jealous of her, but because they were generally cold to humans.

If they really were jealous, it wouldn’t be a simple cold look. Instead, they would probably be tear the other person apart into little pieces.

“It’s just a simple name, what’s nice about it…even if you want to get close to someone you shouldn’t use such lame methods….”

Ling Mo complained in his head.

The way Sun Zeya tried to approach Ling Mo was almost exactly like how those men who tried to approach a beautiful girl using the most retarded way.

A woman who could actually give Ling Mo this type of feeling made him unsure on whether he should laugh or cry.

However, taking advantage of the light that came from the fire, Ling Mo could see the side part of her face.

The outline of her face was beautiful, she seemed very confident, full of heroic spirit, and she seemed like a good person overall.

If she didn’t speak, didn’t move, and dressed up a bit more like a woman, she probably would have gotten a lot of attention from men before the apocalypse.

“They are about to withdraw, come with us.”

Sun Zeya glanced at the upper level and suddenly reached out to grab Ling Mo’s arm.

Ling Mo took a step back but she turned her wrist and quickly grasped onto Ling Mo’s palm.

“Don’t be so cold to big sister, hurry let’s go.”

“The strength of this woman was quite powerful….” Ling Mo thought.

Ling Mo obviously could have used his puppeting skills to dodge her, but since everything wasn’t really clear, he didn’t want to risk exposing his abilities at this time.

Besides, he didn’t feel any bad intentions coming from this woman.

“Let’s go with them first.” Ling Mo said to Ye Lian and the other two girls.

As for Hei Si, Ling Mo made it follow them from very far away, basically keeping it at the maximum distance in order for Sun Zeya not to discover her.

Ye Lian and Li Ya Ling slowly put away their weapons and nodded.

As long as Ling Mo shook his head or even gave a spiritual instruction, Sun Zeya would have been beheaded immediately.

In moment of grabbing onto Ling Mo’s arm, Sun Zeya who was smiling, flashed a frightened look, “Such strong killing intent….seriously scared me! But finding this group was this missions biggest gain! Sure enough, my decision was correct!”

Although Ling Mo didn’t know what Sun Zeya was thinking, but hearing her whispering something and then laughing in a very low voice, gave him the goosebumps…

To be continued…

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