My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 242 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 242 Part 1 – I Am Trying Hard To Give Him A Child

The so called temporary place, was actually just a building in the distance.

In order to be careful, while he was being taken away by Sun Zeya, Ling Mo made Hei Si go up ahead of them to check it out.

Since Hei Si’s intelligence was quite low, Ling Mo was able to do some simple controlling for a short time without worrying about damaging her spirit.

However, Ling Mo wasn’t able to control her for a long time since Hei Si was still a creature with some intelligence, it’s hard to say what would actually happen if he did continue controlling her.

This would only be the time Ling Mo would actually take control of Hei Si.

There was no other way since spiritual connections could only convey simple instructions.

Commands like, “hey, make a detour to here and quietly approach inside to see if anyone is over there in the buildings.” aren’t possible to make with just spirit tentacles…

Although Ling Mo was keen on training his spirit tentacles to become similar to a data line (TL: Honestly I’m a bit confused as well on the meaning of data line but I’m gonna take a hard guess that it means being able to send clearer and more complex messages through his tentacles), and according to his assumptions, it’s quite possible to achieve, but it’s hard to say how many breakthroughs he would need to go through in order to achieve this, and with his current mental strength, it was not possible for him to achieve it.

As for why the soldiers were here, Ling Mo was still unclear.

But watching them move quickly and silently, Ling Mo understands that now wasn’t a good time to ask, it seems he could only wait until they reached the temporary living place.

The physical abilities of these people seemed to be very good, even when they were carrying twenty pounds of heavy items, they could still remain moving at the same speed.

And after just experiencing a horror scene of being surrounded by hundreds of zombies, there was no signs of fear at all, some even had a smile on their faces.

“They have strong mentality and probably have tons of experience when comes to fighting against zombies.”

Ling Mo secretly made a judgement in his head.

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The speed of Hei Si quickly surpassed them, and she was quietly approaching some of the buildings ahead of them.

With it’s keen sense of smell, she quickly found out that something was wrong in that building.

Smell of a human….

Hei Si sneaked around the building and smelled it carefully.

Based on the smell, Hei Si could determine that there was a person near the front door, two people at the window upstairs, and inside the building itself had several other people.

But out of all the people there only three of them made Hei Si feel threatened.

However, they did not notice Hei Si, and with the cover from the night sky, Hei Si was like a gust of black wind. She instantly attached herself to the corner of the building.

This was just an ordinary building, other than the guard posts, there were no other defensive measures in this building. Such a place would definitely not be a base.

After scouting the area a bit more, Ling Mo controlled Hei Si and found a place to hide.

If a problem came up, Hei Si would be his trump card.

“It seems that they were sent out on some kind of mission. Was eliminating the zombies around here just in order to make it much easier for them to complete their mission?”

Ling Mo started thinking, “As long as they don’t discover what Ye Lian and the others really are, there shouldn’t be any big problems. Due to me having super powers, Sun Zeya and Tom are much friendlier to me, so inquiring them for some information should be fine. No matter what, I should still really be careful since maybe one of them also has super powers….”

Ling Mo had three powerful female zombies at his side, yet Tom and his group had no idea about this potential threat making this one of Ling Mo’s strongest trump cards.

The only way a human could tell that someone was a zombie other than their frenzied bloodthirstiness was their eyes.

But from a zombie’s perspective, they wouldn’t bother trying to disguise themselves either way.

Most importantly, even if there was a zombie with a high level of intelligence, they would not try to become close with a human.

They would only attack, or observe, but they would never try to blend in with humans.

So no matter what, as long as Ye Lian and the other two don’t expose themselves, this group of people would never think that the girls were actually zombies.

Another trump card of Ling Mo’s would be his super power, which was virtually impossible to block.

Although they all carried guns on them, they couldn’t really use them if Ling Mo launched a spirit strangulation or mind disrupt attack on them.

It was because of these careful considerations that Ling Mo decided to stay with this group for a while.

Since he had too little information to understand the current situation with the outside world, he unfortunately had to socialize with these people…

To be continued…

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