My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 241 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 241 Part 2 – A Stupid Way to Hit on Someone

After they bypassed a building and reached a open spaced area, more than a dozen people came out from a building.

The explosions over there have already started to become weaker, but the fire over there has really illuminated this area.

Walking at the end of the group, was a man with a tall body, when he came into Ling Mo’s field of vision, Ling Mo saw him turning his body around and shooting.

With the firing of a gunshot, a zombie that was following them and also on fire, fell to the ground.

“Do you see that tall guy? His nickname is Uncle Tom. He is a Chinese special instructor(TL: Military instructor). He is also quite powerful but he isn’t as friendly as me.”

Sun Zeya did not have any intentions of letting Ling Mo go, it was as if she was afraid if she let him go, he would immediately try to run away.

“Special Instructor? Does this mean….” Ling Mo eyes flashed with interest, “You guys are from the army?”

Li Fei interrupted, “Your eyesight isn’t bad.”

“Could it be….” Ling Mo hadn’t finished speaking, before the tall soldier named Tom had already walked over.

While wiping off the sweat on his forehead, he was also frowning as he looked Ling Mo and his party.

Especially when he saw Ye Lian and other two girls, his expression seemed to show even more impatience.

“Sun Zeya, were these the ones you saved? Some people must have died I’m guessing? You guys really have a soft spot for girls.”

Tom’s voice was really low and cold, especially the last sentence, which was full of sarcasm, “Oh what happened to the high level zombie?”

Sun Zeya sneered and pushed Ling Mo to the front, “I didn’t save them, only just helped them a little bit. In fact, even if we didn’t help them, they could have solved the problem themselves. Also, these people here are really powerful, and they didn’t have any other people in their group. In addition, the high level zombie was killed by Mr. Ling Mo here.”

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Tom had just lost his interest in Ling Mo. After all, Ling Mo’s body seemed normal when he compared it with any of the soldiers behind him.

Not to mention if he were to compare Ling Mo with himself…Most importantly, they all had guns while Ling Mo only carried a outdated cold weapon.

Sun Zeya’s words made Tom stop his hands immediately from taking a box of cigarettes from his pocket.

He stared at Ling Mo with surprise.

Not only him, but the soldiers who also came with Tom, looked at Ling Mo with surprise.
“That can’t be possible….Didn’t that high level zombie flee from Tom?”

“Could it be…Could it be due to special abilities?”

This sentence immediately changed the atmosphere, and the eyes of the soldiers who looked at Ling Mo immediately changed.

“If he really is a psychic, then our mission should be considered completed.” said a soldier excitedly.

“Our luck seems to be good!” Another person exclaimed.

“We should confirm first, no need to be that excited….” Some people still had doubts about it.

“Hey, Wang Heng, have you guys seen it? Is he really a psychic?”

Someone walked beside Wang Heng and Li Fei, then asked in a whisper.

“Eh…my entire focus was on the zombies…how the hell should I know how they fought? Wang Heng reluctantly spread his hands. “But as for the high level zombie, it was indeed killed by them, and it should have been killed by this young man.”

Tom stared at Ling Mo for a while, his eyes becoming a bit more dignified, “Are you a psychic?”

Ling Mo didn’t respond to this question.

To other people, this expression meant the same as admitting to it.

The survivors started to discuss with each other in a low voice, and everyone’s eyes were focused on Ling Mo.

“Really?” Tom put the cigarette pack back in its original place and then solemnly reached out with his hand, “I’m sorry if I had offended you earlier, you guys are very impressive.”

Ling Mo only glanced at the outstretched hand and then asked, “That advanced…That high level zombie was punched by you? And on the eyes?”

Tom glanced at him and nodded, “Yes.”

“Are you also a psychic?”

“Ha Ha, No. I’m just an ordinary soldier.” Tom smiled and shook his head.

Ling Mo hesitated for a moment, then reached out his hand and said, “You are also quite impressive.”

The original attitude of Tom, who only respected the strong, made Ling Mo somewhat uncomfortable, but the fact that he was able to punch a high level zombie as an ordinary person deserved some respect….

This kind of powerful person indeed had the capital to be arrogant.

“Tom, you better understand that, I was the one that brought them back here. Anyways, let’s first find a temporary place to rest and tomorrow morning we can begin with our plans once again. Ling Mo, you guys should come with us.

Said Sun Zeya as she hooked onto Ling Mo’s fingers with her hands.
There obviously wasn’t any room for discussion, not to mention she seemed like she intended to drag Ling Mo with her…Ling Mo could only helplessly look at Sun Zeya.

How could this woman seem to not be aware that there were other people around?

However, these soldiers all turned a blind eye. Even Tom immediately diverted his attention elsewhere.

Nonetheless, Ling Mo was still quite curious about the identity of this group of people. If he didn’t guess incorrectly, these group of people were most likely a search and rescue team…

And the information they had must definitely be a lot more than the other survivors…

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