My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 242 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 242 Part 2 – I Am Trying Hard To Give Him A Child

“Oh yeah, do you mind me asking if your girlfriends have special powers as well?”

Sun Zeya tried to lean on top of Ling Mo’s shoulder while she asked, but due to her height, it seemed to be a bit hard.

Ling Mo even thought that her chest might have been pressed against his arms….

But she seems to be wearing some type of body armor, Ling Mo could only feel a flat surface.

“I’m his big sister…” Li Ya Ling suddenly said in a cold voice.

Sun Zeya immediately was stunned, then she showed an apologetic smile and said, “Oh, I’m sorry, you guys don’t have any resemblance to each other…”

“But I’m also his girlfriend.” Li Ya Ling continued saying, “In human terms, it is the type of relationship where I am trying hard to give him a child.”

“Although what your saying is true, but could you at least use a more euphemistic explanation?” Ling Mo said.

Li Ya Ling stared at Ling Mo with a puzzled look and asked, “What is euphemism? I don’t have that word in my memory….”

“Euphemism means….nevermind, just pretend I never said anything.”

“Oh…” Sun Zeya silently removed her arms from Ling Mo’s shoulder, “But you guys aren’t really brother and sister right? You two have no resemblance to each other… Cousins maybe? Or some kind of relatives where your allowed to be married?”

Ling Mo was rendered speechless, “What she meant was, she is my Senior Sister…”

At the same time, Ling Mo also had a better understanding of this woman. The way she thinks was really special….

“Errrr..Ha ha ha false alarm!”

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Sun Zeya’s face was thicker than Ling Mo’s imagination, she actually put back herself back onto Ling Mo’s shoulders.

“Tell me, how about them?” Sun Zeya whispered.

Ling Mo glanced at her and said, “No. Also, you being like this to me isn’t it a bit….”

Sun Zeya said, “I’m a woman and I don’t even mind, so why should you mind? They don’t have super powers….That’s a pity, but well, there aren’t a lot of them to begin with anyways.

“A man can also mind…” Ling Mo revealed a depressed look.

He could feel that this woman was trying her best to make a good relationship with him, but she seemed to lack the ability to socialize with other people properly.

“It was fine for men to put their hands on each other’s shoulders to express their closeness with each other, but as a woman who wanted to use it in the same way, it would probably have been a lot more sincere if she asked him to take a look and see what color her panties were…” Ling Mo thought in his mind.

Sun Zeya suddenly turned her eyes onto Shana and said, “Beautiful little sister, you should have a martial arts background right?”

This woman’s eyes were really sharp…Shana had replaced her knife with a scythe already, yet she was still able to tell..

Shana stared at Sun Zeya and looked directly into her eyes. Then she showed a sneer and said, “Don’t you also have a martial arts background? What did you learn?”

“Ha Ha…just some Kickboxing.”

Although Sun Zeya was smiling, her eyes showed a hint of surprise.

At this time, Tom who was walking at the very front yelled, “We’re here!”

Ling Mo looked up and sure enough, Ling Mo saw that it was the building that Hei Si had just found.

This place was a high-end women’s clothing store, could see messy hangers and all kinds of clothes scattered everywhere on the ground as soon as you entered the door.

As soon as he entered the door, Ling Mo saw one of the three people Hei Si had noticed. He leaned against the wall hugging a gun and he had a depressed look on his face.

“Hey, loser, how does it feel to stand guard at home?”

Wang Heng used an ironic tone to ask him as he passed by him.

The man immediately snorted and said, “Don’t get so cocky, you were just lucky. Next time we draw lots, I’ll definitely win!”

“How could I possibly be as unlucky as you, this must be the second time you drew this position isn’t it? HA HA HA HA….Let me tell you something, we slaughtered thousands of zombies today! And also, we encountered a psychic!”

As Wang Heng finished talking, he turned his eyes and looked at Ling Mo, who had just entered through the door.

“That good?”

The man immediately showed a hint of surprise and kept staring at him.

Then he saw Ye Lian and the other two girls, even though it was dark inside, but with their excellent appearance and unique temperament, it was hard not to be attracted by them.


“Don’t let that drool of yours come out, haven’t you noticed they came with the psychic?”

Wang Heng slightly elbowed him on the waist and warned him in a low voice.

“Can’t I just look at them?”

But it was at this moment, when he made contact with Ye Lian’s eyes, and suddenly felt a cold chill under his feet, his eyes seemed to have been punctured by needles and he immediately moved his gaze elsewhere.

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